[INACTIVE][ECON] SignShop v1.1 - Commandless Multi-World Player Owned Shops [860] iConomy

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    Development on this plugin has stopped.
    Commandless Player Owned Shops
    Current Version:​
    v1.1 [860] June 19th, 2011

    *Requires iConomy (v5.0)​

    Some notes about upgrading from < 1.0:
    1. config.yml is the new messages.yml, you can delete messages.yml
    2. BACK UP YOUR sellers.yml BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES OR UPDATING (sorry, wanted to make that clear.)
    Create signs to sell goods from a chest you specify; allow your players to setup and run their own shops!

    Supported Signs:
    Supported Signs (open)

    [Buy] - Buys an item fro the shop chest for the price specified on the 4th line
    [Sell] - Sells an item to the shop chest for the price specified on the 4th line
    [Donate] - Gives an item to the shop chest
    [Slot] - Gives a random item from the selected chest items (not the entire inventory) to the player
    [DeviceOn] - Turns a lever on
    [DeviceOff] - Turns a lever off
    [DeviceToggle] - Toggles a lever
    [Device] - Temporarily turns on a lever
    *[gBuy] - Buys an item from the shop, but the owner receives no money
    *[gSell] - Sells an item to the shop, and the player receives money, but not from the owner.
    *[iBuy] - Buy an item from the "shop", but really the item is created from scratch whether the shop has it in stock or not.
    *[iSell] - Sells an item to the "shop", but really the item just disappears.
    *[Day] - Turns the time to day
    *[Night] - Turns the time to night
    *[Rain] - Turns on rain + thunder
    *[ClearSkies] - Turns off rain + thunder
    *[Repair] - Repairs the current item
    *[Heal] - Fully heals the player

    *Must be OP/SignShop.Admin to create

    Usage (open)

    1. Create a sign. Line 1 needs to be [Buy] (or whatever type of sign). Line 4 needs to be the price (aka 50, 50.25) of your item(s). lines 2&3 can describe your item(s), or be blank.
    2. While holding redstone, click on the sign. (you should get a message)
    3. Find a chest you want to use as your storage, put ONLY the items you want the sign to sell in it. For example, if you have a stack of 64 Cobblestone and want to sell two at a time, put only two in the chest.
    4. Click on the chest with redstone. (you should get a message)
    5. Put all of your cobblestone in the chest
    6. Now players can click on your sign (no redstone needed), purchase the cobbletone two at a time! (right click to buy without confirmation dialog)
    Note - One chest can maintain multiple signs, just take everything out and set the new sign up, then put all the items for both signs in so the shop has something to sell.

    Permissions Nodes:
    Permissions Nodes (open)

    • SignShop.Signs.*
    • SignShop.Admin.*

    Version 1.1
    • Bug fix - creates the plugin directory if needed.
    Changelog (open)
    Version 1.1
    • Bug fix - creates the plugin directory if needed.
    Version 1.0
    • Added localization, scheduled saving, custom signs, better localized logging, backing up of sellers.yml, proof of god, etc.
    Version 0.7.2
    • Lost to the world
    Version 0.7.1
    • Bug fix for iSell/iBuy signs
    Version 0.7
    • Added a small gaggle of new sign operations, small bug fixes. updated messages.yml
    Version 0.6.1
    • Moved gBuy/gSell to OP/Admin operations, as gBuy is exploitable.
    Version 0.6
    • Added gBuy/gSell signs, renamed config.yml to messages.yml
    Version 0.5.4
    • Bug fix for slot shops
    Version 0.5.3
    • Bug fix, added check/msg for missing chests
    Version 0.5.2
    • Bug/exploit fix - cancels event if the user does't have enough items
    Version 0.5.1
    • Bug fix for signs clicked with less than 3 characters
    Version 0.5
    • Added Permissions support, added configurable messages, added [Redstone] sign. Set plugin to respect events being cancelled. Various bug fixes and code maintenance.
    Version 0.4.2
    • Bug fix with confirmation messages showing the owners name instead of the players name
    Version 0.4.1
    • Bug fix with [Sell] signs paying shop owners
    Version 0.4
    • iConomy 5.0 support, also added Sell, Donate, Slot, iBuy, iSell signs
    Version 0.3.1
    • Bug fix
    Version 0.3
    • iConomy 5.0 compatibility, also signs now need [Buy] to be the first line. (Making room for [Sell], [Donate] signs)
    Version 0.2
    • Added yml persistence
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release

    Known Issues:
    • Conflicts with Essentials; disable signs in the essentials config before adding this plugin.
    Coming soon:
    • Extra storage (still working on it... infinite storage would be better, and might be possible ;))
    • I develop this plugin because I enjoy it and want to give back to this community; however if you are interested in supporting it's future I gladly accept donations via PayPal, and BitCoin.
    Do you like this plugin? Click like so I know! ; )
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    can you please make a video on how to use the [Buy] and [Sell]? because i can't seem to get it work ...
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    So it's like an admin shop, but uses a chest?
    Useful. :p
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    I'll see about doing this tonight, I've seen a few requests for a video.

    Heh, thanks. To be fair, I caused the problem to begin with, it's a good thing you mentioned it before -too- many people updated.
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    I can't create [iBuy] and [iSell], the default item is Air.
    Please help me
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    What version are you using?
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    I use the latest version
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    Hm it seems as if this doesn't support large chests? Or are we doing something wrong?
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    Not yet, I've been meaning to implement that feature, but I just haven't gotten to it yet.
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    How to use [iBuy] and [iSell]?
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    Does this mean you're working on double chest support? :D

    Also, an improvement over the signs would be nice. (For reference: Yes, I know you can add some of the information yourself to the sign, but sometimes people are lazy or may forget.)
    Note: I apologize if I repeat something already mentioned in an earlier comment.

    Signs like [buy] [sell] [donate] [slot] all require the item/amount to be set in the chest.
    For buy and sell, it's not too bad, but would be easier if you could just put the amount for selling/buying on the sign instead, this also lets users know what they're really paying/getting. My example:
    # of items buying
    id # or item name
    (Similar idea for [sell])

    For donate, I guess it's easier to allow 1 item than figuring out how to let people donate their own items, but is it possible to put the information about the item donation on the sign as well?
    For slot, it works pretty well, but when you win most of the items, you'll start getting spammed with "Out of stock" even if there's a few items left. Also, instead of saying you won (every item registered in the chest) is there a way to make it say you won (item you won). Or even make it select a random slot in the chest (that has at least 1 item) and give that to the person using the [slot]?

    Also, have signs like [buy] automatically change to [Buy] and possibly color it?

    Well these are my thoughts, feel free to add on. ;)
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    Hi, thanks for great plugin, but i'm having problem with [Buy] [Sell] signs. When I try to place a sign with [Buy] or [Sell] i get "Error: for input string:"" and the sign looks like this: 1st line: [Buy]; 2nd line: #; 3rd line: Item; 4th line: $Price. Everything else works fine only those two.

    P.S. plugin version: 0.7.2
    CraftBukkit version 818
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    Are you including the $ in price? That might cause an issue. If you can post the rest of the error I can take a look at what's happening.
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    Yes I am, first line [Buy] and than the fourth amount of money. I tried it already on two different servers and same results. That's the whole error message that I get in chat.
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    "$" shouldn't be in the price, that might be causing the issue. I'm surprised it's such a short error, usually Java errors are fairly verbose, and I don't -think- the plugin has any errors with what you said involved for the IG chat.
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    I found the problem. Apparently I had very old Essentials config file and it didn't have "signs-disabled: true" in it. When I did an update on it everything fell in places and works like a charm. Thanks for great plugin.
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    Some great ideas there, I'll work on getting them implemented. Colors might be a small issue depending on how the strings are handled, but you're definitely right about the case sensitivities. I dunno about the item name thing, only because there are already plugins designed for this purpose, and the goal here was really to avoid that sort of syntax and let players label things however they want (mostly).

    That's happened quite a bit I think; it's noted in known issues also. Happens to the best of us, heh.

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    I do like the idea of standing out from other plug-ins.
    But making it easier for us is also nice. :)
    Using redstone to connect the sign and the chest is useful so you can hide the chest which most other signshop plug-ins can't do. (I've heard about people getting past chest protections though.)
    I recommend support with chest protecting plug-ins such as lwc, lockette, worldguard? to make sure the user actually has access to the chest they're connecting. (And possibly auto-lock?)
    Also, are you still thinking about the [trade] sign I mentioned earlier? :rolleyes:
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    For some reason only ops can buy or sell things, and yes Ihave the nodes on them.
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    Hello! I started using this plugin as a stable alternative to a competing sign shop mod. My server community loves this, as it is purely awesome (especially since it allows long range chest linking).

    However, I just discovered an item duplication exploit that this gentleman (and others) already reported a few days ago:
    Because of this bug, and being unable to disable the right-click feature in a configuration file (which is a double-edged sword, since having no config makes it lightweight and user-friendly), I have no choice but to entirely disable your plugin until this exploit is patched. Please let us know what we should do, or if there's a patch on the way.

    Thank you for the great plugin, otherwise works great.
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    hello, i use Boseconomy and form the looking of the plugin in its just what iv been looking for! could you please get support from boseconomy or is it able to work with it already please respond with a reply, thank you
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    I would have sworn this was patched already... but I've added a line to remove blocks placed when right clicking on one of the signshop signs.
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  24. Not working at all. No errors in console.. Right clicking sign with redstone does absolutely nothing.
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    This is a great plugins except can you make a [iSlot] where only ops can and here how i think of it
    10 inventory slot:
    7 dirts
    2 gold ingot
    1 diamonds
    This mean if the player spin the slot and get dirt (70%) it would be still there so it like magically give them if you could make it thx! =D

    did you bother to left click?

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  26. I tried both thoroughly.
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    You may not have configured permissions correctly, or you're possibly using redstone on a sign that has already been setup.
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    Does it have to be iconomy can it be BOSEcon
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    Im having difficulties getting this to work .... no errors in console and after completing the usage instructions it doesnt work... and clicking a sign with redstone says location stored but when i try "buying" nothing happens...errrrrr i disabled signs in essentials ... no messages popping up when i create signs .... no messages at all except the redstone message
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    Thank you for patching this so quickly. Just tested it out, and you definitely fixed it. Perfect timing, because my community was just starting to get addicted to using it before the bug shut us down.

    Working perfectly on Recommended Build [860]!
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    I had a question about the [Device]
    It states that it "Temporarily turns on a lever" is there a way to set it to a timer? Or how does this sign work?

    Thank you ^ ^

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