[INACTIVE][ECON] MineConomy v0.5.6 - The lightweight no-database economy system. [677]

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  1. MineConomy - The lightweight no-database economy system:
    Version: v0.5.6

    MineConomy is a lightweight economy solution for bukkit, similiar to iConomy.
    What differenciates MineConomy though is that it utilizes NO third-party database applications and instead utilizes the EBean system integrated with bukkit.
    Remember though, as with iConomy, this is only a money system, so don't expect this to make you coffee and all that.

    If you need a bigger reason to switch economy systems, here's my arguments as to why you should switch.
    This is much more lightweight, as it contains only what's necessary and doesn't contain any extras that might potentially bloat code.
    It's also very reliable as less code is less prone to being faulty.

    • Full easy to use economy API.
    • Handles account total transferring, adding, and subtracting based on player name.
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code
    API Reference
    Usage Example


    Version 0.5.6
    • Implemented an internal player listener for automatic account loading.
    Version 0.5.5
    • Fixed some error prone code in bank.
    • Added Shop(ish) system with buy and sell. (See API reference)
    Version 0.5.0
    • Initial public release.
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    Hello, I've looked at the provided links at the beginning of this plugin thread and I'm still confused as to how this plugin works exactly. Could you give me some more information or point me in the right direction? I know it's an lightweight economy plugin, but how exactly do I use it. Thanks for any information you can give me! [cake]
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    Uhh, what are the commands?
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    cb 677 - inactive

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