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  1. MineConomy - The lightweight no-database economy system:
    Version: v0.5.6

    MineConomy is a lightweight economy solution for bukkit, similiar to iConomy.
    What differenciates MineConomy though is that it utilizes NO third-party database applications and instead utilizes the EBean system integrated with bukkit.
    Remember though, as with iConomy, this is only a money system, so don't expect this to make you coffee and all that.

    If you need a bigger reason to switch economy systems, here's my arguments as to why you should switch.
    This is much more lightweight, as it contains only what's necessary and doesn't contain any extras that might potentially bloat code.
    It's also very reliable as less code is less prone to being faulty.

    • Full easy to use economy API.
    • Handles account total transferring, adding, and subtracting based on player name.
    Download The Plugin
    Source Code
    API Reference
    Usage Example


    Version 0.5.6
    • Implemented an internal player listener for automatic account loading.
    Version 0.5.5
    • Fixed some error prone code in bank.
    • Added Shop(ish) system with buy and sell. (See API reference)
    Version 0.5.0
    • Initial public release.
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  3. Sorry, fixed that right now.
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    Just out of curiosity, what defines this from BOSEconomy? (not trying to bash, but I know others would need a reason to switch)

    edit* Maybe adding a spoiler with all the commands? I do like the looks of it though :D
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    It seems like a nice enough plugin, however, I can't seem to get it to run properly, with a clean installment of CB 670 or with additional plugins.

    Here's the console information when starting.
    04:49:09 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.4
    04:49:09 [INFO] Loading properties
    04:49:09 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:8888
    04:49:09 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-646-gb61ef8c-b670jnks (MC: 1.4)
    04:49:09 [INFO] Preparing level "world"
    04:49:09 [INFO] Preparing start region
    04:49:09 [INFO] 144 recipes
    04:49:09 [SEVERE] ebean.properties not found
    04:49:09 [INFO] DataSourcePool [MineConomy] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
    04:49:10 [INFO] SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader [org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader]
    04:49:10 [INFO] Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[1]
    04:49:10 [INFO] Done (0.135s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
  6. @ChrisB
    There's no error in there, however if you want to skip the ebean.properties error, just create it in your bukkit folder.
    That has nothing to do with my plugin and even I have those outputs.

    What differentiates this from BOSEconomy is that this does not have any fancy commands, if you compare file-sizes you'll see that BOSEconomy is 127kb while this is only 5kb, which is a pretty big difference.
    Sure BOSEconomy might have all those nice features and all, but do you really need them?
    So when I started this project, I kept lightweight in mind and made sure that nothing but the bare essentials was in it.
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    Not gonna hate, if you need help or are having issues please let us know. Econ plugins are in heavy competition right now but i think its always good for people to work together and see if they can make something better! Looks good thus far.
  8. Thanks you.
    Just let me know if there's any features you would like to see in this plugin and I will most likely integrate it.
    Just send me a PM or whatever.
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    Useful for those who don't want/don't know how to create a database. And, like I always say, simple is, most of the time, better! Good job!

    Features you could add:
    - Some shop plugin support
    - Permissions support
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    Ah, good to know, thanks :)

    The real errors pop up first when trying to hook into MineConomy :)
    But it might be my doing as well, but, who knows... I'll try a few other options and get back to you on it :p

    Sleep-deprivation at its finest, the fault was totally mine. Nice to see another plugin for economy handling.
  11. First of all, this isn't a shop plugin, second. Why implement permissions when it's a code only API?
    No commands are available in the plugin so I really don't see the point.
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    I know this isn't a shop plugin on its own, but it could function for a shop plugin, like iConomy with iConomyChestShop, for example.

    About the permissions, I'm sorry I didn't understand this had absolutely no commands or usage with Permissions (but it could define who could use the money system and who couldn't).
  13. Alright, added a buy and sell interface, just check the API reference.
    The integration sample has also been changed to accommodate this new system.
  14. Added version 0.5.6, see changelog for details.
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    i have looked at the api's which to me look like some sort of programming code, and i have looked at example usage on the plugin.yml to use this system on a server how would one apply commands to use the system in game? sorry if these seems like a dumb question, i was looking for a flatfile database economy for my server and this looks like something we might implement if we can figure it out,
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    Integrating this into nSpleef! :)
  17. @Zettu
    If you don't know how to program plugins, don't even bother with this.

    Alright, nice.
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  19. I'm a little confused here, is this just a core system for MineConimy, e.g. We will have to wait for someone to release a bank system with /money or something along those lines before it is usable ingame? I played around with this and Cafeteria how ever cafeteria seems to just say "Could not sell/buy [what ever i try to sell/buy]"
  20. That's exactly right, and with cafeteria, you will have to add your own items into the config file.
  21. Well, I guess that's a good project for me today then.
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    Residence 2.0 now supports this.
  23. lol the few kb there dosnt make much difference
  24. If you look in the larger picture it does.
    What do you think is fastest? Parsing through 5kb of byte-code or 127kb?
  25. Is there going to be an in game bank system for this within the next 2 weeks? I'd love to be able to launch my server with it, and my programming skills don't quite extend to making a whole mod.
  26. Depends if anyone wants to make one.
  27. i do see a difference sorry
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    Hey, trying to use this with Cafeteria and ecoCreature and Residence, how do I tell how much money I have? There are no commands right? Just curious, are you wanting others to do that part?
  29. looks nice but i would like to know what the commands are.
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    I haven't seen any activity in ~3 weeks, is this dead?

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