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    Economy Based Player Shops

    Version: 3.1.1 (Fifth Avenue)

    LocalShops allows players to create and manage physical shops - literal player-defined cuboids - in which they can directly participate in a server economy!

    Version 3 includes masses of bug fixes, tweaks and improvements, including a brand new item search engine, allowing players to use, manage and create shops with more ease that ever before.

    • Player owned and operated physical shops!
    • Shops can be managed by multiple players.
    • Create a Free Market in which the players directly control economic values of items!
    Download LocalShops (JAR)
    Source Code
    Issue Tracker (Bug Reports & Feature Requests)

    Got Issues or Problems?

    We're happy to help with any issues or problems you may have, but please help us as we make every effort to help you! If you're experiencing errors, or funkiness please do the following:
    1. Verify that your versions meet the requirements in the Requirements Section
    2. You can reproduce the bug
    3. Use kind words in your post!
    Awesome, now in the post please include the following information:

    • Version of Bukkit
    • Version of LocalShops
    • Version of Permissions
    • Which Economic Plugin you are using (and version number)
    • Description of issue, error, or shenanigan
    • Steps to reproduce issue, error, or shenanigan
    • Log files (as much as you can provide the better)
    Commands: [required] <optional>
    • /shop
      • Displays a list of player commands
    • /shop select
      • Select a cuboid area for a shop to occupy. Used in conjunction with both the create and move commands. Using the select command a second time will cancel the selection process.
    • /shop create [shop name]
      • Creates a shop of the default sized (specified in the configuration file) at your location.
      • If used after the select command - assuming the player didn’t cancel the selection process, possess enough money to create a shop (also specified in the configuration file) and the selection is smaller than the maximum allowed area (again, specified in the configuration file) - a shop will be created that fills the specified area.
      • Remember, shops are created in a 3D space - selecting two blocks on the floor will likely result in the creation of a shop that is a single block tall, which isn’t particularly useful to anyone.

        Any characters may be used for a shop name, including spaces and punctuation.
    • /shop info <id>
      • Used while standing in a shop, this command will return information about that specific shop. If a shop ID is added to the end, it will return information about another shop without the player needing to be physically in it.

        Use either this command or list to get shop IDs.
    • /shop browse <buy|sell>
      • Shows a list of items currently in the shop and if provided either buy or sell as an argument it will only show those for to buy or sell (from the players perspective).
    • /shop find [item name|id]
      • Finds nearby shops that either buy or sell the item sorted by distance with the cost per item.
    • /shop list
      • Lists all shops in the current world that the player owns, along with their unique IDs and names.
    • /shop move [id]
      • Moves the specified shop to a new location. The select command can be used prior to this command, allowing the shop to be moved to a new cuboid specified by the player.

        Both list and info will return shop IDs, in addition to other information.
    • /shop destroy
      • Destroys the shop the player is currently standing inside. The owner of the shop will receive anything that was left in stock, inventory space permitting.
    • /shop add <item name>
      • Used without an item name on the end, adds the stack of items that the player is currently holding.

        If an item name is specified, that item will be added to the shop, with a stock of 0.
    • /shop remove <item name>
      • Used without an item name, removes the item that the player is currently holding from the shop, and returns all remaining stock to the owner.

        If an item name is specified, it works in the same way, but for the specified item instead of the held item.

        In order to remove a certain amount of items from a shop (and not stop the shop from stocking the item), the player must use the buy command. Owners and managers of a shop are not charged for removing items in this manner.
    • /shop buy [item name] <amount>
      /buy [item name] <amount>
      • Purchases a specified item from a shop. If the player uses ‘all’ in place of an amount, the shop will attempt to fill the player’s inventory with the specified item, money (and item stock) permitting.
    • /shop sell <item name> <amount>
      /sell <item name> <amount>
      • Used without an item name and amount defined, sells the stack of items the player is currently holding.

        With an item name defined, a specific item (a single item) is sold to the shop. If the player uses ‘all’ in place of an amount, all instances of that item in his inventory will be sold.
    • /shop set
      • Help page - displays a list of set commands.
    • /shop set buy [item name] [price] <bundle size>
      • Used to set the price and bundle size of items that the shop will be able to buy or purchased from customers.

        Both this command and the set sell command below are set from the perspective of the shop, not the customer; in contrast the buy and sell commands are always from the perspective of the customer.
    • /shop set sell [item name] [price] <bundle size>
      • Sets the price and bundle size of items that can be sold to the customer.
    • /shop set manager +/-[player name]
      ex: /shop set manager -cerealk +Mineral
      • Adds or removes managers from the player’s shop. A manage is able to add/remove items, set prices and set maximum amounts. He cannot move the shop, destroy the shop, nor add/remove managers.
    • /shop set minbalance [amount]
      • Sets a shops minimum balance that must remain in the account at all times. Helps prevent players from selling to a shop and completely bankrupting the owner.
    • /shop set max [item name] [max amount]
      • Used to set a maximum stock limit for a specified item. Note that the owner of the shop will still be able to add items above the maximum stock level, but the shop will not buy items from players if the current stock level is higher than the maximum specified amount.
    • /shop set notification
      • Toggles if the shop owner is to receive periodic transaction notifications via chat.
    • /shop set owner [player name]
      • Changes the shop owner to another player.
    • /shop set unlimited money
      Requires a special permission node: localshops.admin
      • Sets the shop to have unlimited money - useful for a server shop buying items from players. The money from items sold to the shop while this is toggled on will go to whoever is set as the shop owner. If the owner is set to a player that doesn’t exist (ServerBank, for example) the creator of the shop won’t get the money from item sales.
    • /shop set unlimited stock
      Requires a special permission node: localshops.admin
      • Sets a shop to have an unlimited amount of all stocked items - keep in mind that items still need to be added to the shop for them to appear in the shop’s inventory.
    A word of caution with Permissions, Managers by default cannot use shops! Managers should have both the manager and user permissions, similar with Admins.
    • localshops.user.*
      • Users can buy and sell to shops but not make or manage them.
      • Sub nodes are:
        • localshops.user.buy
        • localshops.user.sell
        • localshops.user.browse
    • localshops.manager.*
      • Owners and Managers can create, move or destroy shops and manage shops (using the set commands)
      • Sub nodes are:
        • localshops.manager.add
        • localshops.manager.create
        • localshops.manager.destroy
        • localshops.manager.move
        • localshops.manager.remove
        • localshops.manager.select
        • localshops.manager.set
        • localshops.manager.set.owner
    • localshops.admin
      • Allows administrative access to override manager permissions.
    • localshops.free.create
      • Removes the cost associated with creating a shop.
    • localshops.free.move
      • Removes the cost associated with moving a shop.
    Configuration File:
    See this post for the configuration file!

    Example/Instruction Videos:
    See this post for the example & instruction videos!

    Third Party Tools & Utilities:
    ShopEditor - The GUI for Editing Shops (Windows only :()


    LocalShops reports minimal anonymous data to provide general usage tracking. No personal or server information is ever transmitted. The following data is provided:
    • Plugin Name (this will always be LocalShops)
    • Plugin Version
    • Bukkit Version (the full Bukkit version string)
    • Operating System
      • Name
      • Version
      • Architecture
    • Java Version
    This data helps us understand the environments in which LocalShops is used within, however you are more than welcome to disable it by setting "report-stats" in the configuration file to false.

    Internet Relay Chat:
    We idle on EsperNet! Come join us (along with pretty much the rest of the Bukkit crew).
    • Server: irc.esper.net
    • Port: 6667
    • Channel: #localshops
    Credits / LocalShops Team:
    Please do not send support messages directly to any of us. While we appreciate your desire to solve problems or get answers, it isn't appropriate and our answers could easily help others!

    Version 3.1.1
    • Fix detection of BOSEconomy
    • Fix "/shop buy all" not properly functioning
    Version 3.1.0
    • Out of Beta!
    • Features:
      • Permissions updated, is not mandatory
        • Will only restrict admin commands to ops without Permissions
      • Sorting of /shop browse and /shop list
      • New command: /shop find
        • Used to find nearby shops that sell an item
      • Transaction notification for shop owners
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Economy sanity checks
      • /shop select Message clarify usage (bare hands)
      • Sanity checks on corrupt shop files
      • /shop sell all now sells all items instead of a single stack
      • Refactored Commands (now each in their own class)
      • Remove players from memory on PLAYER_KICK and PLAYER_QUIT events
      • Notification for insufficient funds
      • Owner & creator information is now shown in /shop info for all situations
      • Match criteria updated
        • Wool, Cactus Green, Cactus, Glowstone Dust
    Version 3.0.3-Beta
    • Fixed money exploit
    • Fix typo on selling or buying 0 items
    • Redstone Dust match criteria updated
    • Soul Sand match criteria updated
    View all changes here!

    Configuration File:
    The configuration file for LocalShops is located at plugins/LocalShops/localshops.properties and can easily be modified. See the following information about each variable and its purpose and valid values.
    • uuid=Random
      • Used for reporting.
    • debug=false
      • Value can be true or false. If true, logs verbose debugging information to console.
    • shops-per-player=-1
      • Maximum number of shops each player can have, unlimited is -1.
    • report-stats=true
      • Value can be true or false. If true, anonymous information will be collected, see Reporting section.
    • log-transactions=true
      • Value can be true or false. If true, logs transactions.
    • max-damage=35
      • Maximum damage percentage an item can have to be added to a shop (it will be sold repaired). Default is 35 (or, 65% or more of the 'health' of the item is remaining).
    • charge-for-shop=true
      • Enables charging for creating & moving shops.
    • shop-cost=100
      • Cost of creating a shop.
    • move-cost=100
      • Cost of moving a shop.
    • shop-height=3
      • Default shop height.
    • shop-width=10
      • Default shop width.
    • max-height=10
      • Maximum shop height.
    • max-width=30
      • Maximum shop width.
    • shop-notification=true
      • If true, shop transaction notices will occur. Note: this is a global configuration!
    • shop-notification-timer=300
      • Number of seconds between transaction notifications, default is 5 minutes.
    • shop-transaction-max-size=100
      • Maximum number of transactions that a store will store for notification purposes. Limited to 100 by default to prevent infinite memory usage.
    • search-max-distance=150
      • Maximum number of meters away from a player to include in shop find results (should be renamed to find-max-distance and will likely happen in the near future).
    BOSEconomy Support:
    BOSEconomy does not provide support for major or minor values and ONLY supports whole numbers. The result is that all orders are rounded up to the next whole number to ensure that the Shop Owners obtain the proper monetary value. Here are some examples:
    • Stone selling for 1.30 each...
      • A player purchases 1 and the total price is 1.30 and is thus rounded to 2 (we goto the next whole number, there is NO rounding down)
      • A player purchases 100 and the total price is 130 and thus there is no rounding to do.
    How to enable Debugging & Obtain the Logs:
    1. Locate the LocalShops properties file, it is located in the folder "plugins/LocalShops/" and is named "localshops.properties".
    2. Find the line that starts with "debug=" and set the value (portion after the equals) to true.
      1. You should now have "debug=true"
    3. Remove your old server logs (we will want a fresh slate to start with). The server log is "server.log", either delete it or move/rename it.
    4. Start the Bukkit, and perform the actions to cause the error.
    5. Stop Bukkit.
    6. Locate "server.log" in the Bukkit main directory and attach it to your forum post!

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    Further detail on my issue two posts up: If you'd like to see this in action, I can give you rights to the server to come have a look. The counts now seem random, as does the display (or not) of buying/selling prices
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    it's fixed in the dev builds.
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    Please make it so that the owners can take the money from the shop D:
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    the Shop doesn't store money... it uses the Owners account for all transactions.
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    then is there a way to remove item from the shop that people sell ?
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    Read the commandlist it's in there.
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    It would be great if we could restrict or disallow shops being created on specific worlds. I only want shops on one particular world, but I also want to let people create their own shops.
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    @Tathar - this is accomplished through setting up your permissions properly via World-Specific configurations. Check whichever permissions you use to see how to do it.
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    OK, I get how to do it now.
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    This is the only shops plugin I could get to work correctly with my permissions tree. Thanks for all your hard work and I can't wait for v4.0!:D
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    Looking forward to 4.0 as well. Is there an eta on it, or it still be worked on and developed? Oddly enough, your the only plugin that does what I want, which is let everyone run their own shop. Chests take up way too much space, your shop plugin is by far the best solution. Glad to know your still working on it.
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    Gotta love the optional requirements :)
    Awesome plugin! Thanks :D
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    LocalShops 4.0 is still in development. For those technically inclined feel free to visit our IRC channel to get the link to our development builds (hint, read the topic). Don't expect immediate support or fixes and backup your files before using it. We don't give sympathy to those running development builds, we just fix the issue when we can.

    As far as how LocalShops 4.0 is going, there are a few bugs that need to be fixed and likely we'll be releasing soon.
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    well /remove remove the price too is there any other way? like just removing item not the price :(?
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    Is it possible to sell items to a shop using buttons instead of having to use commands in chat?

    I know a server that does it, I dont know how though...
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    LocalShops 4 provides signs to use and CommandSigns has been a popular alternative as well. We'll be focusing entirely on built in signs for LS 4!

    Buy them! If you are the shop owner or manager, buying items does not cost you anything.

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    So, in other words, it isnt possible to use buttons?.. I'll just have to ask them how they did it.
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    Well buttons become confusing. You have to have some method to link them to an item in the shop and without having some kind of identifier it becomes overly confusing to people wanting to buy items. On top of that the only way you're going to be able to fix that confusion is by having a sign next to the button that tells the player the info that they need about the button. - So why not just make the sign the interact-able? Which is what we did.
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    @cereal Any Spout plans? This has some great potential for Spout with HUD's.
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    Sure, though we haven't really got much of anything yet but the idea is there.
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    @cereal , cool. Possibly if you walk into a store a menu will pop up with items in that store that you can click on and buy. Instead of all this command work.
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    @cereal thank, i already know this but if i didn't put any price? its say 'this shop is not selling this item" and i don't want to sell item only buy =/
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    Hello, my name is redd - Now I don't normaly go around to forums asking for features or things along this line, but i have 1 feature I might really enjoy. A /exchange command where people can exchange stone slabs (44:0) for double stone slabs (43:0) at a rate of 2:1. We could even set a little exchange fee (1 dollar per slab). Thanks for reading to say the least :)

    Also a sort of "as you buy more the cheaper it gets" feature would be nice, so i could say sell gunpower at 5 a piece, but i could bundle 25 for 100 (instead of 125)

    Also @cereal - We run a bukkit 1k server and this works fine
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    Hi, love the plug-in! Just wanted to report a bug. Someone sold 1 cobblestone to my shop for 0.55, but the log entry didn't show the payment properly. It seems to be using the shop owner's ending balance for both the ending balance entry and the money transferred entry. The first line here should show "Money Transfered: 0.55", but instead it shows my ending balance of 1.37.

    2011/08/17 12:30:39 MST: Action: payment: Player: JJ10DMAN: Shop: : Item Type: : Number Transfered: 0: Stating Stock: 0: Ending Stock: 0: Money Transfered: 1.37: Starting balance: 1.92: Ending balance: 1.37:
    2011/08/17 12:30:39 MST: Action: payment: Player: soulslayerl: Shop: : Item Type: : Number Transfered: 0: Stating Stock: 0: Ending Stock: 0: Money Transfered: 0.55: Starting balance: 5.86: Ending balance: 6.41:
    2011/08/17 12:30:39 MST: Action: sell-item: Player: soulslayerl: Shop: Commodities Exchange: Item Type: Cobblestone: Number Transfered: 1: Stating Stock: 0: Ending Stock: 1: Money Transfered: 0.0: Starting balance: 0.0: Ending balance: 0.0:
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    Anyone know if this is working for the new RB? I was considering updating yesterday, but realize i probably shouldn't due to this plugin. It is already a few patches behind. So yea, anyone got this working on 1060?
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    Multi currency support would be good, even though IK this may be abandoned I just want to let someone see this. :D
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    What is multi-currency support?
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    I personally do not use this. Just wanted to see it be done. :p
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