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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    If someone has the localshops.destroy permission, does that mean they can destroy any shop or just one that they own?
  3. Whenever I try to create a shop, it just says /shop help
    inthe chat, even if I type /shop help it just says that.

    Not really sure what I missed here since it seems to work for everyone else.

    So as of right now, whenver I do a /shop command then i get a /shop help in return :/
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    Thank you again :)
    Is there a way to take all the stock from the shop without removing the config ?
    Actually to take the stock I do /shop remove item. All go in my inventory. But I need then to do again shop add, shop set buy shop set sell, etc...

    Can we have something like shop take itemname quantity ? This don't touch the configuration of the item.

    Thanks !

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    first when i try to add an item to one of my shops i get an internal error i don't have the error to show you from the command prompt sorry.
    Second how would you go about changing the store owner to a bank such as a town bank for Towny? i only ask this because you said that u had transferred a store to "serverbank"
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    I <3 you.

    Thanks so much.
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    Im also wondering this
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    localshops.destroy gives you the ability to destroy a shop you are the owner of
    localshops.admin lets you destroy any shop that you're inside.
    Try typing the following:
    /shop create TestShop

    What messages do you get? Are you using permissions? Have you set it up?
    Version 1.9 lets you use the command /shop buy to remove stock from the store without changing the prices.
    Which version of LocalShops are you using? Make sure that you have the items.txt file in your pluigins/LocalShops/ folder.

    On my server I used the command /shop set owner ServerBank to change the owner.
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    all fixed thanks
  10. Well I use groupmanager, and im admin plus operator which certainly should allow me to use the commands even though I havent set them up with the group ? no ?

    I just tried that, though still the same message

    EDIT: I just went to give my self the permission even though I was admin to use the command, but still no effect /:
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    Can you tell me exactly what you are typing and what you are seeing? A screen shot might help me understand what's going on better.
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    I'm not seeing it in the first/last pages of posts or in the top-of-page documentation, so I'm curious whether there's an option for admins to create server shops? If so, then you've just made my day, sir. If not, then I'm afraid I have to cry and let my feel-bads hurt for getting my hopes up.
  13. yeah, the /money command works... they can buy/sell when they add a 1 at the end (the quantity), but if they dont put a quantity, they get an error
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    All shops are local. Admins can make shops and then set the owner so that it is a server account and set the money to unlimited.

    What this will mean for your server is that if anyone sells an item to the shop, the server will create and give them money for that item. (This is useful for creating wealth for your server and putting money into the system) Then if users buy an item from the shop the money for that transaction will be taken from the user and given to the server account that you have set as the owner for the bank.

    The shop will still use real stock. (You'll either have to /give it to yourself, or buy it from the users) But it will create money and take money out of the economy when items are bought or sold.

    But your users will still have to walk into the shop to buy and sell from it.
    Please tell me the exact command that they are using and the error that they get.
    Here's an example of how to setup a server shop:

    /shop create GeneralStore

    move a little bit so that you get the message: You have entered the GeneralStore.

    In my server I use gold as a standard way to set prices and create money. So lets set the shop to buy and sell GoldIngot for 1500 coins.

    start by adding it to the shop:

    /shop add GoldIngot

    Then set the price that users can buy the item for
    /shop set buy GoldIngot 1500

    Next set the price that users can sell the item for
    /shop set sell GoldIngot 1500

    And finally set the shop owner to an account name that isn't one of your players:
    /shop set owner ServerBank

    The final thing I do on my own server is go into the GeneralStore.shop file and change unlimited=true and then to apply that change: (this command isn't in game yet, will be added later)
    /shop reload

    From now on, only people that have the group localshops.admin will be able to use the /shop set, /shop add, /shop remove, and /shop destroy commands on GeneralStore

    but if you want to add the ability to manage the shop to a specific person you can add them as a manager to the GeneralStore (they can add and remove inventory, but won't be charged for it or get money for it)
    /shop set manager +UserName

    Hope that helps get you started. I'll move this over to the github wiki later.
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    It just says "You have sold O cactus for O coins"
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    where can i download CB 493? the reccomended on wiki.bukkit.org is 5XX
  17. Ok...
    one of the commands they do is "/shop sell Diamond" . Another is "/shop sell 50" . Anything that doesn't have the quantity of how much to sell, is returning an error.
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    Which version of LocalShops are you using? (Do /shop reload and watch the console)

    What is the exact error you are getting?
    You can get all of the old versions here: http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/

    The ones with the star beside them are the recommended builds. Just tested with RB531 and it works fine.
  19. alright here s a pic..

    you can see the output in the chat and I wrote in exactly what I wrote in the chat again there after.

    so im writing exactly /shop create TestShop

    Then when I press enter
    It says /shop help

    I get that output no matter what command I use

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    That's not a response from LocalShops. Are you running another shop that's conflicting? I think SimpleShop and maybe dynamic shop use the same /shop command. (I'm thinking of changing the command to /lshop in the next release to try to help that situation.)
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    This is exactly what I was hoping for! Serverwide shop would be counter-what-I-want.

    This's the only gripe I've got with your plugin. It's doable, really, but I'd prefer that shops assigned as static server shops just have infinite of whatever I tell them to buy/sell to the players. Maybe put that in your to-do list for a future update? Please?
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    Yah, it's on my list. It's been asked by a few people.

    I'll probably get it out in the next update.

    Here's my list of features that I'm currently working on:
    • Add shop move command
    • be able to set unlimited stock
    • add user tutorial in wiki
    • minimum owner account balance for denying sale
    • log transactions
    • add messages when the amount being buy/sell changes because of money or space restrictions
    • Customizable messages (for language support)
    • change /shop set buy|sell perspective
    • change command to /lshop (conflict with SimpleShop and dynamic shop)
    Known bugs:
    • doesn't check if /shop create shopname is already used before creating
    • create shop overlap with other world problem
    • adding sponge throws error with /shop add command (item not already in shop and item not in items.txt)
    • add/remove player to shop on create/destroy
  23. ah right !.... I was sure I had disabled RealShop... thats why then. Diddent think of that.. thanks !
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    I'll be keeping an eye on this plugin and waiting for those bugfixes! I've been waiting for an actually good iConomy shop implementation before adding iConomy to my game world, and it looks like you've got the gold so far.

    Between this, Towny and iMonster ... we may have a winning combo for money in Minecraft.
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    I set up a shop last night. The commands were a bit tedious to enter but the functionality is all there.

    The shop config would be easier to edit but it isn't very human readable. I'll probably get shot for this but I would love it if it used yaml formatting. I won't hold my breath though.

    Your to do list looks great. The up coming features will solidify this plugin as the premier iconomy shop. Excellent work.
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    Alright, just released v1.10b which fixes all the bugs known to date and lets administrators set shops to have unlimited stock and/or money from inside the game.

    * fixed adding and deleting shops conflicting worlds
    * added check for player position on log in, reload, and create/destroy
    * fixed create shop overlap with other world problem
    * fixed bug with items not in items.txt list
    * added /shop set unlimited money|stock
    * added /shop list info
    I'm not doing yml with the shops file and probably never will. Too much trouble going that way.

    Thanks for the feedback.
    2nd quick update. Forgot to put in new node for controlling /shop set owner now you need to have localshops.admin or localshops.manage.owner to be able to change the shop's owner.
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    I'd strongly appreciate this as well. Yaml's pretty much the standard for anything like this in Bukkit.
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    hey with the new update will it change layout and format of the items in shop?cuz i JUST finished making them work...
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    I really don't see what the benefit would be for this plugin. The configuration options and choices are very minimal and it is very rare for an administrator to need to go into the shop files and edit them directly. (Trust me, i've been running this app on hMod for about 3 months on a busy server. You set it up once and forget it.)

    The current system is clean and simple and changing it would take a lot of work without much difference to the user.
    No stress. If you've got it working now it will convert it for you. Though the order and spacing of things will change around. (The shop files get updated and re-writen every time you buy, sell, or add something to the shop. It's a safety feature so that if something crashes the backups are current.)
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    I concede. I just used the dropbonus plugin and was able to create a complete customized drop table for nearly everything in the game in about 45 minutes. yaml isn't for everyone though.
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    is this really necessary? seems like it will be really annoying to always type the l. maybe just change it to a different word (sorry i dont have any suggestions) or maybe allow you edit the properties to make the command wut you want (that may be difficult or impossible idk).

    maybe its just me that feels this way so if noone else objects i can live with it

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