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    ecoCreature 0.0.5b - PvM/E Rewards

    Based upon the stories of iMonster and CookieMonster, this nifty little plugin will allow you, the server owner to hand out more than the default, boring sets of items dropped from creatures on your server.

    Apart from allowing extra drops, how about economy support through iConomy & Essentials Economy as well as BOSEconomy? But... we just forgot one, MineConomy! (it works, too!)

    Did you like how iMonster treated your currency rewards without those decimals? Fully optional here!
    As if that wasn't enough, reward and penalty messages, fully customizable from your end!
    • Currencry rewards through iConomy. Messages are customizable.
    • Currency penalties, if thats your wish - with customizable messages.
    • Extra drops from all animals and monsters.
    • Prevent camping around monster spawners, fully optional.
    • Prevent rewards through the use of bow and arrow, optional with custom message.
    • Penalty for dieing, fully optional and can be set at percentage level. Custom messages.
    • Beloved donors and special members can earn more money through a simple permission switch, set in percentage gain.
    • Silent rewards, through the options. No more messages about rewards, penalties and such.
    • + more! (Read the config file for all the juicy details!)
    !!! Requirements:
    • iConomy 4.6.5
    • Permissions 2.7.2
    • CraftBukkit 740
    • * BOSEconomy 0.6.2 (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    • * Essentials 2.1.x (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    • * MineConomy 0.5.6 (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    Permissions Setup for ecoCreature

    Each and every creature available! (If you do not add any of them, you won't get rewards)
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftCreeper'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSkeleton'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftZombie'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSpider'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftPigZombie'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftGhast'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSlime'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftChicken'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftCow'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftPig'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSheep'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSquid'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftWolf'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.Spawner'
    ======== Or if you just want them all. ========
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.*'
    + Note that the permissions are case sensitive! +
    Colour Codes @ ecoCreature.yml
    &0: Black
    &1: Dark Blue
    &2: Dark Green
    &3: Teal
    &4: Dark Red
    &5: Purple
    &6: Gold
    &7: Light Grey
    &8: Dark Gray
    &9: Light Blue
    &a: Light Green
    &b: Turquoise
    &c: Light Red
    &d: Pink
    &e: Yellow
    &f: White
    Warnings / Notes:
    • I might of have missed something, if I did, just leave a message in the thread.
    Known Issues:
    • None.
    Suggestions / TODO:
    • Suggestions are welcome.
    ecoCreature.jar via gamebin.org
    Full working server setup, for reference via gamebin.org
    • Updated for the latest stable bukkit.
    • Some features are still being worked on, in case you're wondering.
    • Fixed messages with no colors.
    • Fixed death penalty.
    • Added FixedDrops, open your ecoCreature.yml and add FixedDrops: false right under OverrideDrops. You can set the value true or false, if true... creatures will only drop the specified amount in your loot table, otherwise when false it takes a random number between 0 and the amount you wanted. This only needs to be added if upgrading from 0.0.5 and don't want to re-generate your config.
    v0.0.5 - Lederhosen!
    • uQuest hooking, if a creature dies, it can give a random quest.
    • Spawner drops items now.
    • Dollar signs as your currency now works.
    • Updated to work with MineConomy 0.5.6
    • Flat or percentage for the death penalty.
    • Misc random stuff that didn't work should work.
    • Tested against iConomy, didn't have time for the others - but should work, report what doesn't work if thats the case.
    v0.0.4g4 - Cows with laserguns!
    • uQuest hooked, but doesn't do anything yet.
    • MineConomy support added.
    • If camping near a spawner, mobs shouldn't drop anything.
    • Minor fixes and tweaks here and there, hopefully working better and warns when not working.
    v0.0.4g3 - Crispy Milk!
    • Drops under 1% are working.
    • Added a check to see whether or not Permissions are hooked and enabled.
    • Minor fixes.
    v0.0.4g2 - Maintenance overdrive, supreme drift!
    • Fixed up some permission checking.
    • Tweaked some hooks.
    • Compiled and tested with RB 670
    • Minor maintenance, no config changes required.
    v0.0.4g1 - Maintenance maintenance of the maintenance extreme extreme release.... deluxe
    • Toggler for No Reward message fixed.
    v0.0.4g - Jeeeez man ;/
    • Hopefully nailed the DEATH and RESPAWN issues.
    • Added BOSEconomy, its back in the game.
    • PigZombie is PigZombie, and no longer Zombie :p
    • Permissions are back in, and there has been changes made.
    • Extra gains work on group-level, you'll see what I mean inside the config.
    • No Reward message can now be toggled on or off.
    • Drop overrides can also be toggled on or off.
    • Random acts of fiddling around with the code
    • You must backup, remove & let ecoCreature generate a new config with this release.
    v0.0.4f - Ohsnap
    • Default drop tables are overriden by ecoCreature, default table is added to the config. Will be optional later.
    • Fixed a serious bug, where the players inventory would be wiped upon death. (very random and not always happening - but could)
    • Specifying a drop amount for a creature will give it a random between 0 and the specified amount now.
    • Essentials Economy is again supported and seems to be working better than ever.
    • Where did all the permissions go? VIP is left in for now, everything should per default yield rewards for now.
    v0.0.4e - More
    • Pigs no longer looked upon as Creepers
    • IntegerCurrency fixed, and working again.
    v0.0.4d - Maintenance Deluxe
    • Drops should override default creatures drops now.
    • Drops should now drop at the location of the creature which died.
    • Minor fixes.
    v0.0.4c - Extra Maintenance Release
    • Should be working fine with RB617, two test servers reporting no errors.
    • Configuration file fixed.
    • Tiny fixes.
    v0.0.4b - Maintenance release.
    • Check and option to see whether or not a player is under sea level.
    • Wolves added and supported.
    • Expanded list of items held.
    • Configuration changes, backup and re-generate, make sure you are up to date!
    v0.0.4a- Maintenance release.
    • Small bugfixes and tweaks.
    • Mob/monster spawner camping checks both the player and creature if near the spawner now, not just the player.
    • New permission available.
    • New configurable messages, send a message even if there aren't any rewards!
    • Option for configuring spawncamping message, or turn it off.
    • Empty messages should no longer output to players.
    • VIP group permission, reward your donors or special players with extra cash!
    • Penalty upon death (optional, drop some money when you die)
    • New and improved configuration,back up and generate a new one to see the newlyadded awesome.
    • + some other changes and fixes.
    • Fixed a bug with iConomy adding money even though a negative amount was entered.
    • Small tweaks.
    • Quick bugfix for proper messages.
    • Initial Release.

    Special Thanks & Stuff
    mudzereli, Mirage & Mineral, for initial testing & ideas.
    Nijikokun for iConomy, testing, code and ideas.
    Essentials Team for Essentials & Essentials Economy.
    Brotherhood Of Slaughter for their economy plugin.
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    Hi there, think i found a little bug. I configured the plugin and put the ecoCreature.Rewarding.* only for my guards. But everyone can destroy a mobspawner an got the reward. The creatures are not affected when killed by normal players.
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    Ah, so just the spawner? I'll have it ready and done for the next version
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    ye just the spawner.
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    No thank you to me :(
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    Ive been using iMonster, and since it deprecated i flew over to this addon.

    I really enjoy this plugin, but theres one problem I have for both iMonster AND ecoMonster.

    Everytime anyone in my server (including myself) slays a monster, a little lag spike hits and then the message pops up granting my award...
    The mob also isn't dead yet until I hit it one more time.

    No one seems to have a similar problem...
    Please help. Thankyou
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    This is a very good Plugin.
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    The lagspike only seem to occur when using flatfile databases, for some reason... I will look into it and see what can be done.

    As for the reward 1 hit before the actual kill... don't think I can do anything about that, all reward plugins - to my knowing, has this problem (correct me if I'm wrong)

    Ima fix

    Did you by any chance change the default config and up the percentage on coin drops? I will examine things and see why it would not give any rewards.

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    I just installed mcMMO on my server with this installed, and I think because of how mcMMO handles damage events it breaks both of their triggers.
    When attacking most monsters with both enabled console spits out a: Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGED to ecoCreature.

    I'm not completely sure about this. using CB 556, iConomy 4, Permissions 2.5.4, mcMMO and a lot of other plugins.
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    The Tycooner

    You should write a list of the other plugins, or, if you know which one does what, try turning off the ones that has anything to do with hitting and killing stuff, one at a time, until you find the one that doesn't want to cooperate.
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    I'm experiencing some sort of lag after installed ecoCreature. I didn't had that kind of problem with iMonster.
    Not sure why yet, but trying to figure it out...
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    If you have iConomy as the base for your economy, with SQLite enabled... that might be what causes it. If not, please specify which plugins you have installed.
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    oh i love this! i have been looking for a plugin just like this one! :D going to test it in a min! thx!! :D
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    This is a truckload of awesome! Thanks.
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    Any download links for older versions? I am looking for something that works with build 493
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    Afraid not. You would have to look at earlier versions of iMonster for that I believe... and IF you're lucky, you might find one.
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    Alright, thank you.

    Also since i cannot use the plugin right now, I was wondering if you could provide me a brief explanation of the anti spawner camping feature.
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    It should work just the same as it used to in iMonster, if its active and a radius is set, when a player enters the area of a spawner... say 15 blocks up, down, left and right of the spawner - they get a message that they are not allowed to camp around it, thus not receiving any rewards for any monsters around it.

    It's a neat feature that prevents a player from grinding himself to a millionaire in a matter of minutes :p
    Hope it made some sense, just woke up.
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    Interesting. I use dropbonus to make hostile mobs drop icononmy money. People have been camping spawners for 4 hours getting huge amounts of money so i have been searching for an alternative besides lowering the reward rate for killing certain hostile mobs.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Glad I could be of service... by the way, if you want to use ecoCreature, look forward to the new version thats coming soonish ;)
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    My base is iConomy with MySQL, but the database is in another castle.. ops.. in another server. Should I migrate to another economy system?
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    If its a distant server, delay is to be expected when a monster / creature dies... as it will tell iConomy to update the player account. Especially if you have plenty of players killing monsters / creatures for money, each kill is a call to iConomy, telling it to update the player account

    A local / inhouse database is recommended, unless your connection is extremely fast, the distance the data travels is very short etc.
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    IS there a reason only mods get rewards for kill mobs?
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    You probably haven't set the right permissions for your players.

    ^ That will give rewards for all creatures.
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    I checked, that permission is placed in the "Default" permissions and still no luck
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    Show me your permissions as well as ecoCreature.yml settings, please.
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    # Which economics system are YOU running?
    # There are three systems available and fully supported, set your preffered one.
    # Options are case sensitive: iConomy, Essentials, BOSEconomy
    # IntegerCoins set to true will round the reward to a whole number, no decimals.
    # While if it is set to false, it will give rewards with a decimal value.
    Which: iConomy
    IntegerCoins: true
    AllowSpawnCamping: false
    SpawnCampRadius: 15
    AllowBowRewards: true

    # HOW DO I DROPS!?
    # - format: 'item:amount:percent'
    # - more drops: Seperate the items with ;, add next
    # - format example: 'item:amount:percent;item2:amount:percent'
    # This means, first you input the item id, second the item amount upon drop, and third
    # is the chanse it has to drop, in percent... 50 yields a fifty fifty, for instance.
    # Coin_Minimum - Minium amount of coins to drop.
    # Coin_Maximum - The max amount of coins to drop.
    # !!! With a low minimum and high maximum, you will get a random amount between those values
    # Coin_Percent - What are the odds to receive any currency at all?
    # Death_RMessage - Every creature destroyed can have its personal reward message upon death
    # - Acceptable codes: $colourcode
    # - %m - will display creature name
    # - %c - Will display the amount + currency
    # Death_PMessage - If you have a negative amount for a creature, this is the custom
    # message for when they are penalized.
    Drops: ''
    Coin_Minimum: 5
    Coin_Maximum: 10
    Coin_Percent: 100
    Death_RMessage: '[$2+$f] You have been awarded $6%c $ffor slaying a $c%m'
    Death_PMessage: '[$c-$f] You have been penalized with a deduction of $6%c $ffor slaying a $2%m'

    Drops: '261:1:30;262:5:50'
    Coin_Minimum: 5
    Coin_Maximum: 10
    Coin_Percent: 35
    Death_RMessage: '[$2+$f] You have been awarded $6%c $ffor slaying a $c%m'
    Death_PMessage: '[$c-$f] You have been penalized with a deduction of $6%c $ffor slaying a $2%m'

    Drops: '298:1:10;299:1:10;300:1:10;301:1:10;275:1:25'
    Coin_Minimum: 1
    Coin_Maximum: 10
    Coin_Percent: 65
    Death_RMessage: '[$2+$f] You have been awarded $6%c $ffor slaying a $c%m'
    Death_PMessage: '[$c-$f] You have been penalized with a deduction of $6%c $ffor slaying a $2%m'

    Drops: ''
    Coin_Minimum: 1
    Coin_Maximum: 6
    Coin_Percent: 10
    Death_RMessage: '[$2+$f] You have been awarded $6%c $ffor slaying a $c%m'
    Death_PMessage: '[$c-$f] You have been penalized with a deduction of $6%c $ffor slaying a $2%m'

    Drops: '298:1:10;299:1:10;300:1:10;301:1:10;267:1:30'

    # System is no longer used, but may become used in the future
    # Copies is for multiple-world support
    # Put the name of the world you wish for it to be a clone of, otherwise leave it empty.
    # If this file is for your default world (the one in server.properties) then you must
    # leave copies blank.
    # Example: copies: Derp - This will clone the permissions of the world Derp
    # Make sure to rename this file to the name of the world that is in sever.properties under
    # level-name. So if it is level-name: world then this should be world.yml and in the
    # plugins/Permissions directory (ie. plugins/Permissions/world.yml)
    # NOTE: Do not use tabs while editing this document. Use only spaces. A good way to avoid
    # doing this is to use Notepad++ and replace the tab with 4 spaces.
    system: default

    # AntiBuild is included with this. To disable a group from being able to build then
    # set the build: flag to false (build: false). If you want a group to be able to build
    # then set it to true.
    # Groups can contain inheritance.
    # To make a group inherit the permissions from another
    # group simply place the groups name in the "inheritance:" like so:
    # Example:
    # inheritance:
    # - Default
    # All permissions including the asterisks must be placed in single quotes.
    # like so:
    # - 'foo.bar'
    # Otherwise errors will happen!
    # Globalized Permission settings:
    # If a permission contains periods (.) you can denote a globalized parameter:
    # - 'foo.*'
    # This will allow you to use all general commands.
    # Single Asterisk denotes all commands:
    # - '*'
    # If you give a group this permissions, do not have the group inherit any permissions
    # from other groups. Any users assigned to this group should NOT be given any
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    So, this means that you are using the default configuration without alteration?
    I can tell you this much; if the coin percent is lower than 100, there is no guarantee you get a drop every time... for rewards on every kill you need to change Coin_Percent to 100 on all creatures.

    Try that and let me know how it goes.
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    This still does not work :/
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    No errors in the server console? What other plugins are you loading besides ecoCreature and iConomy + Permissions?
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    23:32:08 [SEVERE] Could not load plugins/Permissions.jar in plugins: null
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException I got that error on startup, even though some mods are working

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