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    ecoCreature 0.0.5b - PvM/E Rewards

    Based upon the stories of iMonster and CookieMonster, this nifty little plugin will allow you, the server owner to hand out more than the default, boring sets of items dropped from creatures on your server.

    Apart from allowing extra drops, how about economy support through iConomy & Essentials Economy as well as BOSEconomy? But... we just forgot one, MineConomy! (it works, too!)

    Did you like how iMonster treated your currency rewards without those decimals? Fully optional here!
    As if that wasn't enough, reward and penalty messages, fully customizable from your end!
    • Currencry rewards through iConomy. Messages are customizable.
    • Currency penalties, if thats your wish - with customizable messages.
    • Extra drops from all animals and monsters.
    • Prevent camping around monster spawners, fully optional.
    • Prevent rewards through the use of bow and arrow, optional with custom message.
    • Penalty for dieing, fully optional and can be set at percentage level. Custom messages.
    • Beloved donors and special members can earn more money through a simple permission switch, set in percentage gain.
    • Silent rewards, through the options. No more messages about rewards, penalties and such.
    • + more! (Read the config file for all the juicy details!)
    !!! Requirements:
    • iConomy 4.6.5
    • Permissions 2.7.2
    • CraftBukkit 740
    • * BOSEconomy 0.6.2 (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    • * Essentials 2.1.x (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    • * MineConomy 0.5.6 (Only required if you do not have iConomy)
    Permissions Setup for ecoCreature

    Each and every creature available! (If you do not add any of them, you won't get rewards)
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftCreeper'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSkeleton'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftZombie'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSpider'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftPigZombie'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftGhast'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSlime'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftChicken'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftCow'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftPig'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSheep'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftSquid'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.CraftWolf'
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.Spawner'
    ======== Or if you just want them all. ========
    - 'ecoCreature.Creature.*'
    + Note that the permissions are case sensitive! +
    Colour Codes @ ecoCreature.yml
    &0: Black
    &1: Dark Blue
    &2: Dark Green
    &3: Teal
    &4: Dark Red
    &5: Purple
    &6: Gold
    &7: Light Grey
    &8: Dark Gray
    &9: Light Blue
    &a: Light Green
    &b: Turquoise
    &c: Light Red
    &d: Pink
    &e: Yellow
    &f: White
    Warnings / Notes:
    • I might of have missed something, if I did, just leave a message in the thread.
    Known Issues:
    • None.
    Suggestions / TODO:
    • Suggestions are welcome.
    ecoCreature.jar via gamebin.org
    Full working server setup, for reference via gamebin.org
    • Updated for the latest stable bukkit.
    • Some features are still being worked on, in case you're wondering.
    • Fixed messages with no colors.
    • Fixed death penalty.
    • Added FixedDrops, open your ecoCreature.yml and add FixedDrops: false right under OverrideDrops. You can set the value true or false, if true... creatures will only drop the specified amount in your loot table, otherwise when false it takes a random number between 0 and the amount you wanted. This only needs to be added if upgrading from 0.0.5 and don't want to re-generate your config.
    v0.0.5 - Lederhosen!
    • uQuest hooking, if a creature dies, it can give a random quest.
    • Spawner drops items now.
    • Dollar signs as your currency now works.
    • Updated to work with MineConomy 0.5.6
    • Flat or percentage for the death penalty.
    • Misc random stuff that didn't work should work.
    • Tested against iConomy, didn't have time for the others - but should work, report what doesn't work if thats the case.
    v0.0.4g4 - Cows with laserguns!
    • uQuest hooked, but doesn't do anything yet.
    • MineConomy support added.
    • If camping near a spawner, mobs shouldn't drop anything.
    • Minor fixes and tweaks here and there, hopefully working better and warns when not working.
    v0.0.4g3 - Crispy Milk!
    • Drops under 1% are working.
    • Added a check to see whether or not Permissions are hooked and enabled.
    • Minor fixes.
    v0.0.4g2 - Maintenance overdrive, supreme drift!
    • Fixed up some permission checking.
    • Tweaked some hooks.
    • Compiled and tested with RB 670
    • Minor maintenance, no config changes required.
    v0.0.4g1 - Maintenance maintenance of the maintenance extreme extreme release.... deluxe
    • Toggler for No Reward message fixed.
    v0.0.4g - Jeeeez man ;/
    • Hopefully nailed the DEATH and RESPAWN issues.
    • Added BOSEconomy, its back in the game.
    • PigZombie is PigZombie, and no longer Zombie :p
    • Permissions are back in, and there has been changes made.
    • Extra gains work on group-level, you'll see what I mean inside the config.
    • No Reward message can now be toggled on or off.
    • Drop overrides can also be toggled on or off.
    • Random acts of fiddling around with the code
    • You must backup, remove & let ecoCreature generate a new config with this release.
    v0.0.4f - Ohsnap
    • Default drop tables are overriden by ecoCreature, default table is added to the config. Will be optional later.
    • Fixed a serious bug, where the players inventory would be wiped upon death. (very random and not always happening - but could)
    • Specifying a drop amount for a creature will give it a random between 0 and the specified amount now.
    • Essentials Economy is again supported and seems to be working better than ever.
    • Where did all the permissions go? VIP is left in for now, everything should per default yield rewards for now.
    v0.0.4e - More
    • Pigs no longer looked upon as Creepers
    • IntegerCurrency fixed, and working again.
    v0.0.4d - Maintenance Deluxe
    • Drops should override default creatures drops now.
    • Drops should now drop at the location of the creature which died.
    • Minor fixes.
    v0.0.4c - Extra Maintenance Release
    • Should be working fine with RB617, two test servers reporting no errors.
    • Configuration file fixed.
    • Tiny fixes.
    v0.0.4b - Maintenance release.
    • Check and option to see whether or not a player is under sea level.
    • Wolves added and supported.
    • Expanded list of items held.
    • Configuration changes, backup and re-generate, make sure you are up to date!
    v0.0.4a- Maintenance release.
    • Small bugfixes and tweaks.
    • Mob/monster spawner camping checks both the player and creature if near the spawner now, not just the player.
    • New permission available.
    • New configurable messages, send a message even if there aren't any rewards!
    • Option for configuring spawncamping message, or turn it off.
    • Empty messages should no longer output to players.
    • VIP group permission, reward your donors or special players with extra cash!
    • Penalty upon death (optional, drop some money when you die)
    • New and improved configuration,back up and generate a new one to see the newlyadded awesome.
    • + some other changes and fixes.
    • Fixed a bug with iConomy adding money even though a negative amount was entered.
    • Small tweaks.
    • Quick bugfix for proper messages.
    • Initial Release.

    Special Thanks & Stuff
    mudzereli, Mirage & Mineral, for initial testing & ideas.
    Nijikokun for iConomy, testing, code and ideas.
    Essentials Team for Essentials & Essentials Economy.
    Brotherhood Of Slaughter for their economy plugin.
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    I was wondering if it wouldn't be too difficult to add a PvP reward as well :\ or make a separate plugin?
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    This is nice, very nice. Thank you for adding support for our plugin. I will be trying this out on our servers to help you with bug testing soon.
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    It would be pretty easy to add support for player entities as well, we'll see if I add that ;)

    It's a very nice plugin, still checking it out... so BOSE will require more testing as iConomy seems to be a little more popular amongst the users.
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    Edit: Nevermind - I updated my Bukkit version and it worked fine. To anyone reading: the latest recommended version is not new enough.

    Show Spoiler
    I get a Null Pointer Exception from your plugin when it loads:

    CraftBook is the only plugin loaded before your ecoCreature plugin, and in particular iConomy and all my other economy-related plugins are loaded after(and work fine).

    I installed it by copying it to a /plugins/ folder in my main server directory, similarly to most other plugins. Your plugin does not create any configuration files or folders.
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    Per chance, did you try loading with CB 556? As that one is the latest recommended version, anything below is not supported.

    Tried two different machines running CB 556 with varying plugins by its side, and it loaded fine.
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    Everything ran fine for me on 556. In fact, it's the only build I tested on.
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    Tested and working on BOSEcon. Very nice!!!!
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    I'm sure there are plenty of things to check and cover later on, I will set up a server with BOSEcon later on and do some extensive testing :)
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    I'm fairly certain this would give you the 1up on the countless other pvm/e reward plugins. i.e. cookiemonster,imonster,monsterhunt etc

    I glanced at your plugin and the config file is the most lucid I've seen, for some reason the other plugin's config files are extremely vague...so props for making the config understandable
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    Oh - interesting - we'll be looking into this!
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    When Pig Zombies are killed in the Netherworld on my server, they are counted as regular zombies. Is this a configuration issue on my end or a legitimate plugin bug?

    Here's my ecoCreature config file:
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    Seems like a legit bug, I'll have a look at it.
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    im using it with iConomy, Heres a config for Sheep mob.
    Drops: ''
    Coin_Minimum: -10
    Coin_Maximum: -15
    Coin_Percent: 80
    Death_RMessage: '[$2+$f] You have been awarded $6%c $ffor slaying a $c%m'
    Death_PMessage: '[$c-$f] You have been penalized with a deduction of $6%c $ffor slaying a $2%m'


    it adds coin instead of deducting it.
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    Oh snap, I'll get to work on that one :p

    Fixed in 0.0.3
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    The Tycooner

    It seems that when using MCMMO and this, the drops isn't dropped as they should be if you have leveled unarmed for a bit so you gain more dmg without holding anything, would be nice if you could look into it.
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    So I have just installed vanilla ecoCreature 0.03 and look at the YML. Does the sheep entry of '' for its drops mean that they no longer drop wool, or would the items in Drops in addition to the wool?
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    Thanks.. Great Plugins :)
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    I use mcMMO myself, so I will definately look closer at this

    If the field is empty, it means that they drop nothing except the standard loot... if you define more with ecoCreature, the mobs will drop their regular loot + ecoCreature loot
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    Rocket Widget

    Can you use partial percentages for item rewards? i.e. .5 for one half of a percent chance to drop an item?
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    That I have not tried, but feel free to try it out and see if it works, I'll have a look at the code here as well while I'm at it.
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    Is it possible to prevent mob grinders from awarding money? Or is that what the "Prevent camping around mobspawners, optional." do?
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    That's exactly what it is for ;)
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    Is this system limited to players killing the mobs, or any time the mob dies? I assume the former but since some folks have grinders, I wanted to clarify the point.

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    I have "Bow Rewards" set to "on" and I still get absolutely no drops or coin when I use a bow : /
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    Thank you for the reply, can you also clarify bk1138's question as well?
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    It should be limited to the player killing a monster, as there are times when a monster kills an animal or player for instance, would be silly to reward them, same goes for inanimate objects - no rewards there.

    The player has to work hard to earn an income, not relax and wait for the money to drop in on the account :p
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    In iMonster, it was possible to turn off the message that says "You will not earn money from camping near a spawner."

    Can that be added in here? I'm not sure if it was left out or I didn't see it, but since I give players on my server a % to drop coin and money from destroying spawners it makes it harder for them to figure out if they are near a spawner.
    Nowadays, they kill monsters and when that message comes up, they literally find the spawner within a matter of 1-3 minutes, granting them more money.

    I like to make it harder for my players to figure out if they are near a spawner :p
  29. I'm really interested in using this for my server. But do I have to use either of the economy plugins for this to work? I have been trying to stay away from those plugins for as long as I can since the majority of the users playing on my server begs me not to install an economy plugin ._.

    And in case it works without economy, does it work with GroupManager instead of Permissions?
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    I can definately add an option for this, and I will with the next version ;)

    You could always try it out without any economy plugin, but I won't guarantee that it works properly then. I believe GM has the fakepermissions thing, to allow Permissions to work? I'm unsure. Try it :p

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