[INACTIVE][ECON] 3coBanks 1.0 - A banks add-on for 3co [860]

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    3coBanks: A simple bank add-on for 3co
    Version: 1.2
    This is a super simple plugin. It is an add-on for 3co. Because I believe that plugins with a main purpose of providing an API should have minimal extra features, I made banks an add-on. All it lets you do is transfer money from your default 3co account, or "pocket" to your 3coBanks account. This will come into play later on with the next 3co compatible plugin I make ;)

    • Banks for the 3co economy, found here
    • Permissions
    • Easy to use API for economic plugins, more info here
    Commands + Permissions:
    cmds+perms (open)

    Command - Permissions Node - Description
    /eb deposit <amount> - 3co.banks.deposit - Deposits the specified amount of money into your account
    /eb withdraw <amount> - 3co.banks.withdraw - Withdraws the specified amount of money from your account
    /eb balance - 3co.balance - Shows your bank balance (same as /eb)

    The source code is included in the .jar

    Version 1.0
    • Official Release
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    is the add-on like an extended API? meaning if someone has both can they use the deposite/withdraw? Also can you make it more like:

    /eb balance bank
    /eb balance pocket

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    Well as far as pocket thats the same as /eco show. It is an add-on for the commands, but it works just like 3co. You can use the methods in 3coBanks and the methods in 3co with a plugin, if somebody has both they can use deposit/withdraw.
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    I was gonna ask if someone was going to do this.
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    this could become a very good alternative to iConemy, the 3co series will live on I'm guessing, easier API, less size, easier to add onto the 3co itself, this will grow fast I foresee
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    Im going to start merging config files soon, so that there is an easily accessible method that can unify the config files into one or a few.
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    @captainawesome7 cool, this is making progress the same day it's posted...
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    can you add a /ed help and list all the commands?
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    Typing /eb shows all the commands (I think..)
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    Nope :/ please add /eb help would rly help :)
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    also could you make it so /eb balance [player] works? i would like to check other pplz balances
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    Hey is this bank just in yourself or do you have to walk into a bank? That would be verry usefull :D
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    It basically creates two account for each user, there is an active acount which you can use imediatly, and then there is stored money which you have to withdraw becfore you can use it. there is no physical bank to walk into.

    check the cmds+perms spoiler.
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    I dont use this one cus there is no reason for atm...

    since u only can store ur money there for no good;P

    but im looking forward to the next 3co plugin wich makes the bank plugin more usefull

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