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    3coShop: Buy items (permissions, 3co)
    Version: 1.0
    This is a super simple plugin. It supports 3co and permissions. It allows players to buy items with a price that is defined in the config.
    • 3co 1.0 or later (can be found here)
    • Buy items
    • Permissions support
    • 3co support

    config (open)

    A file called config.yml will be created at /plugins/3coShop/. It will look like this:
        stone: 1
    If there is no price listed, players cannot buy the item. To add an item, just add its name (lowercase only) and a price, like so:
        dirt: 1

    The source code is included in the .jar

    Version 1.0
    • Official Release
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    Is the source on Git aswell?
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    Nope. I couldn't get git to add the folder to the repository, it just said it worked but never actually added it.
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    I love the consistency of the format of your posts, but i feel as if this post needs to tell us more about what it does/how to work it. More info would be great!
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    can we get a list of commands if there is any?
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    Wow how did i miss that? Lol I'm subscribed to ur utube channel
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    Hey there, I just recently tried out this on my friend and I's server.

    My problem is that I can use 3co Shop to sell one word items such as, Dirt, Diamond, Cobblestone, ect.
    But when I use two word items like Gold Sword and Iron Ingots they do not seem to work.

    Is there something I'm missing? I'm using all lowercase in the "config" notepad.
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    Use underscores. Like iron_ingot
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    Haha thank you so much, I'm so stupid xD

    Is it possible to sell Lapis Lazuli? I tried lapis_lazuli but it does not work.
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    lapis_ore and lapis_block
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    Thank you so much, great plugin man.
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    sorry, but have you made a list of commands yet?
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    Can u guys help me out with 3co and bank/shop and that things.
    I don't really get it.
    Thank you.
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    the 3co plugin is the main plugin so every other plugin from 3co (also the simplevend) hooks into it
    there is no need to configurate anything in the 3co plugin just intall and good.

    for the 3co shop its a bit mor difficult. the installation is the same... just copy the .jar file into youre bukkit server plugin folder and start the server so it creates all needed files. now u can open the 3co shop folder that it was just creating and configure ur itemlist
    must be like this:
    stone: 1
    dirt: 1
    stone_pickaxe: 50

    keep on adding the item u want to be selling from the server shop
    this list u created now are the items and theyre prices for 1

    stone_pickaxe(is the item for this example its the stone made pickaxe): 50(is the price for 1 of thos pickaxes)
    and since 3co dont needs any permissions every user on ur server can use the command and buys stuff that u set in the prices list

    commands are : /es (show the availabele command for the 3co shop) /es price (item_name) (ammount: you dont need to enter a amount if u just leave it blank it shows u the price for 1) : so /es price (item_name) show u the price of an item. if u put in /es price diamond for example and u dont got a diamond in ur pricelist eco shop will bring up a message telling: there is no price listet for diamond. means ur shop dont seeling diamonds

    and for finally buy stuff u put in /eco buy (item_name) (amount) if u dont set a specific amount it just sells u 1 at a time

    to the 3co bank:

    copy the .jar files u find in the 3co bank thread in the direction of ur plugin(as always)
    the bank plugin is using the permissions plugin there are different ones out there. since there is no list of supported permission plugins it should work for all of them i guess. for me i use permission v3.x if u dont use any permissions plugin the permissions and the commands u need the permissions for are only given to OPs
    if u got a permissions plugin just add the permission nodes (3co.banks.deposit for example) to the groups or players config yml u want it to have 3co.banks.deposit would allow player to deposit money on the bank the other nodes u can find on the 3cobanks trhead..

    if u dont use permission u should get some but i dont explain how to set them up here cus its not the thread for ;P

    hope i could help if still nooone did
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    hmm doesnt seem to workxD and no need to thank me ;P i hope i will see more 3co plugins soon^^ maybe u and the ic3d team can make a eco compatible plugin like ecocreatures? i tried it but its a mess most features wont work even if it sais its compatible with 3co its not really... maybe u can take a look at it and see if its possible to make a plugin like this working for 3co.

    would be nice;P

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