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    Inactive. Being replaced by:
    DispNameChanger 3.o - Change anybody's display name!

    Version: 3.0
    DispNameChanger is a plugin that lets you easily change your display name or any other player's display name. I know there are other plugins that do this, but I think this is the only one (aside from /nick in essentials) that allows you to change YOUR name and ANYONE's name and permissions support. It now saves your name after you leave and loads it when you come back! *NEW* With Spout, this plugin also changes the name above the player's head and sends you a fancy notification!

    • Change the display name of a specified player, including yourself
    • Spout: If installed, changes player's names above heads
    • Permissions Support (Default is Permissions 2.7.x or 3.x) if not found, uses SuperPerms
    • PERSISTENCE! (Thanks to @Sammy for that one, he helped me a TON)
    • Supports Colors! (Thanks to @itsatacoshop247)
    • IMPORTANT: This plugin conflicts with Essentials, it doesn't work with this plugin. If you have essentials, you can just use /nick and change the nickname character to '' in the config, so it basically does the same thing :)
    Commands (open)
    Commands (open)

    The permissions default to the Permissions Plugin 2.7.x or 3.x
    If you don't have it installed it uses SuperPerms(PermissionsBukkit, bPermissions)
    • /rename <player> <new> - Changes the specified player to the specified name
    • /rename <player> - Resets the player's name
    • /rename - Reset's your own name
    • /checkname <player> - Checks the player's name (Not really working)

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/dnc/)

    Planned Changes
    None so far

    Version 3.0
    • This one was largely a community update.
    • New Features by Daxiongmao87:
      • New Permission nodes.
        • dispname.change for regular changing of your own name
        • dispname.changeother for regular changing of other's names (requires dispname.change)
        • dispname.changespace for changing names w/ spaces in them (requires dispname.change)
        • dispname.check for checking names (not really working)
    • New Features by Luke Zwekii:
      • Spout support!
    • If you run into any problems, be sure to let me know!
    Version 2.0
    • Added name above head changing support with BukkitContrib. If it isn't installed nothing will happen in regard to names above heads. Also, you have to have the BukkitContrib client mod installed to be able to see the changes.
    • Made join messages and leave messages use display name
    Changelog Cont. (open)
    Changelog Cont. (open)

    Version 1.4.2
    • Added the spaces into the name again, if you are using the iJobs plugin, don't update
    Version 1.4.1
    • Fixed the 'could not pass player join' error.
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed the conflict with iJobs, the plugin will no longer load your name if there is a space in it :)
    Version 1.3
    • PERSISTENCE YEEEAAAAHHHH (thanks to @Sammy)
    • ^Saves your name when you leave and loads it when you return :p ^
    Version 1.2
    • Added your name reset when you type /rename with no parameters, I will change this to /resetname soon
    Version 1.1
    Version 1.0
    • Original Release!

    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)
    Share the love with @Daxiongmao87 and @Luke Zwekii , They earned it!
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    • I Got one little problem ;),it dosent change my name.actually like 2 hours ago when i changed the name i re-joined and it said "God joined the game" thats the name i decided to change :D.But it dosent change, when i type /rename <my name> <God> it said it changed.But i can say in the chat "." and show my original name. Any suggestiong? i really like this :'(.

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    What chat plugin are you using?
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    What do you mean?like chat plugins?well Colorme,BcoloredChat,If thats your questiong :D
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    That might be a problem. But it definitely works with iChat or no chat plugin.
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    I Deleted both :D and still dint work..LOL any other suggestions :/? i dont got any other chat plugins.
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    Well I doubt the new build broke it, but it is definitely working in b860
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    Well start thinking cus i just updated it and it still same problem :'(.And if your out of suggestiong eh is fine :D maybe is something wrong with my setup plugins etc :].and i got Build 935 LATEST do you think thats the problem sir :O?
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    I never said the LATEST would work, it is confirmed on 818 and 860, nothing higher than that.
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    Yeah i guess is all my fault cus i havent updated build since 1.6.6 came out :/ and i finnally updated it.I guess i need 810 or 818 ^^ -try's to find it- :D

    Eh i really like this plugin but i just downloaded 818 860 and the server start wont even open :'( too bad for me :( i really like this plugin D:< such as i wish to change my server mc name to EscoN2 cus i hate the one i have right now :/ now that notch havent come to his mind a name change :D lol.[​IMG] [SSSS]

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    Request: Can you PLEASE make it so that you can do commands with the nicknames? Such as: /tp (Nickname here)

    Like alias?

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    Yeah it doesn't really work that way...
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    no it doesnt. if you have bukkitcontrib yes it does. on my server though it bukkitcontrib makes it so noone can get on
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    Cognito guy

    Can you add an option so that it doesn't broadcast changed names?
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    It doesn't broadcast it, it just sends you a message..
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    can you fix the space thing again or at least give me the 1.4 download cuz for the godmode plugin it does the same thing as the one with jobs someone had problems with before.
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    Never mind, we're getting this error with similar plug-ins as well. My apologies for posting in the wrong thread.

    all users in my server who are using the BukkitContrib client mod randomly get a dirt screen and the following terminal output if DispNameChanger is enabled:
    java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1949)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1916)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at ChatManager.onChatKeyTyped(ChatManager.java:86)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at gc.a(GuiChat.java:34)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at da.g(SourceFile:134)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at da.e(SourceFile:112)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.k(SourceFile:1299)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:754)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=rgb(192, 192, 192)]	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:636)

    It seems to happen more often while typing a chat message, and happens asynchronously to random users. We are using colored and changed names in our server. The Bukkit version is 953, DispNameChanger is 2.0 and BukkitContrib is alpha 0.1.1, although the problem has been present since we started using it.
    I don't know if BukkitContrib itself causes it, but I highly doubt it as no one has gotten the problem when I disabled DispNameChanger.[/CODE][/COLOR]
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    Zach Hinchy

    I used the source and made my own custom fork of the plugin. It may be useful to some of you.
    Typing /rename with only one argument now defaults to changing your own name.

    So you can type /rename Foobar and your nick would be changed to Foobar.
    To change other people's display names, /rename LOGINNAME DISPLAYNAME still works just as before.

    The permission nodes are different for this. For changing anyone's name, give the permission dispname.change.anyone; but if you want the user to just be able to change their own name and not anyone else on the server, give them the permission dispname.change.self.


    Thanks CaptainAwesome7 for the plugin!
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    AWESOME! This message appeared right before I wanted to request that!
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    This isnt working for me, it says that it has changed my name on the screen but it stays the same, what am I doing wrong, also I am just using OP, do I NEED permissions to use this?
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    What chat plugin are you using?
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    What do you mean? Like something that edits chat with colours or your whole chat system?
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    Either one
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    Well I haven't changed the whole system in any way but I have quite alot of chat related plugins like ColorMe, Prefixer, FakeMessage, Regex Filter, IPGet, LoginMessage, EasyRules, DeathMessage and Colour's. But the whole system itself is just default.
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    I would guess it's Prefixer or ColorMe
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    What that I would have to remove to get your plugin to work?
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    I don't know, I don't use those plugins. It works fine for me.
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    Strange =/
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    I can't get this to work atm (#953) - no errors in console and it says name changed but does not show in chat messages

    my plugins are:
    AutoSave.jar BigBrother.jar CommandBook.jar DispNameChanger.jar LCCombat.jar LCExcavation.jar LCMining.jar LCWoodCutting.jar LevelCraft.jar MyWarp.jar Seasons.jar WorldEdit.jar iAuction.jar mcbans.jar BedRespawn.jar BorderGuard.jar CraftIRC.jar HeroChat.jar LCDexterity.jar LCExplosives.jar LCScavenger.jar LWC.jar Minequery.jar Permissions.jar Towny.jar WorldGuard.jar iConomy.jar npcx.jar

    To fix this - in towny change modify_chat_names to false

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    NM Figured out my issue.
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    Make sure iChat is set to the display name, not player name.
    BukkitContrib is recommended.
    Other than that, I don't know. Works perfectly for me on 953.

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