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    TeamBase - The basics of a team plugins that everyone can share!
    Version: v1.3

    Quick Links:
    Download: TeamBase
    JavaDocs: TeamBase Javadoc
    Source: TeamBase github
    Bukkit Versions: Bukkit-432 CraftBukkit-493

    This plugin allows developers to create team based plugins without having to keep track of teams
    and the players on the teams themselves, also with the custom listener (TeamBaseListener) and the
    5 custom events (TeamCreatedEvent, TeamRemovedEvent, TeamAddPlayerEvent, TeamRemoveEvent, TeamChangePointsEvent)
    other plugins that use TeamBase will be notified to changes in the teams creating easy inter-plugin

    Don't forget to tell people that download your plugin that they need this one for it to function

    • Keep track of teams and the players associated with them
    • Other plugins can be informed to changes in the teams
    • Makes developing team based plugins easier

    • Anything you guys can think of to add that doesn't take away from the generalization

    Version 1.3
    • Added points to teams
    • Added TeamChangePointsEvent to track point changes
    Version 1.2

    • made the events able to be canceled
    • major bug fix/code oversight, teams now get added to list and will get saved
    Version 1.1

    • Added comments (JavaDoc compatible) to the source
    • Changed some of the checking for the listener
    Version 1.o

    • Initial Release
    If there are any problems with the plugin please post them in the thread as well as any questions.
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    Is people in the same team able to kill eachother? Perhaps this could be togged in a config file as "friendly fire".
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    well you see, this plugin is strictly for developers to use to make a team based plugin meaning that sort of ontrol would be in a plugin that uses this to keep track of teams

    i would like to say that installing this plugin will not do you any good unless someone else makes a plugin that utilizes this system (i am developing one that is town based and then nation based)
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    Ah, I didn't read this right... I'm a idiot. [​IMG]
    Is the plugin able to make hieritical (I can't spell.) system where a group is inside a different group? Is there going to be a list for plugins that work with this?
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    groups inside of groups might be interesting, but not hugely needed. If any dev decides to use this plugin i will keep a list here (if they tell me) but it doesn't look good so far
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    I have some experience with actionscript, and a little java, perhaps I can make a simple team plugin. Can you help me with the java programing?
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    i can help when you have some questions, just not all of the time as i am pretty busy between college and work
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    lol i forgot Something can send me a pm i need Craftbukkit Server... FIles
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    How about a points system? purely optional for the dev, but nice to have here in this plugin
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    might not be a bad idea, need to update this anyways as i have been spending almost all of my time on RealFluids
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    no rush, I just wanted to provide some input.
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    actually just about done with the changes and there will be a new event triggered when points are changed
    --- merged: Mar 4, 2011 7:54 PM ---
    Updated to v1.3 added Points and a TeamChangePointsEvent to track the points

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