[INACTIVE] DeathSigns v0.2 [740]

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    DeathSigns - Leave a sign where you die!
    Version: v0.2

    Very simple plugin but great fun, especially on PvP servers!

    Example sign:

    Here lies
    12/10/2011 14:55

    No dependencies and no permissions to set, just install it and let it run.

    Dev Team

    • Main Dev - l33t - scoutisimba
    • Other Guy - n00b - codename_B
    Known Bugs:
    • /suicide and /slay and some other plugin related or command related deaths sometimes don't work.
    • after installation a server restart is required.
    • Leaves a sign where you die with the date/time of death and a message.
    Works on:
    • Is still working on all versions of bukkit from 655+ onwards with no changes. Woot!
    Download DeathSigns v0.2

    • Released - configurable messages
    • Released - auto sign cleanup after new deaths
    • Released - 11 preprogrammed messages for signs
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    @codename_B update your thread or this will be considered inactive
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    Call it inactive for now - I've been too busy running my server atm.
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    But it runs fine on 740
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    No problems so far with 740 here too.
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    Same here lol - talk about luck.
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    is version .1 still availabe? i would like the signs to be placed and stay there until someone takes them, i would like there to be grave yards, wit hseveral peoples deaths the same like if they die near their houses there would be several signs, though i guess creeper explosiongs and grave robbers will remove most the signs :(, but anyways can i please have access to the original version,
  8. Version 0.1 (I'm sorta helping him)
    was not able to run on 600+ i think, due to the change in player preprocess, so, it wouldnt of worked anyway :p!
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    It would be good if signs were attached to a block of cobblestone and a double chest with some bones (and maybe a goody) was buried in front of it :)
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    Doesn't seem to be working on 823.
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    Awesome plugin :D :D im going to download it :D
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    there should be a feature so that the signs delete them after a configured amount of time!!
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    Umm the download link doesn't work
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    hey @codename_B you gonna update this? id like to continue this :D
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    It's your to continue.
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    I would love to continue this plugin (as it seems chernobyl1360 has not) so could you please post the source? Preferably on DropBox in a .zip but github is fine ;D

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