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    DeathSigns - Leave a sign where you die!
    Version: v0.2

    Very simple plugin but great fun, especially on PvP servers!

    Example sign:

    Here lies
    12/10/2011 14:55

    No dependencies and no permissions to set, just install it and let it run.

    Dev Team

    • Main Dev - l33t - scoutisimba
    • Other Guy - n00b - codename_B
    Known Bugs:
    • /suicide and /slay and some other plugin related or command related deaths sometimes don't work.
    • after installation a server restart is required.
    • Leaves a sign where you die with the date/time of death and a message.
    Works on:
    • Is still working on all versions of bukkit from 655+ onwards with no changes. Woot!
    Download DeathSigns v0.2

    • Released - configurable messages
    • Released - auto sign cleanup after new deaths
    • Released - 11 preprogrammed messages for signs
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    Productive reply is productive. Well? What's the thought? Silly? Hard to implement (I doubt that)? If you don't like the design, it could be a little 2x2 upright headstone, with side by side signs.
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    I'll release the source code for it with v0.2 and you can mod it to do that if you like, I want to keep it as simple as possible for what I want it for - just a sign. Hence why it's called deathsigns - not tombstones ;)

    I just don't like the idea of placing more than one block, things could get pretty messy.

    v0.2 is out!!!

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    I've implemented the 2 block headstone for you. You will be able to change the gravestone style by editing deathsigns.config. This will be uploaded in 0.3 but first I'll need to test the plugin on codename_b's server as he has a substantial player base.

    chooses a style at random

    1x1 block single sign

    2x1 stone block with a wall sign

    I'll also include this in 0.3. Actually I would have included this in the last patch but I completely forgot.

    I might also keep tally that keeps count of the number of deaths. I forgot who suggested this to me, so whoever they are +rep.

    I'll also try and keep it so features can be turned on and off by editing the deathsigns.config file
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    @codename_B Very very cool! Any bad effects from performance with this? Also update to 1.4 <3

    1 big request! No removing old death sign ;) This would make less lag I bet on the server and be more fun seeing tons and tons of death signs ;)

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    Awesome. Thanks for doing that. So are you the dev, is codename_b, or are you two working together on this?
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    Joint effort but he's far far far better at Java than me so he's main dev now - I'm just the guy who smiles and waves :p
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    Will upgrade! The only new issue is if you die near a wall then the new gravestone may not place, i guess it should be made to check each side in turn until it finds a free block.

    I've been the guy who writes the code from the very start, but the plugins are being tested on codename_b's server. Codename uploaded it here on my behalf because I'm lazy, when I saw that people actually downloaded it I came to post.

    I'll have to make that configurable for you. But removing old signs shouldn't cause much lag, if any. This is because instead of searching through blocks looking for signs I'm searching through a text file containing players last death locations.

    Will upload 0.3 in a few hours. Going to play some RIFT first!
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    Thanks, I thought add a tiny bit of lag everything adds something. But I rather just make it anyways for my server use we have a dedicated pvp server where its more just chaos. It be so bad ass to see all the death signs all over the world and not change hehe.
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    still running 0.1 on 617 .... no issues here.

    I also agree with Kane about the option.

    Kane you can run 0.1 in the meantime.
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    but but but I want it now :)
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    Just throwing this out there.....There is chunkload and chunkunload what if you also pull chunk data when a sign is dropped to later temp load the chunks signs are in to clean them up and then unload the chunks? It would be a memory hog for a minute or two while they load and unload but that would take care of signs in those chunks.
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    Not sure if this is off topic or out of scope but I sure would love it if we had a cemetery type option in this plugin. Designate an area where the signs/headstones spawn. Rows, direction, etc.. Like old west cemetery style.
    Just an idea. But a darn good one I think. Love what you have here and use it on my server.
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    Scoutisimba, Friday at 7:06 AM

    4 days, 2 hours, 45 minutes and 9 seconds later.

    Got an update? :D

    This looks fantastic, want the tombstones and I'll add it tonight.
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    Great plugin, could you add an option to choose whether or not signs are removed after a persons dies again as well as the option so they can't be destroy(maybe add permissions so certain people can break it).

    Would love to have a sign where everyone died :D
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    Could we have an option so that signs only replace air block rather than everything (eg water, ladders)?
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    This is probably a lot harder and maybe even not possible. But what I would REALLY love to put on my server with this plugin would be so the signs also say how the player died.

    Would be great to be exploring a cave underground only to come across a sign saying something like "Here lies player. Who got intimate with a Creeper"
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    ROFL i'd love that feature.

    and preventing a sign from replacing non-air blocks isnt hard you already have the location to put the sign just put an if current block.id = 0 then put sign
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    I third that suggestion. It would combine what I love about HeroicDeath with this plugin.
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    Download-link goesto 404..
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    Yeah - my hosting provider is down atm - be patient with me I've already had a big complain at them.
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    @Juze np, will do once I get my hosting sorted out - that's the main worry for me atm (arg)
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    Still running on 677 using plugin version that does not remove signs.
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    running the same version as above on 706 with no issues..

    can I request a version of the plugin without cleanup but with configurable messages?
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    could you do it so that the signs that spawn this way doesn't give anything when broken?
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    Appears to work in #733.
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    Same here working on Cb 733
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    any chance I could get a config for the sign text. I love this plugin but would like to add a few custom messages and change the date format.
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    As just an idea for removing signs in unloaded chunks: remove the sign the second the chunk is loaded... simple as that

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