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    DeathSigns - Leave a sign where you die!
    Version: v0.2

    Very simple plugin but great fun, especially on PvP servers!

    Example sign:

    Here lies
    12/10/2011 14:55

    No dependencies and no permissions to set, just install it and let it run.

    Dev Team

    • Main Dev - l33t - scoutisimba
    • Other Guy - n00b - codename_B
    Known Bugs:
    • /suicide and /slay and some other plugin related or command related deaths sometimes don't work.
    • after installation a server restart is required.
    • Leaves a sign where you die with the date/time of death and a message.
    Works on:
    • Is still working on all versions of bukkit from 655+ onwards with no changes. Woot!
    Download DeathSigns v0.2

    • Released - configurable messages
    • Released - auto sign cleanup after new deaths
    • Released - 11 preprogrammed messages for signs
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    Adam Shefki

    Any odds you can have it cleanup the signs after a length of time? This is a great plugin, but with the number of players I have on my PvP server right now, but it would very rapidly become Signcraft.
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    I'm working on it as we speak. Trying to find a non-database way to do it for optimisations sake.

    How long a timer would do, do you think?
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    Codex Arcanum

    Configurable would be nice.
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    Both of those are coming in version 0.2 :)

    Just wanted to get this out there and see the initial uptake to see if it was worth working faster on future releases.
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    When you do version 0.2 that would be amazing! Thanks.
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    Love this idea... adding to my already overflowing Bukkit.

    can you please make this a jar I cannot upload .zip to my server host currently

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    I bet there is a jar inside the zip.. :eek:
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    Yeah, there is a jar inside the zip lol, how else would you install it? :confused:
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    You should disable the signs from dropping a return sign item to prevent people making free signs.
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    Any idea how I would go about that?
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    I like the idea!
    I hope that the release 0.2 will arrive soon.
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    Use one of the four lines on the sign as an identifier for your plugin. For example, the four lines could be:
    Here lies
    12/10/2011 14:55

    Then watch for sign destruction. If a sign is destroyed that had [DeathSign] on the top, don't drop a sign.
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    Genius! I love it!
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    I'm not downloading this untill next update. I can't wait :D
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    This is totally pro for any server, just to say haha I found where you died in the lava!

    But anyways I wish you luck in productions I want to add this so bad.

    SUGGESTION Can you make is so sign cleanups occur after say... 50 signs are placed by the mod and start cleaning them up from oldest to newest? This would make sense for smaller servers or Non-pvp servers were deaths aren't QUITE so often. I see it was made for PvP mostly but... well I love the idea haha
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    Well no actually there is no jar inside the zip.

    There are class, java, yml, and mf files but no jar.

    The zip can be recognized by bukkit as a plugin however my server host does not allow the upload of zip files through the console.

    ##Edit... ah found the issue. On Mac when you unarchive the zip file it automatically unarchives the jar as well... I'll have to find a workaround it seems.

    ##Edit.. changed programs and had success pulling the jar out without it being unarchived as well... sorry about that.
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    There is a jar inside :eek:

    I checked it myself.. Are you opening the jar file with a .zip-Extractor? :D

    Well anyways here it is.. [DropBox]

    Oh lol you edited your post before i finished editing mine.. but yeah then its all fine :)

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    Thanks for the help though.

    To the Devloper, it works great. Thanks for adding this.
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    City Builder

    Once it has auto cleanup, it will definitely be worth having. As it is now, to have tons of signs laying about would be not very pleasant, nor having to go around and remove all the old signs.

    Looking foward to when this has auto cleanup.
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    I'm having a problem removing signs from chunks that aren't loaded.

    Anyone got a workaround?

    I've got a /cleanup command that cleans up deathsigns only in chunks loaded when you execute that command (I think) almost working - or not... we'll see haha this is the more difficult bit
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    Couldn't you put a timer on the signs?
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    but then you've got to check each block after it's destroyed to see if it's a sign or not, i think it would be healthier for the server to have a sign location stored for each player and then after their unfortunate demise remove the sign from the old location(if it still exists) and create one at a new location

    - improved placement (i.e. don't destroy halfsteps etc, don't float in air)
    - configurable messages
    - automatic removal. I was thinking each player can only have 1 sign up at a time. An option could also be added so that the signs automatically time out.
    - Here lies [Player 1] slain by [Player 2]
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    Remember the character limit for signs too, the messages have to fit into 15 character lines - preferably just one line.
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    Plugin still working on 602 but no longer places sign with /suicide command.
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    Probably a good thing if I'm honest, as long as it still works with arrows and any plugin related deaths like /slay [player] I'm not gonna delve into it.

    Thanks for the test though!
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    Understood. It was more to let you know that the rest was working as intended... I mean really do we need people to drop signs every time they suicide?

    Thanks for the great plugin.
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    I'll definitely be using this on my server. Looking forward to automatic sign clean up. Also, is there a way to have it configured for messages specific to the type of death? "Name was murdered by AssassinName." "A creeper hugged Name." etc?
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    Yes, very easily but the only real problem there is the character length of signs, it barely fits some player names into the one line.
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    Perhaps have it drop a "headstone", instead? Stone blocks stacked two high with the message wrapping around on multiple signs?

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