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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by kezz101, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Hello and Merry Christmas!
    Hello everyone! My name is Kezz101 and you may know me from around the forums. Well I'm back now and I'd like to hold a brand new event for every plugin developer out there; the Christmas Codeathon!​
    Current Stage: Stage 1 - Selection
    Only 3 Days To Go!
    The Christmas Codeathon is an event designed to showcase the creative talent of all the Bukkit developers while also giving the Minecraft community some brilliant Christmas themes plugins :)
    How it Works
    The Christmas Codeathon will have two main coding stages and two judging/voting stages. Each coding stage will require each participant to code a Bukkit plugin from scratch based on the specification below.​
    Stage 1 - Selection
    To enter the competition all you have to do is create a Bukkit plugin which must include two, or more, of the following features:​
    • Rideable 'sleighs'
    • Flashing Christmas lights
    • Christmas decorations
    • Igloo creation
    • Friendly Snowmen
    • Winter sports (list available here)
    • Snowboots
    • Anything else you can think of
    Ideally it should also come with a '/info' command that explains how to use these features. This makes judging of your plugin quicker and easier :)
    When you have completed your finished plugin just E-Mail the compiled jar, with source code included, a short description of the plugin and your Bukkit username to BukkitChristmasCodeathon@gmail.com. Please make sure your plugin is sent to us by the 25th of December so that it meets the judging deadline! Any plugin submissions received after the deadline will not be judged :(

    Stage 2 - Judging
    Me and my fellow judges will be hard at work all Christmas judging your plugins. We will be looking for creativity and fun as well as good, professional code. After judging we will have a list of our top 5 favourite plugins. These 5 plugins will then move on the the third round.

    Stage 3 - Creation
    The creators of our top 5 plugins will be invited to channel their talent into creating a large, feature packed Bukkit plugin which sums up the whole of the Christmas period. The plugin can contain anything that the creator desires and it can be portrayed in any way he/she likes :)
    The finished plugin will then need to be E-Mailed to BukkitChristmasCodeathon@gmail.com by the 30th of December. The tight deadline also adds to the challenge of this codeathon. Again, any plugins received after the deadline will not be judged. :(

    Stage 4 - Final Voting
    By this stage all 5 plugins will be uploaded to the Christmas Codeathon Bukkit Dev page. Then it is up to the Plugin Developers/Developing Team to promote their plugins in whatever way possible! The plugin with the most individual downloads by the 10th of January from the Bukkit Dev page will be declared the winner of the Christmas Codeathon 2012!

    When can I start?

    Start now! As from today anyone and everyone can create and submit their plugins to this codeathon! :D
    Good Luck and Happy Coding!​
    Any plugin that reaches Stage 3 (Creation Stage) will automatically get a very pretty Christmas Codeathon mug delivered to them! However any team entries will only receive one mug.​
    As for the overall winner; we haven't decided a prize for that yet! It shall be nice though :)
    Yes, sadly, everyone competition has rules. Here is the rules for every submission.​
    • All code must be your own
    • You may work in teams of any size
    • All entries must be emailed by the deadline
    That's all the rules for now, but I'll add any as they are needed.

    And Another Thing...

    If you have any questions about this Codeathon then go ahead and ask below! I'll be more then happy to answer them all.​

    Reserved for future need :)

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    Oh that's pretty cool.
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    I love this idea!
    Define 'winter sports' ?
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    How will you count the downloads? We put it on our sites?
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    Downloads will be counted by the number of file downloads from the Bukkit Dev page that I will upload the plugins to!
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  7. @xXCoderForLife we should do this!
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    Nice IDEA!!:)
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    You indeed should :) The more the merrier!

    Why thank you :)
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    Only one day to go guys! How is everyone doing? If you want me to move the deadline on a bit further then I'll be glad :D
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    Oh I'm not actually participating :)
    I would love to, I just have too many projects already ;)
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    I'm going to extend the deadline to the 25th of December so you have even more time to code :)
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    Has anyone sent their plugin in yet? :D
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    Sadly not. I'm going to close this and maybe start again next year...
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    I know...

    I'll try again next season and make it easier and a longer timescale!
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    This idea is really good
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    Thank you :) As I said above I will start again sometime this year!
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    Locked. If you wish to start a new one, you can start a new thread. :)
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