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    Notice: I have ceased development on my plugins. If you wish to continue developing anything, feel free to fork the repository on GitHub!

    Version: 0.9.3

    The ChatterCraft Web Addon is now included with FabianN's repack of Minecraft Overviewer. Get the latest Minecraft Overviewer at http://github.com/FabianN/Minecraft-Overviewer then grab the plugin JAR below.

    The ChatterCraft Web Addon included with FabianN's repack is OUT OF DATE. Feel free to download FabianN's Overviewer, but if you want to use ChatterCraft, you'll need to follow steps 1 and 2 of "To add ChatterCraft to Andrew Brown's ORIGINAL Minecraft Overviewer" below. Steps 3 - 6 are already done, all you need to do is replace the files in 'web_assets/chattercraft/' with the new ones in 'web/chattercraft/' of the ZIP file.

    Download ZIP (contains Latest JAR, example configuration, and Minecraft Overviewer add on)
    Download Stable JAR

    Testing Version: Download Testing JAR

    Source | Issues/TODO | Changelog (GitHub)

    To add ChatterCraft to Andrew Brown's ORIGINAL Minecraft Overviewer do the following:
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    1. Download the ZIP above
    2. Extract the contents of the 'web' folder to the 'web_assets' folder of your Minecraft Overviewer installation.
    3. Add a <link> tag for ChatterCraft's style sheet after the other style sheets <link> tags, but BEFORE the <script> tags in 'index.html':
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="chattercraft/chattercraft.css" />
    4. Add a <script> tag for ChatterCraft's script after the other <script> tags but BEFORE the </head> tag.
      <script type="text/javascript" src="chattercraft/chattercraft.js"></script>
    5. Locate the <body> tag, it may look like this:
      <body onload="overviewer.util.initialize()">
      Add a semicolon (;)after the '()' and then add 'chattercraft.init()'. It should look like this:
      <body onload="overviewer.util.initialize(); chattercraft.init()">
    6. One more thing to add, after the <div> tag for the map:
                           <div id="mcmap"></div>
                           <!-- ChatterCraft start -->
                           <div id="chattercraft">
                           <div id="chattercraft_loginwin"> 
                             			<label for="chattercraft_username_field">Username:</label> 
                             			<input type="text" id="chattercraft_username_field" /> 
                             			<a href="Javascript:;" onclick="chattercraft.set_username();" class="image-button">Login</a> 
                             		<div id="chattercraft_chatwin"> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_status_message"></div> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_messages"></div> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_userlist"></div> 
                             		<div id="chattercraft_sendform"> 
                             			<input type="text" id="chattercraft_sendform-msg" name="msg" /> 
                             			<a href="Javascript:;" onclick="chattercraft.send_message();" class="image-button" id="chattercraft_send_button" >Send</a> 
                             	<!-- ChatterCraft end -->
      Please make sure the <div id="mcmap"></div> appears only once! I included it for clarity!
    The above instructions are for the original Minecraft Overviewer available here. If you get FabianN's version (here) ChatterCraft is already included! You will just need the JAR download below!

    Setting up the Bukkit Plugin
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    1. Download either the JAR only or the ZIP. The ZIP also contains the example configuration file below. You do not need the web stuff if you are using FabianN's version of Minecraft Overviewer.
    2. Move 'ChatterCraftPlugin.jar' into your plugins directory.
    3. Optionally, create a directory in your plugins directory called 'ChatterCraft' and put your config.yml inside it. See the configuration example and explanations below.
    4. Start CraftBukkit.
    5. Report problems with installation here. Please include the 'gibberish' from the log if the plugin throws errors. Pastebin links only, please!

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    • Chat with players on the server
    • Track locations of players on a Minecraft Overviewer map (requires you to set up and render a Minecraft Overview map)
    • Minequery replacement - compatible with Minestatus, etc.

    Configuration Example: ('%BUKKIT_HOME%/plugins/ChatterCraft/config.yml')
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    port: 25566
    chat_enabled: true
    chat_tag: "&f<&b[WWW Portal] &c%u&f> "
    send_all_chats: true
        signon: true
        signoff: true
    The above configuration is the default. If you do not provide a config.yml, these defaults will be used. Feel free to omit any options that you do not need.
    • port: Port number for the query server
    • chat_enabled: Enable or disable all WWW chat. Does not affect chat between in-game players.
    • chat_tag: The ENTIRE prefix to messages sent from the Web to users in-game. It is recommended that you include the username and something indicating that it was sent from the web. You can use the place holder '%u' for the username. Use '&' followed by a color code (0-9,a-f) to change the color of the text after that point. The default is the same as it has always been. Experiment to see what you like best. Make sure this is in quotes so the white space is handled properly.
    • send_all_chats: Whether or not to allow WWW users to see in-game chats.
    • notify.signon: Notify in-game users of a WWW user logging in.
    • notify.signoff: Notify in-game users of a WWW user disconnecting.

    Changelog (Minecraft Overviewer Addon)
    Version 1.5
    • ChatterCraft uses GET requests now instead of POST requests.
    Version 1.4
    • Updated buttons
    Version 1.3
    • Added player Info Windows
    • Changed player markers icon to be generated using the player's skin.
    Version 1.2
    • Added option to disable player location markers.
    Version 1.1
    • Added Press Enter to Send Message
    • Added Press Enter to Login
    Version 1.0
    • Fixed CSS glitches (scrollbar in wrong place, 1 pixel glitches).
    • Shrunk text size in chat.
    Version 0.9
    • Initial version.
    Changelog (Plugin)
    Version TESTING:
    • Create default plugin configuration file when a configuration file is not present.
    • Optionally log all chats (enabled by default, disable by adding 'log_all_chats: false' to your config file.
    Version 0.9.3
    • Fixed bug where ChatterCraft server was started before the config was loaded, causing it to ignore the settings in 'config.yml'.
    Version 0.9.2
    • Added option to change the chat prefix for chats being sent from the Web.
    Version 0.9.1
    • Added configuration
    Version 0.9
    • Initial release
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    Please post or PM a link to your map so I can look at it.
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    Can you check my webconfig? ... no chat button appears.. i can manually toggle the chat window (style="display: block;").

    overviewer.map is null
    [​IMG] overviewer.map.controls[google.maps....RIGHT].push(chatControlContainer[0]);
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    I believe you are using the Minecraft Overviewer from Andrew Brown (the original version). Although, I wrote it for FabianN's fork (the one with all the additions already added), it should work with the original. Unfortunately, I have had reports of it not working properly with the original.

    In your case, the fix is simple. After you included the ChatterCraft JavaScripts, you included this line:
    <script type="text/javascript">chattercraft.init();</script>
    Remove this line completely. I believe I instructed people to use this line in an earlier post, but it won't work. I was wrong. To fix it, remove that line, and change your <body> tag to something like this:
    <body onload="overviewer.util.initialize(); chattercraft.init();">
    Why does it work? You have to initialize the map first, then initialize ChatterCraft. Hope this helps!
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    Thx. Works. The button looks a litte bit different.
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    This is because it uses the style in 'chattercraft.css'. Not the default Google style. I would love to fix this. The new Google buttons are pretty, and my button is ugly.
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    i edited the *.css a bit that's the button looks alike the google one.
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    I have updated ChatterCraft to use the style defined in 'overviewer.css' for the 'Chat' button. I suggest everyone update. Grab the latest ZIP and the files that are changed are 'chattercraft.js' and 'chattercraft.css'.
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    do i need apache here if I'm using a home server?? if not.. how do I install this.. Ive downloaded Fabian and the Chatter.. where do I extract the FabianN.zip?
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    ChatterCraft is included with FabianN Minecraft Overviewer. All you need is the Bukkit plugin JAR.
    You will need some sort of web server. You can unzip the Minecraft Overviewer ZIP anywhere.
    The documentation for FabianN's Minecraft Overviewer is here. Instructions for installing the ChatterCraft Bukkit Plugin are in the OP.
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    2011-07-12 14:32:03 [SEVERE] [ChatterCraft] IOException in server thread: Address already in use: JVM_Bind
    2011-07-12 14:32:03 [INFO] ChatterCraft version 0.9.2 is enabled!

    it doesn't matter what port I use it always says its already in use. Somehow I have the feeling chattercraft plugin completely ignores the config.yml. I 100% Sure all the ports I've used are free on the server.

    For example: i put the port 58704 in the config.yml. Restart the server. and it says its already in use.
    With TCPView I check if any process is locally or remotely using the port. And not a single process uses any port close to this one

    edit: i found out, even after deleting the chattercraft folder it still gives the same error and doesnt create a new folder, i guess this means its completely ignoring the files :(
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    Eww. It seems ChatterCraft DOES ignore the config.yml. :( I will have a fix out ASAP.

    Edit: Are you using something else on that port? That is only way that error would be occurring. I have found the problem. It seems the server was being started BEFORE the configuration was read. :oops:

    Edit: New version is live and works!
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    nope i tried several ports and nothing is using it i checked with tcpview

    imma try the new version :) thanks

    edit: uhm it still says 0.9.2 but in the changelog it says 0.9.3

    is there no 0.9.3 link or am i just blind? ^^

    edit2: i downloaded the 0.9.2 link again and test it, it doesnt create the chattercraft folder, is that wanted?
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    The version that works SHOULD say '0.9.3'. Please make sure that, that is what it says in the server log or console after the server starts up. Also, be sure to fully stop and start the server, since Bukkit does not reload the JAR files when using the command 'reload'.

    I rebuilt the JAR and ZIP just in case and uploaded them.

    The 'ChatterCraft' directory is not created automatically since most installations won't need a config file. However, if you create one yourself and add a 'config.yml', it *SHOULD* read the config and use it for the port settings.

    Just curious: why do you need to run ChatterCraft on a different port?
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    Well 25566 is the minequery port thats why I needed to change it.
    Thank's I'mma try and check if it says 0.9.3 when loading
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    Can you make it so it hides the chat from certain plugins

    We use adminchat and this plugin is useless for us as it sees all the chat we type.
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    No, I cannot. Unless adminchat has an API for processing chat events, I will not include this functionality because it is far beyond the scope of this plugin.
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    Is there any way to pass the page an argument (get or post) or a variable of some kind to auto login?
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