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  1. NoSpam - Advanced Spam Management & Prevention
    Version: v1.1

    Download NoSpam.JAR - v1.1 [#740]

    Donate for my hard work and encourage me to keep updating & improving this plugin :D [​IMG]

    Any problems/requests/feedback. Please post below :)

    NoSpam checks for the number of messages sent per minute by each player. If they've sent more than the maximum they get a warning. If they get a certain number of warnings then they get kicked, and eventually banned. You can customise how many messages sent per minute constitutes spamming, how many warnings result in a kick/ban and how long it takes for a user to loose a warning in the configuration file. This can be editied in plugins/NoSpam/NoSpam.config

    NoSpam uses HashMaps to ensure the values for each players are mapped to a unique key meaning that other players who haven't been spamming will not got warnings or infractions.

    NoSpam also keeps logs of actions performed by players. If someone bans/kicks someone it gets logged, if someone recieves a warning it gets logged. This can be check in plugin/NoSpam/Logs.txt

    Only give certain access to certain users with permissions support. If you don't have permissions then it will default to using ops.txt There is also the option to ban players, do not edit plugins/NoSpam/BannedPlayers.config all ban handling and management can be done in-game. Ops and any players with the - 'nospam.exception' node can spam.

    • /nospam clearlogs - Erases the contents of the logs file.
    • /nospam checklogsize - Returns the filesize of logs.txt in Kilobytes
    • /nospam check <playername> - Lists the number of warnings the player has
    • /nospam kick <playername> - Kick those spammers :p
    • /nospam ban <playername> - Ban those spammers :p
    • /nospam checkbanlist - Lists the names of banned players, useful if you want to unban :)
    • /nospam unban <playername> - Unban, if your feeling kind :p
    Permissions Nodes
    - 'nospam.*'             - Access to all commands
    - 'nospam.banunban'      - Ability to ban and unban players.
    - 'nospam.checkwarnings' - Lists the number of warnings a player has.
    - 'nospam.checkbanlist'  - Lists the names of banned players.
    - 'nospam.checklogsize'  - Check the filesize of the Logs .txt file.
    - 'nospam.clearlogs'    - Ability to erase the logs file.
    - 'nospam.exception'    - Any players/groups with this node can spam.
    Changelog (open)

    Added feature that op's and players with permissions node - 'nospam.exception' can spam.
    First Release

    v1.1 Update

    • Added feature that op's and players with permissions node - 'nospam.exception' can spam.

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  2. Updating soon ;) but it should work yes.
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  3. Can you make it that it could work in CB 860? It would be very good :)
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    Will be update on 860 ?
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    Guessing this wont be updated to 860? I got enough members now where some of them enjoy to spam and the community asked me to fix it. This would be a great thing to have.
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    I would like to request the developer add a feature allowing the user to enable/disable showing the list of "NoSpam Banned players list" on event join. This is just something i would prefer players didn't have to see when they joined. i like a clean motd.

    Also, i might suggest removing the 'nospam.banunban' permission. I prefer to let my main plugins deal with who's allowed to ban/unban. Just gets messy when i have to have these kinds of plugins modifying a permission like that, that is already dealt with by other main plugins.
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    Can you base it on messages per second(s) instead?
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    Please add seconds, because within a minute a person can send over 600 in a second...
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    Is there another mod similar to this thats been updated?
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    Will this work with RB 1000?
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    Uhmm I need some help when I try to use a command it says
    "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"
    Any suggestions? I have access to all commands I am the Owner and I set the Permission
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    can u please make it so you have the option to turn of the nospam login message?
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    Just a Heads Up It works with 953
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    Any chance of an update for 1060? Had a few members banned when there were no records of anything at all in chats/commands in the server log for them
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    Please update for 1337
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    Update for 1597? please? :)
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    Moved to inactive.
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    Aw, sad to see it go. :/

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