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    NoSpam - Advanced Spam Management & Prevention
    Version: v1.1

    Download NoSpam.JAR - v1.1 [#740]

    Donate for my hard work and encourage me to keep updating & improving this plugin :D [​IMG]

    Any problems/requests/feedback. Please post below :)

    NoSpam checks for the number of messages sent per minute by each player. If they've sent more than the maximum they get a warning. If they get a certain number of warnings then they get kicked, and eventually banned. You can customise how many messages sent per minute constitutes spamming, how many warnings result in a kick/ban and how long it takes for a user to loose a warning in the configuration file. This can be editied in plugins/NoSpam/NoSpam.config

    NoSpam uses HashMaps to ensure the values for each players are mapped to a unique key meaning that other players who haven't been spamming will not got warnings or infractions.

    NoSpam also keeps logs of actions performed by players. If someone bans/kicks someone it gets logged, if someone recieves a warning it gets logged. This can be check in plugin/NoSpam/Logs.txt

    Only give certain access to certain users with permissions support. If you don't have permissions then it will default to using ops.txt There is also the option to ban players, do not edit plugins/NoSpam/BannedPlayers.config all ban handling and management can be done in-game. Ops and any players with the - 'nospam.exception' node can spam.

    • /nospam clearlogs - Erases the contents of the logs file.
    • /nospam checklogsize - Returns the filesize of logs.txt in Kilobytes
    • /nospam check <playername> - Lists the number of warnings the player has
    • /nospam kick <playername> - Kick those spammers :p
    • /nospam ban <playername> - Ban those spammers :p
    • /nospam checkbanlist - Lists the names of banned players, useful if you want to unban :)
    • /nospam unban <playername> - Unban, if your feeling kind :p
    Permissions Nodes
    - 'nospam.*'             - Access to all commands
    - 'nospam.banunban'      - Ability to ban and unban players.
    - 'nospam.checkwarnings' - Lists the number of warnings a player has.
    - 'nospam.checkbanlist'  - Lists the names of banned players.
    - 'nospam.checklogsize'  - Check the filesize of the Logs .txt file.
    - 'nospam.clearlogs'    - Ability to erase the logs file.
    - 'nospam.exception'    - Any players/groups with this node can spam.
    Changelog (open)

    Added feature that op's and players with permissions node - 'nospam.exception' can spam.
    First Release

    v1.1 Update

    • Added feature that op's and players with permissions node - 'nospam.exception' can spam.

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    Been waiting for this one, looking great !

    Thanks a lot mate :)
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    Your welcome, please let me know how it works for you :D
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    I like it. I will install this next server restart! :)
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    :D you don't really notice it but it does help if you get what I mean :p
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    Nice one!

    Seems like you're the kind of dev I like. Make your plugins small and simple. Don't change your style!
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    Some requests:

    Reaction on Spam:
    - Kick (you have this)
    - Block the messages
    - Send a warning

    - Many messages in short time (you have this)
    - The same message several times in a row

    Started to write an AntiSpam plugin too. So if you could add the things above i dont have to finish mine ;)
    And i think i will come back with more requests from our servers :D
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    Ok, sounds like some good ideas, if you spam it sends the individual player a warning so that's done, however ops and players with nospam.exception will never recieve a warning.
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    Forgot something:
    Add commands to filter (configuration).
    example: /m, /tell, ...
    To get Chat-Commands also filtered.
    Done this in one of my plugins github.com/beecub/bAntiCaps if you want to have a look at.
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    Can you add a 'nospam.*' permissions node?
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    There is already a node for this, I forgot to include it in the description though, thanks :)
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    Another one of those more-formatting-means-more-readability threads? Oh well...
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    I made this about a week after learning Java and the bukkit API which has next to none documentation so cut me some slack. :mad:
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    What does post formatting have to do with java?
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    Post formatting, sorry i misunderstood you :p I thought you meant the formatting of displaying pages as some users were posting above.

    But what do you mean 'more' formatting? My submission adhears to the guidelines as far as I can tell and described the plugins features?
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    6 colors, 8 different styles, ...
    hey I did move you to releases, was just wondering
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    I don't know but if you think my post needs reformatting just tell me what it should look like. All the same style?

    EDIT : Modified my formatting, you ok with it now?
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    The template style is good and from my point of view all plugin posts looking the same is better for orientation, but I cannot really force you to copy the template if you don't want to ;)
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    I understand what you're saying but as soon as someone opens this page I want them to be able to easily see what this plugin features, I will try to stick more closely to the template in the future :p
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    Ok, I'm having some issues.
    Here's my config:
    #NoSpam Configuration File - By Adamki11s
    #Wed May 04 14:52:11 MST 2011
    I restarted my server, and someone who joined made 7 chat messages in 6 minutes, and was kicked. Why did it do that?
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    Not sure, with your config it shouldn't have happened, I'll look into it thanks for reporting :)
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    Two suggestions, what about a feature to transform upper case (caps lock) text into lower case?
    BLAAAAHHHHA -> blaaahhhha
    And maybe a word list (black list), of words that will be censured out (*****) and a warning will be issued.
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    Sounds like an idea for an update :p
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    Man this is hard to say... Your plugin isnt working properly on my server. I get people kicked for spamming even if they are AFK and not talking. I get people telling me they are banned when they arent even in the /nospam checkbanlist
    We see them log on and off the server. (player leave player join).

    I dont see anything special in server log.
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    Server log just logs all warning, kicks, bans etc, I'm looking into it.
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    If you need, I can list the plugins I'm using. It could be an incompatibility.
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    I don't think it would be, the person I made this for mentioned it to me aswell.
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    does this just ban player from chat? or from the server completely?
    oh btw, really awesome work :D
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    Does the kick/ban work with mcbans? If not, could it?
    Also a mute option would be cool. so that after the first warning they are muted for a set time. If they continue to try and spam they still get kicked/banned, but my users don't have to listen to it.
    Great plugin btw, I've been looking for something like this.
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    Does it work for CB 818? :)

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