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    FakeMessage - Faking messages in the chat
    Version: v0.5.2
    Tested on Craftbukkit 1000
    This plugin can fake chat messages. For example:
    Notch has joined the game.
    <Notch> Hello!
    Notch has left the game.

    • Supports different message formats.
    • Has join and leave messages.
    • Private messaging
    • Supports Permissions.
    • Console & players can use the commands
    • Supports prefixes, suffixes, group names, and worlds!
    UPGRADE NOTICE 0.3 and lower to 0.4+
    The config file is now in plugins/FakeMessage/config.yml and has been changed. FakeMessage 0.4+ will automatically generate it for you.


    The commands are:
    /fsay name message
    /fj or /fjoin name
    /fl or /fleave name
    /fmsg toplayer name message
    /fswitch name

    /fsay - fakemessage.say
    /fjoin or /fj - fakemessage.join
    /fleave or /fl - fakemessage.leave
    /fmsg - fakemessage.message
    If you would like to give these all to a group, use fakemessage.*

    Custom messages:
    If you run the plugin without creating a configuration file, the message format will be the following:
    <namehere> messagehere

    The join format will be:
    name has joined the game.

    The leave format will be:
    name has left the game.

    If you would like to change this, modify the plugins/FakeMessage/config.yml file.
        messageformat: '[Default] +name: +message'
        privatemessageformat: '(MSG) <+name> +message'
        joingame: '&e+name has logged on.'
        leavegame: '&e+name has logged out.'
    +prefix - The player's group prefix
    +suffix - The player's group suffix
    +group - The players group
    +name - The players display name
    +world - The world the player is in
    +message - The message the player sent

    If you would like to add colors, add & and then the color you want. For example:
        messageformat: '[&6+group&f] +name: +message'
    This will make the group name a gold color. If your prefix is &6, FakeMessage will color wherever the prefix is in your message format. For a list of colors, go to:

    Remember to replace the ยง character with &.

    Download FakeMessage


    • New line character for join/leave messages
    • nChat and iChat support (Should be pretty easy)
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fix for 1.6
    • Using /fj and /fl without any arguments will fake you as joining/leaving.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fix for 1.5
    Version 0.5
    • /fswitch
    • Prefix, suffixes, worlds, and group support.
    Version 0.4
    • Uses onCommand, no more OP unknown command messages
    • Cleaned up code
    • Fixed Permissions bug
    • Messaging support
    • Use commands from console
    Version 0.3
    • Updated to newer CB builds
    • New commands (Look above)
    • If permissions is not found, plugin will default to OP.
    • If a user doesn't enter all the arguments, FakeMessage will send how to use the command back.
    Version 0.21

    • Changed namespace from com.bukkit.niccholaspage.FakeMessage to com.niccholaspage.FakeMessage.
    Version 0.2

    • Color support is added.
    • Custom join and leave messages added.
    Version 0.1

    • First Release
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    Please test on 612.
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    612 works for me no issues or messages on log =)
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    Moo Master

    Should this work on 617?
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    I have this working fine on Build 617.
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    Moo Master

    Al right thanks, i love this plugin because i can make it so i leave the game then go invisible and mangage users!
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    Works on 670. I should be updating this soon if I'm don't keep working on my other plugins so much!
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    Looks like another great plugin, this works great with NPCs XD
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    Of course. Notch NPC + this equals a win.
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    Hahahaha, I actually convinced a player Notch was actually online. But it would be SO much better if group support were added ;o
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    Since you said you would give me the permissions, I incorporated group support that's coming out in 0.5!

    0.5 is out! Enjoy!

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    the chat color disappears if i pretend to be someone that has already joined the server, whether that person is offline or not. Or if i put that fake user in a certain group other than the default
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    Have you even changed the message format?
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    Ok, so a little dumb on the config files.

    if i put "[+group] +name: +message"

    I get "[+group] Notch: message that i typed"

    How do I get colors per group, as well?
  15. The +group isn't working. Also, the groups should automatically use the colors so you can use this for any group without having to change the color. :)
    Then it would be awesome.
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    Will look into this. Oh, and it does use colors already.
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    You can probably use +prefix to add color per group. I just thought of that but hadn't been able to test due to not being able to use +group yet ;o
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    The message format should be the same as your nChat/iChat message format, if you have it installed. :p
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    im still not sure how to use permissions, do i have to go into notepad and create all the
    fakemessage.say etc
    files and save them as fakemessage.say and the others, then upload them to my server? can someone give me a quick list of instructions please thanks k by
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    Everytime i write /fj Notch it says /fj name

    What did i do wrong -.-
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    I have fakemessage.config and fakemessage.jar now how do i make or do the permissions eg fakemessage.say
    How do i get it so only all admin can use all of fakemessage commands?
    Thanks in advance
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    709 PLOX :)
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    I know. Give me some time.

    Update to 0.5.1 which is a fix for MC 1.5.

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    would be epic for CommandBook integration :D
    So that you dont show up in /playerlist
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    Can you add Colours support please, for example:
    ./fsay Name &bHello - I am Blue.
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    So you don't? You mean do, right? And no, I cannot do this.
    For messages? Sure. But if you are talking about prefixes, suffixes and groups, just put color codes in for them, like &1 and &2.
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    Messages please.
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    Already done, read the post.
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    I know something better, Make your own version of playerlist built in this plugin? Then you can make it so we don't show up inthere :].
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    I guess. Will have to somehow cooperate with other /who plugins though.
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    Is it me being stupid, but
    /fsay Test &bBlue
    Does not actually show blue text(&b is code for blue)

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