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    Version: v1.2
    Changes the message so that every letter gets a different color.
    Somebody requested a plugin like this because there was something similar for hmod.
    The normal version (1c) can be used by every player. Version 1.1 has Permissions support and uses the nodes 'fabulouse.fab' and 'fabulous.faba'. If the nodes are not set only ops can use the commands.


    /fab <your message in light colors>
    /faba <your message in all colors>

    Download (Dropbox)
    Source Code

    Version 1.2
    - updated for the new Craftbukkit version

    Version 1.1
    - added permission nodes: 'fabulouse.fab' and 'fabulous.fab'

    Version 1b and 1c
    - added a command to use light colors only
    - changed the way the message is sent (from broadcast to a player chat event)

    Version 1
    - first release. only one command which used all chatcolors that are available.

    Known issues:
    - Using this command will probably ignore other plugins like ChatStamp or plugins which limit the chat to a region/channel. (this should be fixed, feedback would be nice)
    - If the message is too long it could crash the client (should also be fixed, i experienced no crashes)
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    Phantom Index

    You are a god!
    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 6:34 PM ---
    The colors is aw that made this look good was the light colors. Shouldn't put anything dark like black and dark green and blue or red. Should all be light.
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    i agree. gonna change that in like 1 hour
    edit: updated it to 2 commands
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    Phantom Index

    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 9:45 PM ---
    If you don't want the client to crash. put a limit message blocking you from typing the entire message by two eltters.
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    well i read this post and tried some long messages, nothing happened yet. the crash seems only to appear if a line ends with the code for a color.
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    Phantom Index

    Maybe we can consider this more of a fabulous shout plugin. instead of working so much on getting it to work with chat plugins.. unless requested.
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    it should already work with region/channel based plugins cause it creates a normal chat event which is passed to other plugins
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    Phantom Index

    --- merged: Mar 6, 2011 10:04 PM ---
    just noticed you lined it out my bad.
    --- merged: Mar 7, 2011 1:01 AM ---
    Can you give it permission nodes?
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    Your submission has been found to not meet our Plugin Release/Submissions Guidelines, please make the changes to rectify this and it will be reconsidered.

    A changelog, possibly more is missing.
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    @ Phantom Index: i added the permissions support
    @EvilSeph: whoups, sorry! i wrote a changelog, added a link to the source code and gave a little more information. i hope i didn't miss anything again.
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    This is the gayest sounding plugin i've ever seen lol. Rainbow colored fabulous, girlfriend *makes z shape in air and snaps fingers*. No offense if you named it on purpose.
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    ... says the man with the Willy Wonka avatar.

    Looks good, except I think it would be nice if there were more color schemes.
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    i took the name given in the request-thread. i never thought this plugin makes it on top in any ranking ;)...
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    Cruel Cruel joke they played lol. Nice plugin tho ;)
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    well i was aware that fabulous is not the manliest word in the english language, but it's not that bad phaed ^^
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    Phantom Index

    I use this thing whenever someone uses gay jokes.
  17. dos this mod also allow you to change the colour of each individual persons name?

    and if not, which mod do you use to make your name red? i wnat to make mine green, 1 friend orange and another friend purple. is this possible in any way?
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    Is this compatible with Permissions by TheYeti? Because I get an error from my permissions plugin when I try to put on the command node fabulouse.fab and fabulous.faba

    Is this normal?
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    @joel Nightingale: no that's not implement and i don't think i will add it. there are already other plugins that can do that.

    @Ziddia: it should work with the permissions version of TheYeti. i used that to test it. if you post the errormessage maybe i can help you.
  20. yes but what mod do you use to make your name red?
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    good question. i had to try every plugin i used ^^: essentials did that (i think because i'm admin, never paid much attention to it i must say =))
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    possible to create a permanent download link? (With no version info...)
    Maybe only fabulous.zip?

    Because then it would be possible to add this plugin to


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    done :). thanks for the suggestion.
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    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! whenever i try to do it, it says i dont have accsess to this command
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    do you have permissions installed? if you do, did you set up the nodes right (posting your config would be helpful then)?
    if not you can get permissions or use fabulous 1c without permissions
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    It puts the lotion on its skin!

    (also update to 602 please)
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    i'm a bit busy atm with my real life, going to check out the new bukkit version next week!

    edit: update to 1.2. everything should work again.
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    hey muckk, does this work for CB706 or CB707?
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    yes, i just tested it with 707.
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    Gonna have lots of fun with this!

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