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    ChatStamp v1.03
    download: http://letsprogram.org/plugins/ChatStamp/ChatStamp.jar

    Tested on:
    • CraftBukkit build #456
    • Bukkit built #418
    What is ChatStamp
    ChatStamp is a really basic plugin that adds a time-stamp to the front of everyone's chat messages.

    How it works
    ChatStamp is really simple to use. There are two settings that you need to change to make the plugin perform how you want it to. Below are the settings and a few examples as to how they work.


    I only provided 2 of my own examples because those are the most useful in this implementation.

    • [time]_user: = [5:23] Bob:
    • time_user = 5:23 Bob
    • [time_user] = [5:23 Bob]
    There are obviously numerous possibilities here but there is one thing you need to be careful of. If you don't supply the 'user' text then it will just use the default setting. Also note that if you want a space you can use _ to clearly define it.

    config.ini (this will be auto generated on first run, but read above to learn how to set it up!)
    settings coming soon:
    • ichat
    • permissions
    Below is a preview of the actual plugin in action on Minecraft.

    If you have any suggestions as to what to add into the plugin, please post them!

    • Little bug-fix
    • Further priority changes to help with more integration (?)
    • Delayed updates for the iChat and Permissions settings. Need to think
    • Bug-fix
    • Priority change should help with integration with other plugins (needs work)
    • Added in a format setting, allowing you to change the way it displays
    • General cleanup
    • Intial release
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    lookin' good sir
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    Jacob Litewski

    That's neat!
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    Please migrate it with iChat! (24h format support?)
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    I think it works with this config.ini:
    • time-stamp=H\:mm
    @Bryan, Could you please delete the "[]" signs or add a config option to have the time in chat showed without [], so instead of [5:23 PM] i would like to watch more minimal 5:23 PM. My eyes would love it.

    I've a bug: after installing the plugin and restarting the server at 08.33, its showing the time 08.33 allways in chat, even if its 08.34,08.35,...08.43. I have bukkit 141 and some other plugins installed.
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    Kartus I will go ahead and add a setting for the format that you'd like to use. That is actually a good idea never really thought about it before.

    I will also look into the bug you found there, sorry about that.

    Jobsti I'm sort of new with the plugin scene so what do you mean by migrate it with iChat?

    EDIT: I just released v1.01 and be sure to read the updated post on how to use it. Thanks!
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    It works and thanks for the update =)
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    Awesome! I'm glad to hear it works, let me know if anything else is wrong with it.
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    1.01 looks good :D

    Perhaps add prefixes from the Permissions plugin, too sometime
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    doesnt seem to work for me idk why I have like 23 plugins and no problems with them.
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    Well what other plugins are you using that also modify the chat? It could just be that something is modifying the prefix after I do on this plugin. I could changed that but I'd have to look into the other plugins to see if it's possible with your current plugins.
    --- merged: Feb 6, 2011 1:48 AM ---
    Sorry I didn't even see this post before. Yeah I plan on adding some more features to this plugin at some point. That sort of stuff would be things like integration with other chat mods out there. As well as something like a setting to change the priority yourself so I could easily help you with this interfering with your other plugins. Or the other way around and this not working due to other plugins updating the prefixes after this one. So hopefully that will be soon, I'm so busy currently.
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    The timestamp doesn't work. When talking in the chat, the timestamp just stays at the time that the server was started up. It never changes. Ever.

    Please fix this. Perhaps the plugin isn't updated? Thanks.
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    That's odd, I know it did that before when I changed one thing and forgot to test it. I then fixed it and released a newer version, did you try re-downloading it and trying that one? If you didn't try that and if it still persists let me know. Also are there any errors or anything?
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    No errors. I did download the newer version. The problem still persists. Thanks.
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    I find it hard to believe this is the only TimeStamp plugin :( I used this for awhile till I put on Niji's permissions and iChat. Needless to say it no longer works. Maybe you could collaborate a bit and combine functionality? I realllly want to have a timestamp again. It's especially useful on smaller servers when chat isn't constantly overflowing
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    Alright I'll continue to look into it right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Yeah I'd like to made this work with some other plugins. I'm going to try and work on that right now as well. Thanks for trying the plugin out though!
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 10:49 PM ---
    Yeah I just released v1.02 and hopefully that fixes some issues. If it doesn't I would love to know so I can troubleshoot further. I also added some settings but they aren't fully integrated so I left the code out for them but the settings remain there. Hopefully soon I will be able to finish those up, but in the mean time I pushed out a solution that may also work. Try it out and let me know how it goes! Thanks
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    I'd love to but the download link is bad
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    Tried it out but still a no go. Definitely make those mods for permissions and ichat
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    24H format support !

    It works with this config.ini:
    • time-stamp=k\:mm
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    Yeah, you can use any of those extra letters and they should work fine. Thank you for supplying the help for people :)
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    The latest download link posted is also not working.
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    EdGruberman Retired Staff

    Anyone got a mirror/copy of this file?
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    As well as the newest link being broken, you're using a stupidly long constructor according to Bukkit, and it told me to nag you. Here's the nagging!
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    Yeah I was away for a little bit so the webserver wasn't running. It's back up now and the link is obviously working again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    @monty Uhhh.. I haven't really touched Bukkit for a bit, but when I do I will change the constructor to the new one (if there is a new one).
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    EdGruberman Retired Staff

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    nice plugin, waiting for the iChat support und nagfree support;)
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    On CraftBukkit Build #450 (current as of 2/26/2011 12:00 AM EST) I get this error upon starting my server:

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    Because you're using the stupidly long constructor, this plugin is broken for Craftbukkit builds 449 and up! I'm staying with 448 until it's fixed.

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