[INACTIVE][CHAT] AreaChat v1 - Localized Chat, with Shout Command

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    Looking for the current build number? It has moved to the thread title. :)

    Players can only hear other players within a 200-block-ish radius. The actual shape, for performance, is not actually a sphere, but a cuboid with its diagonals parallel to the world's axes. Generally, if a player is in sight, (s)he will be heard. Players out-of-sight should not be heard.

    Shouting/yelling can be accomplished with the /shout command. Shouts are surrounded by red angled brackets, instead of the normal white brackets. I can make this customizable upon request. Aliases for the /shout command are /sh, /yell, and /y--be sure to take that into account if you utilize GroupUsers for permissions, as you will need to treat them as separate commands!

    Holding bedrock will enable two features: you will always shout, and you will hear all local chatter, no matter how far away you are.

    Just in case someone invents a cool plugin to enable hopping between the normal world and the Nether, the plugin takes the world type into account. Just in case. ;)

    If anyone is interested in the source code, let me know, and I'll upload it.

    Download the JAR or get the source code

    Copy for wget command:
    wget http://www.earth2me.com/x/minecraft/bukkit/AreaChat.jar
    Copy for curl command:
    curl -o AreaChat.jar http://www.earth2me.com/x/minecraft/bukkit/AreaChat.jar
    • /shout, /sh, /yell, /y: Sends a global message
    • /areachat: Reloads the configuration
    • Holding bedrock: Listens to all chat and always shouts

    • players-can-shout: true to enable shouting, false to disable shouting. Overridden by bedrock. Default: true
    • shout-radius: approximate distance between two players under which to consider them within earshot. Default: 200
    • shout-prefix: prefixes each shout message, in red. Default: "[Shout]"
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    Still awaiting confirmation on iChat status...
    Also, now that it's available, is MultiVerse compatible? Will it be soon?
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    Craftbukkit #302

    Not working. Or I can't make it working :) Had it before and after update it is useless

    2011-02-11 00:12:30 [INFO] zajacmp3 issued server command: y asd
    2011-02-11 00:12:30 [INFO] Unknown console command. Type "help" for help.
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    Bump for iChat support
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    This might be a dumb question, but anyway, where can I edit the settings? The plugin doesn't create a file?
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    not work with iChat :(
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    Bump for update ... I tried to update this but missing something some where
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    I made a unofficial update for my own server, I'll release it for download here:
    The only problem with my update is the fact that I couldn't be bothered to get the config file to work. Everything is at default options:
    shoutprefix = [Shout]
    adminsalwaysshot = false
    playerscanshout = true
    shoutradius = 30

    If anybody has problems with this config, I'll be more than happy to compile another .jar for you, because I really cannot be arsed to fix the configuration file as I personally don't use it all.
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    Could you give me a copy with.

    Thank s , =)
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    Please update this for the latest bukkit! :D
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    After my essentials plugins for local chat stopped working, update of this would be appreciated
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    Might be a bit late with this, but any chance I could get one with this config?;

    shoutprefix = [Shout]
    adminsalwaysshot = false
    playerscanshout = false
    shoutradius = 50
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    Anyone is willing to update this to 617 or higher?
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    i think the link was error? please send the jar file to [email protected] please i want it
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    If you are searching for an alternative ChatManager may be an option for you. It includes ranged chat ability. Of course you would have to use PermissionsEx too as it not a standalone plugin merely and addon like ModifyWorld.

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