[INACTIVE][CHAT] AreaChat v1 - Localized Chat, with Shout Command

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    Looking for the current build number? It has moved to the thread title. :)

    Players can only hear other players within a 200-block-ish radius. The actual shape, for performance, is not actually a sphere, but a cuboid with its diagonals parallel to the world's axes. Generally, if a player is in sight, (s)he will be heard. Players out-of-sight should not be heard.

    Shouting/yelling can be accomplished with the /shout command. Shouts are surrounded by red angled brackets, instead of the normal white brackets. I can make this customizable upon request. Aliases for the /shout command are /sh, /yell, and /y--be sure to take that into account if you utilize GroupUsers for permissions, as you will need to treat them as separate commands!

    Holding bedrock will enable two features: you will always shout, and you will hear all local chatter, no matter how far away you are.

    Just in case someone invents a cool plugin to enable hopping between the normal world and the Nether, the plugin takes the world type into account. Just in case. ;)

    If anyone is interested in the source code, let me know, and I'll upload it.

    Download the JAR or get the source code

    Copy for wget command:
    wget http://www.earth2me.com/x/minecraft/bukkit/AreaChat.jar
    Copy for curl command:
    curl -o AreaChat.jar http://www.earth2me.com/x/minecraft/bukkit/AreaChat.jar
    • /shout, /sh, /yell, /y: Sends a global message
    • /areachat: Reloads the configuration
    • Holding bedrock: Listens to all chat and always shouts

    • players-can-shout: true to enable shouting, false to disable shouting. Overridden by bedrock. Default: true
    • shout-radius: approximate distance between two players under which to consider them within earshot. Default: 200
    • shout-prefix: prefixes each shout message, in red. Default: "[Shout]"
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    I will test this right away, been looking for an easy chat, and most of the old channel chat programs just ended up with me explaining how to work it for hours.

    downloaded it, had some trouble putting it up, went to download again i cant. so umm yeah cant say i like your buddies download thing. :D the dropbox download dont seem to be working either.

    seems to work fine. Sadly it overwrites all my color and group titles, which is a large part of my server. So if you added it where it would support group names <group-name> and supported color i would definetaly use this, as of right now i wouldnt.
    Seems to work fine though.​
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    What plugins are you using, so that I can test them? I'm likely going to be using the same plugins on my real server--I've only tested this on my development server.
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    Updated for COMPATIBILITY with GroupUsers, not SUPPORT for GroupUsers (names will not appear colored in shouts, but will still be ranked properly in local chat).
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    thanks ill give it a run and see. :D
    Yes works on local, shame it doesnt work global

    Yes small server not so much, large server the chat gets really spammy, this will hopefully help with some clutter.
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    I would love to use this plugin.... If only my server was big enough. I have a feeling that this would be great for servers running 15+ at all times. Anything lower than that, and I could see how this would hurt your community.

    I might give it a try at some point though =D
    Great work!
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    can it have liek a global chat to? that can be opened and closed by admins?
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    Players can talk in global chat using /shout. I have not yet added a way for admins to enable/disable it.

    Note: This does not work with /me due to the fact that it is handled as a command, not chat. Consider /me a shout command, and give it permissions accordingly.

    Has anyone tested it with GroupUsers yet? I'd like to hear how it works.

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    yes with the 4.1 i think it is seem sto work fine,
    Group color and names ex:
    <[Admin] axebyte> says: shows color and group in local chat
    in /shout you see
    <axebyte> says:
    Think it would be better reversed or both the same. But it does work.
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    On #83 every time someone says something it says it twice in console. Also my configuration file was not created. No errors though.

    No it is repeating a lot of times in the console.

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    Fixed the repeating chat issue. The config is not made on purpose: there is no need for a heavyweight config with this plugin. It simply exists in case you need to override something.
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    So how would I go about changing the configuration?
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    Make the file: plugins/AreaChat/config.yml, and add whatever options you see fit. Lack of an option will set it to the default.
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    it would be really cool if thats possible and does /me work to?
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    /me does not work, as it is handled as a command. For permissions purposes, it should be considered another form of /shout.

    Updated: Minor compatibility change

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    Is there planned support for Permissions plugin (prefix/suffix)?
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    This plugin was developed for a specific server. I am not currently looking to develop new features, such as support for Permissions. However, I may integrate it into Essentials to make it easier to maintain, in which case it will support Permissions.
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    That would be great. I'm not very keen of idea that I should add extra plugin only for color support, for example GroupUsers.
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    Request: always shout, only on command localChat (local: !mytext or /lc mytext)
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    Would love to see this compatible with iChat and Permissions as its conflicting with the iChat chat configuration(colours, format etc) and it no longer works with GroupUsers.
    There's no other plugin like this atm, so here's to hoping!
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    Can there be a cooldown for shouting? Keep people regulated to shouting once every x seconds?
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    I'm also waiting for Permissions compatibility, so i can keep people in my 'JailedPrisoners' group from shout spamming.
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    need setings fail :( i want make 50 distance
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    There is a feature I'm looking for that this is close to and I was wondering if it might fit with your development. I'm looking to have "soundproof" rooms, so any chat done inside that room is only heard by others in that room. I assume it would just be defined by a cuboid. I'd like to set up a "court" but only have what is said in the courtroom heard by others who happen to be there. Kind of a private trial if you will for griefers and their victims.
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    Any word on getting compatability with iChat?
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    I second that. I've been dying for something like this plugin, and would love to use it albeit the conflicts with iChat.
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    When everyone says conflicts with iChat i am guessing they mean the colour and message display. I Third the compatibility with iChat.

    One thing i found strange was when using /shout it would use my iChat config, however normally chatting it would not.

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