[INACTIVE] BasicHerobrine v1.2.1 - Herobrine for Your Server [1000]

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    What do you guys think should be his sayings?

    When he randomly spawns =
    When he is summoned =
    When he steals your items (only the active one) =
    And some extra sayings:
    1 =
    2 =
    3 =
    When he places a sign =
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    "FYI, incase you didn't know." Can be misconstrued as a reference to someone's ignorance. Seeing as there were a great deal of people one here bashing this plugin and it's author it was a safe assumption on my part that this was the intent.

    Also, before you attempt to insult me you should try to know anything about the real me first. Go take out your frustrations elsewhere, because I don't care. I'm here to help with ideas for the plugin.

    It depends on the situation really.

    When he is randomly spawned and is just on the edge of the screen stalking?: Nothing. Unless he's attempting to lure someone somewhere. Then perhaps "help me" or something like that. Though I like to think that Herobrine does almost all of his communication through signs rather then actual chat.

    When he is summoned?: Maybe "wake up". That was part of one of hte original herobrine stories where they found something encrypted in the code. Otherwise I don't know. But I think most, if not all, direct attempts by the player to use an alter to summon Herobrine should do 'nothing' when they first activate the alter. That should be a direct trigger to a delayed Herobrine event on a long timer.

    When he steals?: "punishment for your greed" or something like that, as per the vengeful miner Herobrine stories. But once again this is situational. :p

    Herobrine's chat messages, if possible, should appear without a name before them, as well as only to the person targeted by him. This way the player can't really 'prove' to the other players on the server that the even did indeed happen while they were on. Now if only there were a way to block the player's ability to communicate with other players during an event.
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    The internet can and is very miss communicated. Things can be meant in one way and come out another. ANd no I was not trying to be mean/rude. But I am very peeved now at these accusations. "Go take out your frustrations elsewhere, because I don't care": Obviously you do.
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    It really doesn't matter if you think I do or not, to be honest. You are no one to me. I stated that you should take your frustrations out on someone else because there is no potential benefit or satisfaction that can be gained from insulting me in such a fashion. Mainly because I don't care. One does not have to care in order to express one's opinion on something, fyi. And yes, the fyi was to be ironic.

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    Minus Toast's rudeness, I think there are many great ideas for this plugin and it will be great!
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    Minus Outcast's rudeness, I think there is nothing to his posts! ^_^
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    Link is broken for me.
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    Because this thread is extemely outdated. See the Herobrine in my signature.
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    There's none in your signature
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    The signature doesn't repeat on the pages, just check the sig in the original post or maybe it will repeat here.
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    link broken please fix :D
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    Fix the DL-Link, please!
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    I need some help. I when im spawning him im getting a [zombie]/[pig] (Zombie Pig Man) instead. :'( Help me.
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    Wrong thread, post on the Herobrine thread, and read it first!
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    it wont work for me its a zombie?!

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