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    SMPoll - poll your users
    Version: v0.4

    Now works on craftbukkit build 602/617/670, and has permission support.

    This is a fairly simple plugin that allows admins to create arbitrary polls, and lets everyone vote on them. If you try it out please let me know about any bugs you find, and feel free to make suggestions on improving the plugin.

    • Admins can create polls, anyone can vote on which option they like the best.
    • Polls run for a set amount of time.
    • When a poll's running out of time it will let everyone know.
    • Finished polls can be views using /poll results.
    Want to try it?: Get the Latest version (0.4).

    Old versions: SMPoll(0.2)

    Alternate download for version 0.4: MegaUpload

    This is in response to a request here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/admn-poll.8878/

    • (Admin) /poll create <poll name> <runtime> <description> - Makes a new poll.
    • (Admin) /poll end <poll name> - Removes a currently running poll.
    • (Admin) /poll add <poll name> <option> - Adds an option people can vote for to a poll.
    • (View) /poll list - Lists all currently running polls and how much time they've got left to live.
    • (View) /poll info <poll name> - Shows what you can vote for, and how many votes have been cast to what in a poll.
    • (Vote) /poll vote <poll name> <index> - Casts your vote. Each user may vote only once on each poll.
    • (View) /poll results - Shows completed polls, the winning option, and how may votes it got.
    • (All) /poll help - Shows what commands are available to you.
    Examples (open)

    Admin: /poll create tacos 5/30 Should Notch add tacos?
    - Creates a new poll "tacos" which will run for 5 hours and 30 minutes, with a tasty topic.

    Admin: /poll add tacos Why hasn’t he already?!?!
    Admin: /poll add tacos No, tacos are overrated.
    Admin: /poll add tacos I cannot decide due to my crippling indecisiveness.
    - Adds Three options which people can vote for

    User: /poll list
    - Shows that there's a taco related poll, and maybe some more.

    User: /poll info tacos
    - Shows what options are available, how many people have voted for what, and tells him/her/it how to vote.

    User: /poll vote tacos 2
    - User votes for option two ("tacos are overrated").

    Admin: /poll info tacos
    - Sees that someone has voted no to tacos, and has had quite enough of that.

    Admin: /poll end tacos
    - ends the poll (The poll would have ended on its own in 5 and a half hours too).

    User: /poll results
    - Sees that the tacos poll is completed, and which option won.

    All these commands hard to remember?
    Check out this handy dandy pdf made by Chrisc97.

    Permissions support:
    SMPoll uses three permissions nodes, "smpoll.admin", "smpoll.view", and "smpoll.vote".
    smpoll.admin allows someone to use: /poll create, /poll add, and /poll end.
    smpoll.view allows someone to use: /poll list, /poll info, /poll results.
    smpoll.vote allows someont to use /poll vote.

    If you do not have permissions installed, it will default to giving ops admin permission, and everyone else vote and view permission.

    TODO list:
    - Make active polls persist across server restarts.

    Version 0.3
    • Added permissions support
    • Changes the playerlistener to work with the latest craftbukkit (build 605).
    • Added a /poll help command, since I meant to do so in the first place :D.
    Version 0.2

    • Cleaned it up before releasing it :).
    Version 0.1

    • Initial build
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    Cool plugin man. Pretty useful especially when debating on a ban :)

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    Cool, glad someone found a use for it :D. Lemme know if you have any suggestions.
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    Thanks for following up my request!
    I will download and use this once i get on my pc!
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    Its nice :D
    I wish /poll would bring out a command list. :)
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    I was thinking of adding a /poll help or something similar, though making it print commands are available when you just type /poll would probably be better. :)
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    If I have permissions will normal people be able to vote?
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    Right now it doesn't use permissions, though I'll add it in the next version. As it stands: Ops can create polls and add options to them, everyone can vote (and everyone gets only one vote per poll :D).
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    When you add that you will rule
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    After I put the .jar in my plugins folder and restarted the server, when I type /poll create whatever etc etc it says:
    "Command not found" or something. As if the plugin never exsisted ??? I am an op as well. I can't figure out what's wrong
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    It should "Just work", what version of craftbukkit are you using? And do you get a little "SMPoll: Plugin enabled" message when you start the server?
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    I'm using the recommended version 556 I think. And unfortunatly I don't have access to the console because it's running on a rental server
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    Check out this handy printable PDF cheat sheet I created just for the occasion: Open mai PDF

    Print out and stick to monitor, desk, wall, user's faces, your face, and many more things that I won't mention here.
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    Wow, I was just thinking about how nice it would be to poll my server people, and then, this! I'm downloading, I don't care if it hasn't been released but i'm using it. Nice Work :D

    Excuse the double post but I noticed (after posting, because i'm dopey like that) that the download link is dl.dropbox.com. This is more a personal thing really but is there any other way I can get it? I'm in China so the government blocks a lot of stuff on the Internet (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Word of Notch etc.) and Dropbox happens to be on the list.

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    Hey dudes, sorry for the lack of updates recently - I've been swamped with work :D. New version's a-comin!

    Without console access I'm not sure what to recommend, is there a plugin that lists other installed plugins?

    I'm going to release a new version sometime this week, does megaupload/rapidshare work in China?

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    Subtle Mention (open)

    *subtly requests adding link to OP*
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    To get this into plugin releases you're only missing the CB version in the thread title. When at it please update to the newest RB.
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    Will do both when I update it this weekend :).
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    Yes it does. Thanks :)
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    Yay! Thanks! :p

    It's as close as I'm likely to get to writing Bukkit plugins XD
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    There's a new version up, it just adds permissions support and a /help command (And also it works with the new recommended build). I've also added a megaupload link.

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    Cool plugin. I've been looking for a poll plugin for a while. Some things you might want to consider.

    Some people might want a smpoll.vote permission, if they only want donators to be able to vote, but this works for me as is.

    Also you might want to consider Help plugin support http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/info-help-0-2-the-smart-help-menu-531.6536/ It's just a nice place to direct people so they know what's installed on the server and what they can use.
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    Does it work with 602 for anyone else? not for me :(
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    I just tested it on build 602 and 617, worked for me on both: you get any errors?
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    When i try typing in the commands (yes im an op) it says "unkown console command: type "help" for help"
    i type help but it brings up the default op commands such as /give, time, tp etc
    I look in the console and see that it says smpoll v0.3 has loaded
    Then i scroll down and theres a large error, can i have any help on this?
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    Totally, what's the error?
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    Same as WhosDaMan
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    Well i am on vacation right now using a laptop, so i cant copy the code down for you until friday.
    Also i would like to know if there is a way to copy/paste stuff from the cmd prompt so i dont have to write the whole error down, but i will if i have to.
    The only way i did know that i somewhat successfully installed the plugin is when i tried the /poll add command, but i got an "unknown command" in chat, but without the type help for help and it was in red, so i will take that as a good sign/
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    There's a few ways to copy text from a server around, but it depends on what type of server it is an how you're connecting to it. I probably wouldn't need the whole error (most of it's just a stack trace), just the bit at the top and (if it's there) the "caused by" bit. Also make sure you guys are using the latest version of bukkit, it would probably load on an older version but still explode horribly when you try any commands.
    Good luck!
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    I downloaded the bukkit server yesterday (not first time running one), so it should be up to date, also i appreciate the feedback and if this error is a bug maybe you can fix it in your next update?

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