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    <font color="rgb(0, 204, 255)">SimpleLog</font>

    Version: 0.2
    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Source: Coming Soon!

    * Logs when a player destroys or places a block at what coordinates and at what time
    * Logs when a chest is opened by who, at what coordinates, and at what time
    * Keeps the logs organized in a folder inside of your plugins folder, no need for MySQL

    Future Features:
    * Log what items were taken out of chests
    * Add a config file to select what you would like to log
    * Suggest more features!

    I'm going to have to credit iPhysX for originally creating BlockLog. Without him creating BlockLog, I wouldn't have been able to create SimpleLog. I am basically updating and adding a features to his original plugin. Currently, I've only added chests being able to be logged by who opened them, at what time, and at what coordinates. Eventually, I will add the ability to log what items were taken from a chest at what time and coordinates, as well as other features. Feel free to PM or post about some features you would like, and I might add them, if they're not absolutely ridiculous!

    Please also PM or post about any bugs/glitches.


    * v0.2- Small update, fixed the bug which caused the time to not update
    * v0.1- Initial Release
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    Using this now! It works great, and is much easier than some others i've tried! TYVM!
    Something that would be nice is tracking what comes OUT of a chest.
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    simplelog and log which is more lightweight
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    Thanks so much for updating this, I really needed a lightweight one cuz I don't want to install an entire database for a 10-man semi-private server. (Well, we have about 26 people, but never more than like 8 at a time, and I'm having some greifer issues.... you get the idea)

    Anyway, simplicity is key. Thanks!
  6. The option to view messages on chest open, like some sort of "last access list" would be amazing. Thanks anyways!
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    Can you set it up (because I haven't tried it yet) to log only chest traffic?
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    Needs a way to check the logs in-game.. By right clicking the block or w.e
    Also needs permissions...

    Better writeup of how to use etc would not be bad, but not really needed :p
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    Yes, I understand it needs more features, permissions, a way to check the logs in-game, etc. I'll try to add it in tomorrow or today (EST Time/GMT-5), but I have some school work to finish today, so I might not be able to add everything today. So in short terms, expect an update today or tomorrow!

    Small update, fixed the bug which caused the time to not update in the logs. Bigger update coming soon with permissions support, and the ability to check the logs in-game!

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    Could you allow MYSQL? I like MYSQL better saveing to folders take a lot from the computer and MYSQL eliminates most of that! :)
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    If you want MYSQL use LogBlock. This is called SimpleLog for a reason. It's meant for all of us poor bastards who don't have access to a remote mysql server, or don't run the server on their own pc.
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    Does this work if someone places lava down?
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    Wow. I can't believe I forgot this... It logs when someone places a lava block down, but not a bucket. I'll release a small update soon with a fix to log when someone empties water and lava buckets.
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    Could you make a blacklist option for the block place log? i.e not record when someone places torches but records when they are broke?
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    Do you think in the future you can add multi world support and have it say at what world at the cords something was broken or taken from a chest?
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    By the way, I can't believe I didn't notice this earlier, but the timestamps are off by a month. Today's logs start with 12/4/2011... but it's May...

    Not really a big deal, just thought I'd point it out.
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    My time stamp is a month off like a couple others have mentioned. There is no logging when someone removes a picture either, although minor I have some users who are experiencing griefing by having them remvoed.
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    please add some sort of checking block changes ingame by using an item, for example.
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    struggling with this cb818
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    To any Moderator/Admin: I don't have the time right now to update this. Please move this to inactive plugins. Thank you.

    Sorry to anyone who liked this plugin and thought it was useful, I'll release a last update for build 818, or update 1.6.6. You can download this update <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I may work on this plugin again, but not until school is over. I have a few end of the year exams which I need to study for. Work on this plugin will resume on June 27th or June 28th.
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    What, this plugin is great. I downloaded it for 766 i think, haven't updated it yet, and it runs fine for me. Sure there are some bugs with the time but thats not exactly a problem for me.

    It's a very reliable, intuitive, and fast plugin for security. Great for when BigBrother is being... incompatible.
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    nooo whyy, well sorry for your surrender, its ok :,)
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    Love this plugin!

    Ive found so many griefers and helped so many players find out who did what :cool:
    And it is very simple
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    Can anyone confirm if this works for 1.7.2 or not? I mean, I know it won't log pistons, but it'd still be helpful for other greifer-related issues.

    And to the plugin developer, your predicament is understandable. I've been gone from Minecraft hosting for some time for the same reason. I hope you did well on your exams. And I REALLY hope you can start working on this again sometime in the near future. It was a HUGE help "for all of us poor bastards who don't have access to a remote mysql server".
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    Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait, but I'll continue work on SimpleLog either today or next week. I got caught up in summer camp, (like I said above) exams, and other IRL things. Currently, I have no idea whether this works on 1.7.2 or not, because mine and my friends server isn't updated to 1.7.2. :p

    I plan to release an update so this can work on 1.7.2 today, and I'll be releasing a huge update with many new features soon. (Hopefully it won't be too hard). Once again, sorry for the wait.
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    CraftBukkitUpToDate support please.
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    Screem please update this plugin?! I freaking love it and there are no other decent alternatives to what you have done here! I'll give you a cookie......
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    I started to re-code the whole plugin this morning (EST/GMT-5) and am planning to finish today. I'll release it again with a new name and some added features when I am finished, which should be in the next 7-10 hours. :D

    I'll look into it. ;)
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    You've made me so happy :'(
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    Aaaaand... done!

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