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    GuestLogs- The Very Simple Player Logging Plugin! FlatFile!
    Version: v1

    Info: This is My First Self Created Plugin Please Take It easy on me. This is Basically Like My Other Plugin *CraftingLogger* But this ONLY Logs Player Joins. I wont add much for Features.

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1015938/GuestLogs.jar -CB798


    - Creates a Log file in /plugins/GuestLogs/Guest.logs
    - Stores Date and Time on when the player has Joined!

    The Log File:

    [Sat, 21-May-2011 17:18:03] chernobyl360

    Future Ideas:

    Broadcast message To All?
    Have a Command For Admins Only To See the past 5 players? But Make This Interesting. Hold a Book To look at past 5 players?

    Ran Into An Issue?:

    Use This Format To State Your Issue

    Cb Version-
    Complete Plugins List-
    The Error Code/ Issue-
    Version: 1.0

    Released For CB 798
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    any way you could fork this or modify with an option to only log the FIRST time each player logs in ... thanks!
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    i could. but why would you want this? this is a great way to see everytime when a person comes on. cause if a griefing happens you could look at this log to see the closest time to when a person logged on when the griefing took place.
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    simple, effective. Thank you!
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    your welcome. im gonna update this in a bit anyways to due it inflicting with other plugins i.e Gastronomic.
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    I would use it to see how long people have been on the server, easier to decide promotions. Also, if it could do total playtime as well that would be the best plugin I've got in the promotion department!
  7. Heres an idea, although may be redundant.

    1) - Player joins, create a file called "eastonch.txt", player is added to the "users.txt" and has a "1" next to their name.
    2) - player leaves, edit the "eastonch.txt" and add the time, date of leave
    3) - Player joins again, edit the "eastonch.txt" and add the time, date of join. Add +1 next to their name in the users.txt

    That would make this plugin complete for me.
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    It's a nice plugin but the download link isn't working O.O
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    His account was hacked, take a look at his profile.
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    :eek: okay.
  11. Hey can you re-upload this plugin?
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    Would be perfect for me, but i kinda need the players IP in the logg as well.

    Is there any chance you could add that?

    EDIT: I cant download. It might be me but it wouldnt hurt to check the links :D
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    Dr Danco

    ahh download link is broken :(
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    Would love to see this also log how long the player has been active for. Basicly, how long they have been playing.
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    I need this plugin! Fix download link pls!
    Also, PM me and I can put up an alternate download link on my website.

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