[INACTIVE][ADMN/SEC] Exclusive v? - ReserveList for your best players!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Lamp, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Exclusive is a reserve list plugin

    To install simply place the plug-in jar file in your plugins folder

    To add and remove players from your reservelist just edit reserve.txt (it's created upon first plugin run)

    Example reservelist:
    to reload your list, simply type /reload (You must be op!)

    Download link: Exclusive
    Source: Exclusive

    Note: I have not completely tested this, please report back and tell me about this plugin!

    For those of you that desire a reserved list that doesn't kick the player...
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    Thanx man!
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    Seems to sort of work, but I would much rather have reserve list players go above the set server limit (i.e. 21/20) than have them kick another player to make room. Kicking players is just going to make anyone not on the reserve list mad and find a different server. If you just allow reserve list players to join unlimitedly, but don't kick anyone, this would be a MUCH better plugin!
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    I concur. The kicking behaviour is kinda jerky.
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    I see no reservelist.txt but I do see reserved.txt
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    Needed this for my server, so I decided I would release it. Open Source of course.

    - No longer kicks players
    - Kicks the offending non-reserve list player with reason which can be modified in server.properties
    - Reserved.txt holds players.

    Download or Source

    Kudo's to him making it, I have left him as an author and gave credit where I could. I re-wrote a lot of things to make it cleaner and look a little nicer..

    I will not be continuing progress with this, as it is Lamp's plugin, I just hope he is cool with me posting it.
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    @ Nijikokun lifesaver!
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    It's all good, i'm all for improvements; I wrote this plugin quickly due to a request from a friend. I didn't put much time into it.
  11. It doesn't work for me. Doesn't actually reserve slots (players still get server full).
    Tried both your version and Nijikokun's (craftbukkit #126
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    same, doesn't work
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    Nathan C

    Yep, doesn't work. Dang I really need a plugin like this.
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    This plugin is 1337!
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