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    redeemCodes - give items to your players:
    Version: v0.3 This plugins allows Ops to create codes that allow your players to take items.

    /code nameOfTheCode idOfItems numberOfItems numberOfTimeTheCodeCanBeUsed

    /code name 1 2 1
    Will create the reedem code name with 2 blocks of 1, usable 1 time.
    /redeem name
    Will give to the player who sended it 2 blocks of stone.
    Will toggle the "once" option: a player can/cannot redeem more than once a code.
    Attention: on server restart/reload the list will be cleared.
    • Make redeem codes
    • Make redeem codes redeemable one time
    Download the Plugin


    Version 0.3
    • Saving system changed in flatfile (it recognize the old format and it saves in the new)
    • Fixed the infinite redeems bug
    Version 0.2
    • Added message on successful redeem
    • Added saving and loading redeem codes
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing plugin
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    It's really strange, for me it works. What command did you use for code?
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    can you add a console command and/or a File where you manualty add code e.x. from other programms or skrips? Because I want to write an PHP code that create redeem codes.
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    For some reason if you do:

    /code test 310 1 1
    /code test 311 1 1

    (trying to make more items for the same code) it creates an UNLIMITED (I think) supply for the second code...

    Possibly a bug? Or am I doing soemthing wrong? Also, how do you make it so you can have multiple items from one redeem?
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    @game_staller94: Working on it.
    @UnrealEgg: this is a bug. Working on it.

    I will fix the bug and release the v0.3 soon.
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    I have a problem. When I make code, I see this error : [reedemCodes] There is something wrong...

    I use this command : /code e174e175c 1 278 64

    Can anyone help me?
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    Thanks for the update, is it possible to have several items per code? Oh and the ability to edit codes in a config file so I dont have to type them out in game :)
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    @UnrealEgg: 1. No 2. not for now, but in the version 0.3.
    For me this command works. :\
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    Suggestions for a future release:

    Can you add the option for a comma separated list of redeem items? For example:
    /code leather 298,299,300,301 1,1,1,1 1

    Would create a redeem code for a full set of leather armor.

    Another suggestion is to use - to designate durability. For example, combining the above two suggestions:
    /code colors 35-1,35-14 16,32 1

    Would create a redeem code for 16 orange wool, and 32 red wool.
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    Does this have permissions and/or groupmanager support?
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    @AndrewFM: thanks for the suggestion, I will try for the 0.4.
    @jor956: no, you have to be op for create codes.


    Version 0.3
    • Saving system changed in flatfile (it recognize the old format and it saves in the new)
    • Fixed the infinite redeems bug

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    But the file is only written when the server is Reloaded, can you made it check the file every 30 secondes or so?
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    @game_stailer94: not for now, sorry. I'm planning a real time system.
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    Anyway we can get the codes to right/read from a text document that way if we need multiple codes for one item we can just copy and paste one code then modify it a bit?
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    There is already a text document, is called redeemCodes.txt
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    You could just use kits instead, but its a nice alternative to those without essentials!
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    Video of how to use this please?
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    Any way you can make it so that certain permissions are redeemable as a code and added to the player who redeemed?
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    Ok I just found out it allows you to /redeem many many times, it should be capped at 1 per person
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    @Kalais: I don't think so. Sorry.
    @MatCat: I think this is the way it should work. I create a poll, let's see what the users think.

    Edit: Sorry... how do I can create a poll?
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    Really love the plugin and have gone through this tread now.. Sorry to ask but is it possible for more then one person to redeem the same code? I would really love to use this as a quest based plugin type of a thing. One would get to the end of a "quest" find a sign with the code on it and punch it in.. But this would only work if it could be done by all of the players. Thanks for the great plugin
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    Thank you, just do:
    /code nameOfTheCode idOfTheItem numberOfItems 1000000

    this code will be usable 1000000 times.
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    Ahh I see thanks for the help! Only problem being people would be able to just spam it. So is there anyway it can be made to be redeemable buy infinite people but only once per person?
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    I can add this feature, but then if another person want to make a code reusable...
    I'm sorry, I'm searching a solution.
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    Couldn't they just name the code something different?
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    Hey, could you add infinite reedems when the max-redeem is -1?

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    @Jopi: done.
    @Minecrafta2z: I don't understand.
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    Yeah I would love to use this as incentives for people to follow my server on twitter, facebook, youtube, etc, and give out codes in them where they get stuff for using / following us, but I want it where those codes are pretty much unlimited but can only be used once per person, that is not possible currently, as if I create a code with say... 50000 redeems, it will last a while but a player could just sit there and redeem it over and over and over.
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    @MatCat What do you suggest? Should I make this by default?
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    You should make that user by finding the code could use it only once. Because there should be opportunity for other users to use it.

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