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    OnlyOP - Let join only OP's
    Version: 0.3
    Hello guys,here is my new simple plugin: OnlyOP v0.3!
    I made this plugin because i seen before a request. :D
    @captainawesome7 get a VERY big thanks for teaching me how to use splitted commands.
    With this plugin you can enable a stuff which is only let join Operators.
    If anyone else try to join then its kick the player with this message:"Sorry,currently only OPs can join."


    * /onlyop -List the commands
    * /onlyop on -Enable OnlyOP
    * /onlyop off -Disable OnlyOp
    * /onlyop state -Write out the state of the plugin.

    Please guys if you find any kind of bug please report it to me!
    In the next version: Permissions support (finally) and MAYBE savable plugin state,and when the plugin enabled kick all-non OP (or Permission category) player.

    After you start the server with the plugin it creates a OnlyOP directory and a txt file in it,called onlyopmessage.txt.
    Write your message in it,save it,reload the server and ta-da!

    Direct link[v0.3]: http://www.minecraftjava.atw.hu/onlyop.jar
    Mediafire[v0.2]: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    The .jar contains the source!

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    @ZephyrSigmar Please use this template:
    And please add a wget friendly download (just click and it downloads, no loading a webpage)
    Template (open)

    TestPlugin - The Test Plugin:
    Version: v0.2

    This is a description of my awesome test plugin and how to use it.


    • My plugin makes cake
    • And eats it
    Download The Test Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 0.2
    • Added the ability for the plugin to eat the cake it makes
    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    @captainawesome7 Aahhm,i think i used that template and demonstrated my plugin correctly but thanks again for reply and help :)
    Update: I added a direct link,just click and instant download but because more option bugged on at editing i can't add the file here :(
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    @ZephyrSigmar Having a spoiler for 4 commands is completely unnecessary, and you don't have this:
    TestPlugin - The Test Plugin:
    Version: v0.1
    This is a description of my awesome test plugin and how to use it.
    You seriously should follow this completely, or it will never be accepted.
    And put the features in a list.
    I helped you because you were a plugin dev and I needed to learn more about command args too (cause apparently arg1 == "derp" doesn't work its arg1.equals("derp")) I think there is already a plugin released a few days ago that does the exact same thing as this though.
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    Um, so the reason i need this is? I can just make it op from my server properties if i wanted
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    is there support for permissions?
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    Can u add custom message settings? Something like "Sorry, We doing some maintenance! Come back again later!"
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    Hey there!

    A very useful plugin! Great for server testing and such!!

    As Appev suggested... please give us the ability to to have custom messages.:)
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    Why not just swich whitelist on?
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    Hmmm, if there is possible to edit whitelist-message tell us please :)
    Sometimes I need no players on server, only me, and other players, tried to join, crying to me "why we cannot play? we want it so much" and I should always tell him "I do some maintenance, or mass upgrade, or configuring, or other..."

    So it…
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    Well, if your server is whitelisted anyway, this would be sort of a second-level whitelist. For maintenance maybe.
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    Woot,im away for some days and i get a lot of comments.
    Sweet! :D
    Yes guys,permissions and config comes in the new version,i working on it! ;)
    @jamescosten I think you should missunderstood something.That plugin dont allow simple players to join if you enable it with the /onlyop on command.
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    like this plugin! would it be possible to output the last known state of the plugin to a file, so if the server is restarted, it can remain in an only OP mode? This would also allow external apps to read the current state (say the server's website with PHP)

    looking foward to the next release with permissions :)
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    Version 0.2 is now out with configurable kick message.
    I just learned the basics of config files so i'm happy :D
    Now i need to learn advanced config files and how to make permissions support.. >.<"
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    This is a fantastic plugin to allow me to work on the server and keep others out very easily! But while I am working on the server configuration I have to restart it all the time and configure different plugins. It would be wonderful if it was possible to keep the onlyop setting. So if i perform an onlyop /on then whenever I restart the server it will always be onlyop /on until I turn it off.

    One other thought... When enabled and an Op joins have it send a message "op mode only enabled" or something along that line.
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    Version in plugin.yml not updated
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    Spelling Warning:

    /onlyop off -Enable OnlyOp
    Must be
    /onlyop off -Disable OnlyOp
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    Cuz we wanna use more jazz.
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    I working on it again,permissions support tomorrow will be released with a function to kick all non-op player or player who has no permission to stay at the server when u type in /onlyop on.

    I released it,the v0.3 with permissions and stuff to kick players when you enable the plugin.
    Note please guys i DID NOT tested the permissions support so please send some response,it is working or not.
    Thanks :)

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    I would like to thank you. But I do have a question. If I don't have permissions installed does it automatically revert back to ops only? Because I have been doing some testing with my permissions system and have found that if no permissions are set and I try and issue a command from the console it errors out. I can get the error message for you if you would like.
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    Version number lack
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    Is the coding nice and clean? I always want to know that before I add a plugin :)
    Is it better then this:

    else {
    Lawl, just an example =)
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    Hey ZephyrSigmar, epic plugin :D But I noticed, its not persistant D: I am kinda sick of having to type /onlyop on every time I do a restart.. Will you ever add persistance? :D
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    When i type /onlyop on and want to kick everyone with the following yes command.. i get kicked too and can't join then. My permissions is set to '*' Same with the player that have onlyop.use / onlyop.stay in their permission
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    I try to type in the command: "/onlyop on" or any other command, this error pops up: "Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access command, but Bukkit cannot let you. Bukkit will leak tears :'(". How do I fix it? I am set to an op, and I set the permissions.

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