[INACTIVE][ADMN] iWarning v2.1 - Warn bad users, Anti-Greif features as well [1000]

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    iWarning - A full recode of original version. More features etc!:
    Version: v2.2

    Coded By: @cronikkk of MineDev
    Follow me on twitter! @MineDevCronikkk

    If you had used iWarning previously, you would know its a plugin that is nice for warning users for things they may have done. As you might be aware of, there is a piston dupe bug right now, it blocks those upon dropping as well. This would be good for giving multiple chances. Everything is configurable!

    • SQLite Right now, MySQL soon!
    • Warn for placing fire blocks, water blocks, tnt, pistons, sticky pistons
    • Configure wether or not they get warned for placing those blocks (turn off warnings for water etc)
    • Customiseable messages for broadcasting warnings, kick broadcasts, and ban broadcasts
    • Easy to use commands
    • Default: Kick after 3 warnings, ban after 5
    • Built in ban system
    • NEW automatic update checker
    • New Stuff:
      • Reports System (Explanation below!!!)
      • Bad language filter
    Commands / Permission Nodes
    • /mywarnings - Shows warnings for yourself
      • iWarning.mywarnings
    • /warn - warn a user
      • iWarning.warn
    • /wadmin - show command list for wadmin
      • iWarning.wadmin
    • /wadmin pw <user> - show warnings for a specific player
      • iWarning.wadmin.pw
    • /wadmin rw <user> - reset warnings for a specific user
      • iWarning.wadmin.rw
    • /wbans - show command list for wbans
      • iWarning.wbans
    • /wbans view - show list of banned users
      • iWarning.wbans.view
    • /wbans remove - remove a user from ban list
      • iWarning.wbans.remove
    • /wbans add - add user to ban list
      • iWarning.wbans.add
    • /reports file <description> - File a report on a specific incident.
      • iWarning.reports.file
    • /reports unread - View unread reports
      • iWarning.reports.viewunread
    • /reports all - View all reports (Read and unread)
      • iWarning.reports.viewall
    • /reports delete <report id> - Delete a report from the database
      • iWarning.reports.delete
    • /reports details <report id> - View full details/description etc of a report
      • iWarning.reports.details
    Older Versions (open)

    Versions before 2.2 are not available due to web host closing

    Future Updates (open)

    • Changing chat filter to what people wanted

    How To Use Reports (open)

    Say a user name bob is destroying glass blocks on your house. What you type is something along the lines of:
    /reports file The user bob is destroying glass blocks on my house!

    An admin will then be alerted of this insident if he is online. If not, an admin can check when they get online. An admin would type:
    /reports unread

    This would show him the unread reports. He can see the ID of your report, date etc. To view the full details, he would type
    /reports details <report id>

    It would tell him who filed the report, the date of the report creation, and the full description. He can then take further action

    Change Log (open)

    Version 2.2
    • Fixed auto update link for new site
    Version 2.1
    • Fixed reports file bug
    • Fixed delete report bug
    Version 2.0
    • Added bad words filter
      • You can remove/add words to your liking
    • Added reports feature
      • Users file reports
      • Admins can view, and are alerted upon report creation
      • Future updates for this will come!
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a small bug
    • Removed one unnecessary feature. 1.0 was deleted that feature is no unavailable.
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
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  2. good job cronikkk!
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    Thanks you tips :)
  4. xD
    are there automatic warns? or am i missing something :O
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    There are automatic warnings for people who place
    - Water
    - Lava
    - TNT
    - Pistons / Sticky Pistons

    Each of these things are configurable. So if you don't want people to be warned for pistons, set it to False in the config file :)

    Say you're swearing and I want it to stop. I'd type
    /warn tips48 Stop swearing
    It would tell you you were warned and broadcast it to the server saying tips48 was warned by cronikkk for the reason: stop swearing
  6. awesome :D
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    Hmm noticed a few things to fix. Be on that now. :)

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    Fixed bug, removed the unnecessary feature :)
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    Some reviews or recommendations would be cool :)
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    smells nice :p Good job sexy!
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    thank you

    Your posts are always rather different from the rest.

    Just about finished an update checker :p

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    Send cronikkk future suggestions to make this better for you :)
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    Update checker just about finished.
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    v1.2 Released!
    Features: update checker!
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    Great plugin!

    How about console command support?
    i just managed to ban myself, since i couldn't unban through console i had to remove plugin :p

    And Permissions support could be useful, f.x. restrict placing of TNT to a certain group?
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    All you had to do was delete the .db file in the folder :p! I'll probably add the unban feature for console XD
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    Yeah i probably did it the hard way.. Reinstalled plugin ofcourse, 0 self-bans so far ^^,
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    XD good. Let me know if you pop any errors :D
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    Nice plugin better than AdvancedWarning :)
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    Thanks :)

    Let me know if you have any suggestions/additional comments/bug findings
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    Hey, I have a feature request.

    A reporting system, so that players can report other players, then a Moderator or Admin can look over the reports and give warnings accordingly, fairly similar to how the Reporter plugin worked. The reason it would have to go through a Moderator or Admin is because if warnings are directly applied via reports from players a player could get un-rightfully banned.


    The plugin has been said to be dropped by the Dev in post #118
    I always thought that your plugin and Reporter worked so well together that it would only make sense if they were both put into 1 plugin. I would love to see that feature implemented into iWarning. :)
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    Adamki11s is on my dev team so i can easily get snippets of code from him. Will do :) Expect that in the next release along with the word filter (of corse toggleable).

    Permissions will definitive be implemented.
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    Awesome but you add a way to jail players after a certain amount of warnings using a jail plugin.
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    Interesting, I'll think about it
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    That is awesome! :D And the word filter -- I've wanted one of those for a long time, but didn't want to have to get a plugin with a whole bunch of other features as well... Above and beyond what I was expecting. :D Great job, and awesome plugin! :D

    -- Permissions will be nice too :D
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    Thanks a lot. This is a recode of my very first plugin and its good to hear that people like it :p
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    The Updates!

    Hey everyone! Yes we will be updating soon, got a few bugs in the reports part I must work out.
    Expect it by Thursday or Friday or even before that.

    This will be on build 1000 as well!

    Thank you!
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    Glad to see iWarning back from the dead (kinda late post but who cares) ;) nice work cronikkk.
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    Wow first time i've heard from you in a long time :/

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