[INACTIVE][ADMN] iSee 0.2.1 - Inventory Management Made easy! [483]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by WMisiedjan, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I'm looking into the distance issue.
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    when i type /isee player i can see their inv for 1 second than it closes do you know why?and how to fix
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    This looks awesome, but can you edit a player's inventory?
    Never mind, I read the description. [​IMG]
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    As far as I know it only works now with a player that's close to you, And that don't move.
    I need to fix that, I'm working hard browsing and experimenting the minecraft server/bukkit source.
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    I think it's great that people like Niji and Sk89q are letting other authors develop their ideas. This is a perfect example. Once this is updated, as you said, it'll be way better than cleaner ever was. [​IMG]
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    What are you talking about? It is their idea? I was just fucking around with virtual chests and NPC until I though that I needed a way to easily change my NPC's inventory etc. I first wanted the same window as you press I. But that didn't work out but this worked perfectly for now.
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    Oh, well I'm stupid. I just thought this was a different way of doing cleaner. My bad[​IMG]
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    Tfs Halo

    May i ask what the permissions nodes are? i tryed using
    - '*'
    - iSee.admin

    the reason i have the all permissions is because i don't know how to assign all of the nodes for each and every command so i just gave everyone everything and put a strict whitelist.

    but i don't want any of my members to be using this plugin so that's why i put it here.
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    Tfs Halo

    ok thanks for replying fast i appreciate it and also i think i might not have of updated it to 2.5.2 i think only have 2.5
    and yep i was right thanks for everything i will update and will try it out :)
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    No problem ;)
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    Could you Have the download somewhere else, because my stupid filter blocks mediafire :p
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    Liam Allan

    Hey there :D, Great work :D
    Running on my software and server :D
    Just one question.....
    Why does it not work if the player is far away
    it should work were ever the player is on the map

    Hopefully this will be fixed :D
    Please reply soon, as thanks

    P.s Can i just ask for anyone thats reading this
    please go see my website, its for some brand new smp software
    the site is www.theccsoftware.webs.com
    Thanks again
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    I've added iSee.admin, iSee.admin.*, iSee, iSee.* to permissions, yet still not working. My mods get the error of "You don't have the permission for that command".

    Using permissions 2.5.2 and CB 493
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    Same thing as pixelbat. I know I have permission as I'm admin and they get all permissions.
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    I'll look into it as soon as my desktop PC is up and running again, Having some issues with my motherboard.
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    I know u already told it's NOT like Cleaner, but do you have plans to add some features cleaner had? Serverwide Inventory wipe for example?

    Edit: Hook up with permission works for me but nothing happens if i use /isee playername (no error). If i type a wrong playername i get an error so its enabled.
    10 times nothing happens and then it pops up just for a second and closes immediately.

    CB version: 493
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    It works for me and i updated today =) i use craftbukkit #493
    Can you the plugin maker PLEASE add some range to this plugin like as in the hole server
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    Yeah fix this plugin.

    I have no idea how to give my mods permission to use it.

    You should make it so mods can't view/take from admins

    It actually works VERY rarely and when it does it only pops up for 0.01 seconds.

    The entire time I have used this I have only gotten to check various peoples inventory's about 5 times.
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    Becuase atm its only close range
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    Works flawlessly so far.
    Really awesome, good, and great!

    (I'll have a good time spelling stuff in my admins inventorys before they notice this plugin :> )
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    Alright, problem solved.
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    This mod display another's player inventory like a chest interface. So thats why you gotta be close to the player, like a chest.
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    thanks man I have build 493 and it works perfectly :)
  25. I'm playing on my server with only a friend. When the distance issue is fixed, if it can be, this plugin will be NICEEE!
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    Really hoping for a fix with the distance issue.
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    I'm have less time to fix this. My computer is broken, need a new motherboard. Hoping my motherboard is here soon. Will try to fix the distance issue as soon as possible.
  28. Been using this plugin for ~24 hours and i've had no issues with it as of yet. I'm thankful for the plugin WMisidjan and i will continue using this plugin on any servers i may become admin on, currently BattleCraft.

    The only issue, as its already reported, "yeah im sorry for this!" But the distance issue is a major problem!

    I've thought of a way this plugin can be used in addition to the standard inventory checking.
    Since the inventories can be edited, you could use this feature as a middle manning setup, Although on most servers you wouldnt require it, it is always a possibility that it can be used as such.
  29. I've got the same distance issue as well, but its not really a problem for me.... i normally jail my fugitives anyways... and i use this to confiscate stolen goods.

    However, i'm running into a permissions problem (running 2.5.3). Only the OP's can use this command. I have the node given to the admins, but when the command is used, it shows as no permissions.
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    SweetCraft Girl

    Right now, this has very very little use. As Admin/GMs we need to be able to /scan /spy whatever from anywhere on anyones inventory and then be able to /replace global glowstone coal/air - whatever. Just being able to see what they have will only create frustration when you discover a cheater - unless you plan on knocking them down there killing them and repossessing the ill-gotten gains. All of which are too much work when we have so much other stuff to do.

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