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    Vote - The extensive voting plugin
    v2.0 [232]
    Updated: 2/6/2011 4:04pm EST

    Download - Donate
    Previous: v1.0.5 [186], v1.0.4 [168], v1.0.3 [162], v1.0.2 [162], v1.0.1 [162], v1.0 [162]

    Vote is exactly what you'd expect: a voting plugin. It's general usage makes it excellent for any server admin. It can be used to run a command if the majority of players agree to the vote, or just gather input. In order to run a command after the vote you must have the plugin supporting the command, the player starting the vote must have access to it, and the player must be ingame. Vote is still in production, but has the majority of planned features already implemented.

    NOTE: Vanilla server commands and commands from plugins which do not use the onCommand standard will not work. If your command does not run at the end of a successful vote, this is why.

    Planned Features/Changes (suggestions are welcome):
    • Allow for multiple vote responses
    • Support multiple votes at once
    • Add support for Bukkit's Groups/Permissions when it's ready
    • Remove support for Nijikokun's Permissions and default authentification
    • Switch to yaml configuration
    Command Usage (open)

    Supported tags
    vote|vo, start|s, cancel|c, reconfig|r, yes|y, no|n, x
    Reload configuration and white/blacklists
    /vote reconfig
    List votes in progress
    List options for particular vote
    /vote #
    When starting a new vote you can override the default yes/no options by applying your own separated by ':'. The same goes for running a command when the option wins the vote. If you don't want a command to run for a particular option just leave it blank and add another ':'. See below for examples.
    /vote start (time) question(&&option 1:option 2:option 3&&commandOn1::commandOn3)
    There's no limit to how many options you can have per vote, but do be gentle.
    Vote Examples (open)

    Create a simple yes/no vote
    /vote start To be or not to be?
    Create a simple yes/no vote with command on success
    /vote start To be or not to be?&&god
    Create a vote with a custom run time
    /vote start 15 To be or not to be?&&god
    Create a vote with custom options
    /vote start To be or not to be?&&To be:Or not:That is the question
    Create a vote with custom options and commands
    /vote start To be or not to be?&&To be:Or not:NOT&&god::kick player

    Voting (open)

    If there is one vote in progress
    # Will only work if using a default vote
    /vote yes
    /vote no
    # Remove your vote
    /vote x
    If there is multiple
    # Will only work if using a default vote
    /vote # yes
    /vote # no
    Ex. /vote 1 yes
    # Remove your vote
    /vote # x
    Ex. /vote 1 x

    Cancel Vote (open)

    If there is one vote in progress
    /vote cancel
    If multiple
    /vote # cancel
    Ex. /vote 1 cancel

    Configuration (open)

    # Use Nijikokun's Permissions?
     usePermissions: false
     # Log commands?
     useLogger: false
     # The default length of a vote if none is specified
     defaultLength: 30
     # Do we show each player's vote when they cast it?
     showVotes: true
     # Do we show the vote's tally after each vote?
     showTally: false
     # Can players change their vote?
     allowReVote: false
     # Can players remove their vote?
     allowRemoveVote: false
     # End the vote when everyone has voted?
     allVoted: true
    To add permissions (Default):
    To add permissions (Nijikokun's Permissions):
        - 'vote.start'
        - 'vote.cancel'
        - 'vote.reconfig'
        - 'vote.vote'

    Changelog (open)


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    This plugin has not yet been updated. Please be patient until I get around to it.
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    it would be great if this plugin was updated for the newest build
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    You're right. I should see if I can quickfix this for an early release. I'll see what I can do.
  5. Do vote results persist Through a restart?
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    @christopher Grace
    Are you asking about a vote in progress or completed? In the future there will be support for past votes, a list of commands (defined by you, the server admin) which support permissions for allowing commands which players don't have permission to use in votes. First, I will be finishing this update to make things work again.
  7. I mean in progress. My server restarts automatically every five hours and I'd use this if in-progress votes would remain active and accurate
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    It would be complicated. Accuracy will be a tough thing since players may leave during the server restart, so the counts per option in each vote would then have to be adjusted. If more people support this idea I'll see about introducing it in a later update.
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    Can we first just worry about updating for Bukkit 493? :D
  10. Ah, I see. I did not know this was dependent on people remaining online. I was more looking for ssomething that would present voting options upon login and keep the vote open for an extended period
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    Yeah, I was looking for something like that too. I want to be able to ask my users if, for example, they want me to add a particular mod, or want to switch from peaceful to normal mode, or other things like that. For those decisions, I'd really like all of the users to be able to vote, not just the ones that happen to be online at the time.
  12. Yep, exactly my thoughts
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    Link is down please get up asap !!:)
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    @PacketCollision @Christopher Grace
    I never realized it would be used this way, but it should be. I'll add this to the features list.

    I've come to update my development environment and catch up on what I've missed and try to finish up the update. I've got a couple days to myself starting tomorrow.
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    Great, thanks!

    Good luck coding.
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    Since we're on the topic of features. Does anyone have any suggestions for a future update? I've already thought about multi/chain commands on vote end, as well as supporting a list of 'whitelisted' commands which can be used by players who don't have access to them. Perhaps the ability to change the default 51% for win?
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    I'd love to be able to let users "call" a vote, with a preset list of allowed votes to call. For instance, there could be "make it day" and "disable monsters for 3 days" that a user could activate, and both of those votes would have pre-associated commands that get run if the vote wins. The user wouldn't need to have permission to use the commands to call a vote, but they would not be able to change what commands are run either.
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    That's what I said :p
    The only difference is that Vote will not run the commands it will only send them.
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    Link is broken. Dropbox 404 D:
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    four oh four D:
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    Jeez people is it that hard to read the title or even the last post? It hasn't been updated yet. Hopefully if all goes as planned it will be by the end of the week.
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    This is a cool idea. Hope you get it updated soon!
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    Sorry but the link to download, you posted here is corruped.
    Can you give another working link please ?!
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    Switch to BukkitVote.

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