[INACTIVE][ADMN/FUN] Humiliation v0.8 - Humiliate Griefers with a Variety of Options [860]

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    Under new management:


    Changelog (open)

    0.8 - overhauled properties system - now called "humiliation.properties", and it actually works! :)
    - added option to disable automatic death when a player places TNT
    - works with CB recommended build #766
    0.7.1 - fixed NPE when a player attempts to break a WEB block
    - bad-words.txt now comes with 4 bad words already in it!
    0.7 - added /trap and /untrap commands
    - tons of code refactoring
    - plugin.yml is now 50% shorter due to the removal of some unneccesary stuff
    - added README.txt file for proper error-reporting techniques
    - added option to specify nick-color in-game using /humiliate command; if no color is specified, it defaults to "default-nick-color"
    - replaced "nickname-color" config property with "default-nick-color"
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    0.6 - works with CB recommended build #733
    - added /strike command
    - added bad-words.txt; if a player (that does not have the node 'humiliation.admin') says a word
    in bad-words.txt, they are struck by lightning
    0.5 - removed auto-kick for TNT; now player is just blown to smithereens if he tries to place TNT
    (and does not have the 'humiliation.admin' node)
    0.5-alpha2 - throw height is now part of throw command (if none is specified, defaults to "default-throw-height" in config file
    - works with CB recommended build #677
    0.5-alpha1 - added ability to leash players -- not perfect yet
    - 'humiliation.leash' node
    - fixed a silly mistake in v0.4 (didn't actually get rid of onCommand in main class)
    - works with CB recommended build #674
    0.4 - moved all commands to CommandExecutor class
    - works with CB recommended build #670
    0.3.5 - very small bugfixes/code clean-up
    0.3.4 - added colorful throw messages
    - removed [noun] parameter from /slap command
    0.3.3 - fixed /throw command
    - a bit of code re-arranging
    0.3.2 - fixed console message-spam whenever a player with the 'humiliation.admin' node placed a block
    0.3.1 - fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error -- finally!
    - added /throw [player] command
    0.3 - created Permissions-handling class
    - added LeashMap class to store leashers/leashees for /leash command (LEASH COMMAND
    - added automatic kick on use of TNT, which is configurable in the config.yml
    - needed bugfixes
    - 'humiliation.admin' Permissions node
    - updated to latest recommended build (CB build600)
    - now uses Permissions v2.5.5
    0.2.2 - ability to leash players
    - more bugfixes
    0.2.1 - small bugfix and code cleanup
    0.2 - console spam fix for /slap command
    - /humiliate nickname color now configurable in config.yml (see Configuration section)
    - now open source
    0.1.1 - added Permissions support
    0.1 - Initial release

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    A leash thing would be fun. So said griefer can only move around from a certain distance from a set block, or player.

    As well, it seems that if you don't specify a word for the reason in /slap, a good long list of errors comes up.

    Something along the lines of... "org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exceptop executing command 'slap' in plugin Humiliation v0.1"
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    That's a great idea! I'll see what I can do.

    Permissions support will be added in version 0.2, and I'll probably add your suggested feature in that version, as well.
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    Sounds good, love the plugin so far.
  5. downloaded
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    lol you just shouldn't tolerate griefers at all (/ban) but good idea for that plugin :p
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    Some server admins like to toy with griefers (myself included) before banning them. This plugin appeals to them. :p
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    Version 0.1.1 Released!

    -added Permissions support

    Unfortunately I was not able to get the "leash" command in the latest release. I am still looking for some insight in exactly how I can do that. I also will be adding configurable settings in one of the next versions.
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    I've no idea either, but it'd still be great to see it, if you can figure out how. Again, thanks for the great plugin.
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    For the next release, I will add configurable settings in a properties file. So far you are able to change what color a person's nickname is from the /humiliate command. What else do you guys want to be configurable?

    Also....any screenshots would be greatly appreciated (and put in the main post) :)
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    Ha, I totally approve of this plugin. Thanks for working on this, and if you do finish the leash function. I'd be happy to donate money to you for that. X3

    Edit: Idea, you should research into how to make a player sit on another player like the spider jockeys and then a player mounting a pig or whatever. I know this is possible on the alternative server software like mineserver.
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    I believe you can get that player-riding-player feature using the wonderful plugin "MobRider" by EdwardHand (who I forgot to mention in the OP, he's the one who gave me my initial advice on plugin dev'in :p).
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    Sorry, I didn't see this edit you made to your post. I am aware of this and I am trying to work on a fix. Version 0.2 will be out shortly, barring any last minute bug reports/suggestions.
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    Version 0.2 Released!

    - console spam fix for /slap command (thanks for pointing it out, Owl)
    - /humiliate nickname color now configurable in config.yml (see Configuration section)
    - now open source (GitHub)

    EDIT --

    Version 0.2.1 Released!
    -fixed some formatting issues and a Permissions bug with the /humiliate command
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    I am reading this and cant help but want to cry big manly tears of joy.

    Plugin is Feverdream Approved.
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    Much appreciated! It is good to see at least a few people enjoy my first plugin.

    On another note, I would like to release some more updates, but I am basically relying on what you guys want. The leash feature is something I'm trying hard to accomplish, but it is simply not happening at the moment. Any other feature requests and/or bug reports are gladly welcome!
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    Just Override "onplayermove", check against a distance from config and then move the player back to the leash poe if they are outsde bounds. Give the player a warning before doing so.
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    Version 0.2.2(Alpha) Released!

    -primitive leash capabilities
    -use /leash [player] to attach a player to your player

    This is very primitive. I want to add distance between you and the player, and I am going to make it configurable.

    Plugin Devs - feel free to look at my code on GitHub and offer any form of criticism.
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    Version 0.2.2 Released!

    -more bugfixes
    -leash functionality

    Leashing still needs more work. Expect another update soon, as another RB will be released shortly.
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    It seems after the update, no commands work anymore. All give me back the "An internal error occurred while trying to perform this command."

    It seems to be mentioning permissions in the lines of error though.

    I should also mention that I don't use permissions.
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    I noticed that too when I tested just now. I think it should be fixed come the next release, which will be very soon. When I do release it, please let me know if the problem is still occuring.
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    Version 0.3 Released!

    -created Permissions-handling class
    -added LeashMap class to store leashers/leashees for /leash command (LEASH COMMAND TEMPORARILY DISABLED)
    -added automatic kick on use of TNT, which is configurable in the config.yml
    -needed bugfixes (the one Owl pointed out, and more)
    -'humiliation.admin' Permissions node
    -updated to latest recommended build (CB build600)
    -now uses Permissions v2.5.5

    This is a rather large and important update. It should fix most problems that you guys and I have found.
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    Version 0.3.1 Released!

    -fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error -- finally!
    -added /throw [player] command

    ** New in the config.yml is the "throw-height" property. Use this to set the height that a player is thrown when using the /throw command.

    ** New Permission node: 'humiliation.throw'

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    Just to let everyone know, this plugin does work with the latest CB build #612. I may be adding some more features that are related to 1.4...stay tuned. :)
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    Version 0.3.2 Released!

    -fixed console message-spam whenever someone with the 'humiliation.admin' node places a block
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    Humiliation v0.3.2 does indeed work with the newest RB #617.
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    Whenever I try to use the throw command it says that it is an incorrect command. Does it not work when it comes to throwing admins?
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    Could you post the exact message and/or console output you get when you try using the command?
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    Hey although its a good plugin.

    If the feature Jump player in the air change displayname is called a anti grief method.
    Then would the owner who uses the plugin would be any kind of better than the griefer ?

    By acting like a admin thats punishes every single player and got the option to abuse that .

    Yeah I know its the decision of the admins what they do with it but seriously
    How can a ANTI - Grief Plugin be merged with fun.

    Protection + Warning + Temp Ban
    If still griefing PermBan.

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