[INACTIVE][ADMN] DynamicViewDistance v0.0.3 - Control the visible chunks around each player [1000]

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    DynamicViewDistance - Control the visible chunks around each player:
    Version: v0.0.2

    This plugin allows you to set the view distance on your server. At the moment you can set the view distance for the server, world and player, but this must be done manually and does not persist between server restarts (except for the server view distance).

    • Set and reset server view distance
    • Set and reset each world's view distance
    • Set and reset each player's view distance
    To set the view distance, use the 'setview' command.
    /setview 5 - set my view distance to 5.
    /setview server 7 - set the server view distance to 7.
    /setview world 4 - set the current world's view distance to 4.
    /setview world hell 3 - set the "hell" world's view distance to 3.
    /setview player admin 15 - set the "admin" player's view distance to 15.

    The 'resetview' command is similar, except that it does not take the view distance parameter.

    Permission Nodes:
    This plugin has a rich set of permission nodes that it respects. All permissions default to ops, but can be configured to your hearts content.
    The nodes are as follows:

    viewdistance: allow full control over view distances

    Setting view distance:
    viewdistance.set: allow the setting of all view distances
    viewdistance.set.server: allow setting of the server view distance
    viewdistance.set.world: allow setting of all world view distances
    viewdistance.set.player: description: allow setting of all player view distances
    viewdistance.set.self: description: allow setting of a player's own view distance
    viewdistance.set.player.playername: allow setting of a specific player's view distance

    Resetting view distance:
    Replace 'set' with 'reset' in the set permission nodes to get the reset nodes.

    Download DynamicViewDistance
    Source Code

    Version 0.0.3
    • Fixes bug with setting your own view distance
    Version 0.0.2
    • Releasing my awesome plugin
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    @Cogito : I suppose Bukkit staff are supposed to follow Plugin Guidelines too, are they? Changed title from 1058 to 1000.
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    This depends on a specific commit only in the 1058 build, as it was reverted thereafter. I am happy for this to be moved to submissions or wherever if need be - I am working on fixing the commit to get it into an RC.
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    Inactive, it is.
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    As in, there is nothing wrong with the plugin, only with Bukkit!
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    Ok just wanted to tell you that this project =) could still work... Our server restarts every 2 hours... due to java. memory.


    That could be used to change the actual view distance in a place where it is needed between resets.. And it predicts the amount of players at time... (after it analyzes it) Or gets the info somewhere else.. Or a Matrix.

    When high player amounts are expected then it will lower it and at night it can be bigger
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