[INACTIVE][ADMN] DelayedStop v0.17 - stop the server in x seconds, and inform your players [860]

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    DelayedStop - As admin you sometimes need to restart your server to get plugins working
    properly. As your server is always crowded with players, you want to
    announce this restarts a few minutes before you actually do it.

    This plugins lets you stop your server in x seconds.
    Every minute, and under the minute every 10 seconds, the planned restart
    is announced as broadcast, so you can sit back and wait untill the server stops

    Version: v0.17
    Tested with craftbukkit builds: b860

    • Stop the server after x seconds
    • Kick everyone just before server save-all & shutdown
    • Inform players on the upcoming reboot (at configurable intervals (since v0.16!)
    • Configurable messages & colors
    • Works with permissions/Groupmanager and without it (player must me op then)
    Installation (open)

    * Drop the Jar in your plugin directory, and start your server.

    Config.yml (open)

    # Configuration for DelayedStop
    #   - ddj 2011
    ### Notification settings
    #   Here you can setup at what intervals in the countdown, you would like
    #   to inform your players on the upcoming server shutdown/restart
    #   Use <number>m to use minutes,
    #   Use <number> or <number>s to use seconds
    #   ALWAYS setup this values from high to low otherwise it will not work as expected!!
        notify-at: 10m,5m,1m,30s,10s
    ### Labels ###
        chat-prefix: '[DS]'
        chat-prefix-color: '&d'
        chat-message-color: '&e'
        chat-highlighted-color: '&a'
        ### Broadcast messages  ###
        time-left-message: 'The server will restart in @time-left@'
        restart-cancelled-message: 'Server restart is cancelled!'
        server-down-message: 'Server is shutting down!'
        restart-resumed-message: 'Server restart is resumed'
        restart-paused-message: 'Server restart is paused'
        minute-text: 'minutes'
        second-text: 'seconds'
        minutes-text: 'minutes'
        seconds-text: 'seconds'
        and-text: 'and'

    Permissions (open)

    delayedstop.start     /dstop start
    delayedstop.cancel    /dstop cancel
    if you don't use permissions/groupmanager, make sure the player is OP

    Commands (open)

    Command    : /dstop <seconds> <reason>
    Permissions: delayedstop.start
    Description: Stops server in <seconds> seconds, <reason> is optional
    Command    : /dstop pause
    Permissions: delayedstop.start
    Description: pauses countdown
    Command    : /dstop go or /dstop resume
    Permissions: delayedstop.start
    Description: resumes paused countdown
    Command    : /dstop cancel
    Permissions: delayedstop.cancel
    Description: cancels delayed server shutdown

    Download latest version:
    http://www.crafters.nl/cc/DelayedStop_v0.17.zip (Jar only)
    Source Code is included in Jar

    Version 0.17
    • Fixed first countdown message where total seconds was 1 to less
    • The big cleanup has started:
      - Moved some methods from main class to seperate classfiles
    Version 0.16
    • Added configurable interval messages
      default value now is: 10m,5m,1m,30s,10s,5s
      This means, at 10 ,5 and one minute, at 30,10 and 5 seconds there will be a message.
      You can use <number>m for minutes, or just <number> or <number>s for seconds
    All versions (open)

    Version 0.15
    • Removed debug message (tick every second:) )
    Version 0.14
    • Added /dstop pause - /dstop resume|go command
    Version 0.13
    • Changed timer setup.
      Using a time-plugin (like propertime) caused the countdown to behave strangly.
      The timer now is not connected to 'server-ticks' but to real time.
    • Added more variable messages (different text for 1 second / 2 seconds)
      Remove your config.yml and let the plugin re-create it for all options
    • Added additional text for broadcasting reason of restart.
      /dstop 10 Installation new plugin results in :
      "The server will restart in 30 seconds (Installation new plugin)"
    Version 0.12
    • Default config.yml contained error that caused exceptions when reading the kick-message (server-down-message)
    Version 0.11
    • Fixed problem with exception while kicking players during shutdown
    Version 0.10
    • Initial Release
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    Yeh This could be pretty useful. ill try this now :D

    EDIT: Just Tried this amazing work my friend :D
    EDIT: Worked Fine First Time But now get a long error in command prompt thing, And doesn't shut down :(
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    Solved this error in v0.12 - there was an error in my config.yml where it could not get the message players get to see when they are kicked just before the shutdown.
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    Oh Good I'll Try it again now thanks :)
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    Would it be possible for you to add a restart function as well, so that when you type a command it does the normal stop but then it starts the server auomatically?
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    A plugin that can both stop & start the server is not really a plugin to my opinion:)
    In this case you need an extra program, that can start the server, because how could a server plugin start the server if the plugin itself is controlled by a not-running server;)

    There are 'plugins' for that; for example, you could try AutoStop.
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    City Builder

    Nice. This is going to make it so much easier for me to take the server offline and not have to hassle with users complaining about the server being shut down abruptly because they didn't see my chat saying I was going to take the server down temporarily for reload or maintenance or whatever.
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    Wow, here i was waiting for!
    Thank you very much :)
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    I can understand what you mean :p thanks anyway
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    nice plugin! does it say the reason why the user is kicked? for example when the plugin in kicks the user because of the shutdown does it say something like this: " Kicked by Admin. Server Rebooting."
  11. why couldn't you make a command /restart? Its already in bukkit?
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    Yes, it says the reason, which you can configure in the config.yml

    There is not restart command in bukkit. There is a reload command which reloads all plugins, but that very often does not work due to bad plugin design.

    Updated to 0.13, 2 new features, one usefull tweak to timer setup.

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    Nice plugin!
    Very useful :)

    but why does it says:
    [DelayedStop] The server will restart in 5 second(s)
    [DelayedStop] The server will restart in 4 second(s)
    [DelayedStop] The server will restart in 2 second(s)
    [DelayedStop] The server will restart in 1 second(s)
    [DelayedStop] The server will restart in 0 second(s)

    why not the 3?

    Not a big problem :p
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    Could be lag, could be propertime (or other time-hacking) plugin, could be you are using version <0.12?

    These kind of timing problems should be solved in 0.13
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    [DelayedStop] Enabling Delayed Stop v0.12

    Downloaded the newest version, and it worked!
    Thanks :)

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    ... my friend, I like you.
    Users on my server have been questioning why server closes, how long until restart etc...
    I like this plugin!

    Could you add a "/dstop pause"
    Server Stopping in 3... 2... Paused.
    Also "/dstop go" 2... 1... Closed.

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    v0.14: Added /dstop pause and /dstop resume (or /dstop go as you like)
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    For god sake... REMOVE THE THICKS LOL
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    yeah the ticks are a bit spammy lol...
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    I must never again, release stuff so close to bedtime
    I must never again, release stuff so close to bedtime
    I must never again, release stuff so close to bedtime
    I must never again, release stuff so close to bedtime
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    The download link doesn't work for me..

    Edit: Sorry, didn't see the Jar only :D
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    Thanks Alot Mate... I will re-post if I have any more ideas :)
    Possible: Can you set it with a config file so that only some users can use it, rather than just ops.

    Im wishing for my Head Admins + Me only to be able to,
    #Allowed Members:

    Mate I have another request for an addon / new plugin to do with this:
    /dkick time Reason

    That way you could do things like "I will give you this much time to do this" etc...

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    This is great but possible to auto restart every x hours ?
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    Love it! Thank you.
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    Like it, but the restart messages are a bit too frequent! I suggest:

    Moving backwards from zero:
    10 seconds
    30 seconds
    1 minute
    5 minutes
    10 minutes

    That's all you really need. Certainly don't need a second by second countdown at the end. Othewise, I find this very useful!
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    Will see what I can do to make this configurable, so everyone can configure it the way they want.

    Updated to v0.16

    To utilitize all new(er) options, let the plugin re-create the config.yml, or use the default template from the op.
    New is the feature Skadar suggested. Solved this with configurable intervals on the countdown messages.

    I think this would be nice for a new plugin, where a more generic appoach could be used on 'delayed commands'. Will think about that one..

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    So you not going to get any method of forced restart and starup in this plugin?

    Its hard to find plugins that do both a shutdown counter

    and a Forced Restart and startup some servers need to be restarted every couple hours to freshen them up.
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    Hi ledhead,

    I already answered your question a few posts above your first post.
    That is why I didnt respond the first time.
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    Thanks for thinking over the idea mate, I think another set of commands like you said would be nice...

    More ideas to help you along if you do decide

    Commands Like;
    /kick Name1 Reason
    /ban Name2 Reason <perm,day,1h2m>
    /ban Name2 Reason Time

    Something like that possibly?
    I love the way that this plugin shows you why when the server does close:
    Change the message to something like "Kicked for ?" "Banned for ?" or even "Banned for ?, Time = ?"
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