[INACTIVE][ADMN] BukkitUp v2.0 - Keep your server current! [UPDATED!]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Lamp, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I got fed up with having to check for updates daily so I wrote this handy plugin to do it for me!

    Pros: automatic checking and file downloading

    Tested on CraftBukkit version: 53+

    To install simply place the jar in your plugins directory

    Usage: simply close your server and replace the jar with the downloaded one


    There is also one property you can add / edit into server.properties
    EDIT: UPDATED TO 2.0 NOTE: Upon initial placement "Integration" of the BukkitUp plugin your version will be read as -1, this will change upon the first run as bukkitup updates.

    Download: - BukkitUp

    Source: - BukkitUp
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    @Lamp, You are going to need to add more info in that first post or you are going to get hammered with "I can't get it to work!!!" spam...
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    Done, and thanks.
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    My only issue with these style updaters... What protocol does it follow if it is a release that crashes/unstable?

    I would love to say we can always 100% trust developers - but its not the case in hMod or any other development I've seen.
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    Just checks the version and downloads the file accordingly, the rest is up to you.
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    I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, and wondering if Fill will have some sort of system like this when it goes up.

    Is there a way it could be set to not download, but just notify you?
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    I presumed that. Either way - great that you set it up :) I'll contemplate if this is beneficial for me or not.
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    I could make that option yes, I'll release another version sometime tonight, only problem is it relies on the jar existing or not existing to determine if there's a new version. So i'll figure something out [​IMG]
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    Thanks! I'll check it out later!
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    It would be great if the plugin check the enabled plugins if theyre up to date too. Could you do something like that? I dont know anything about java :-/.

    MFG KillerKani
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    My guess is that there would need to be some sort of database setup (again, possibly Fill when it goes up) that tracks these before it can do plugins. Browsing forum posts isn't going to happen.
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    really good plugin!!!! love it!!!
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    Jassin Pain

    [BukkitUp]: Checking for updates to CraftBukkit...
    [BukkitUp]: CraftBukkit is outdated..attempting to download updated jar file...
    [BukkitUp]: Unable to update your build
    2011-01-18 12:01:30 [INFO] Done! For help, type "help" or "?"

    Is there a way to get more output?
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    Just updated it, it still creates a file to signify that it has checked in your bukkit_build folder, but it doesn't download the jar.

    Just updated that aswell, it will show the exception now.
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    there is one small problem i can see, updating your main server with out testing the files on a test server is a bit dangerouse for example any build above 66 up to the latest 82 break minecart mania, creepernerf needs 79+. to update the test server could be useful though
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    I like the idea of this plugin, but I've found that you really have to be aware of the build number you are running. For instance, Minecart Mania only works with build 66 (and maybe older ones as well). The new builds break it.

    Can this plugin advise us of what current version we are running, and what latest version is available? Can you manually choose when to install it?
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    That is entirely up to you to make sure everything is working and fit, This only notifies you (and if you specify for it to) downloads the jar for your convenience.

    It tells you if a new version is available or downloads it and places it in a separate folder, the only way to install it is if you do it yourself.
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    so it will find all the plugins in my plugin folder then download them?
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    No. Where'd you get that assumption?
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    It only updates CraftBukkit
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    Thanks works fine :D
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    Not to knock your hard work but I think this will more mess folks up than help them since plugins usually need to be updated to accommodate a newer build and not all plugins work with the same build version.

    I wrote a bash script to update all my plugins and the server build when I first got bukkit running. I had to stop using it after a couple of updates because nothing works the same with a new build.

    If folks are only running CraftBukkit without any plugins, then this would be perfect! (But that is not a likely scenario.) ;) I think we'd be better off waiting for "Fill" to be implemented by the Bukkit folks. Until then, the only sure-fire way to update is to test each plugin with a new build. :(

    Thank you for the initiative, the effort and the consideration, though. :)

    Hmmm... If you could make it so that users could use a / command to switch which build number they are running, THAT might be something handy right now. :) for example:

    /craftbukkitbuild 79

    Would make testing a little easier. Not sure that it is possible- java not my forte. :)

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    Yeah, that's why this only notifies you and /or downloads it. You have to do all the updating yourself.

    @The command: That very well could be possible, but i'm positive you can not switch the jars while in use, so it wouldn't be able to be done on this plugin system?
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    What would be really nice is a maintained database of plugins and what version of craftbukkit they require/work under, and then a updater plugin such as this (but with addition of plugins) that will decide/ask/warn if there are going to be conflicts and download/update. Could be set to only update to the highest stable version of craftbukkit that ALL your plugins are verified to work with, or could update all plugins to work with best version of craftbukkit that can be downloaded. Would only auto-update if there were not conflicts listed, etc.
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    It says keep ur server updated lol i thought it ment like install everything up to date :D
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    That's all it needs to do... the latest Bukkit.jar is CONTAINED within the CraftBukkit.jar itself.
    --- merged: Jan 18, 2011 10:50 PM ---
    Cool plugin idea, even though it'll be temporary until the first release of alpha/beta comes out... But - installed - works like a charmer
    [BukkitUp]: Checking for updates to CraftBukkit...
    [BukkitUp]: CraftBukkit is outdated..attempting to download updated jar file...
    [BukkitUp]: The latest build of CraftBukkit has been downloaded and saved as bukkit_build\craft_bukkit_83.jar please update at your next restart.
    Some minor suggestions:
    • Most plugins auto-create directories when loaded, yours should follow suit (end-users are more prone to make mistakes or create the folder someone where it shouldn't be)
    • Your script obviously checks if that jar exists in that folder, if it doesn't - it downloads the latest. After that - it checks against the version of the jar, and downloads the latest accordingly from that. Perhaps like another user mentioned earlier - a bit more verbosity in your output would be peachy-keen.
    • Add an in-game command for ops - something like /craftver - which outputs the version you currently have installed... (ver # could be based off of the jar itself that's downloaded into your bukkit_build folder).
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    Thanks! [​IMG]

    The auto creation of directories, that's a good idea; I'll implement that in the next update.

    It has the ability to just check without downloading the jar.

    That's another good idea, but i don't think that one is for me.
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    Sorry, realized I wasn't clear. That was an explanation, not a complaint.
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    What do I do? Running CraftBukkit Build 83, made about an hour ago. All my plugins are listed below the error. I have bukkit_build in the plugins folder and I tried it in the main server directory, no luck at all.
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    Add auto-download-updates=true to your server.properties

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