[INACTIVE][ADMN]BlockCantKeepUpSpam v0.1 - Blocks "Cant keep up!" from spamming your console. [760]

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    Moved to ConsoleFilter: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/consolefilter/

    BlockCantKeepUpSpam - Blocks "Cant keep up!" from spamming your console.:

    Version: v0.1

    All it does is preventing the CantKeepUp-message from appearing in your console and your log!
    Since running my minecraft server (Vanilla -> hMod -> CraftBukkit) my server console got spammed with "Cant keep up! [...]) messages, despite the fact that its a dedicated machine with lots of CPU power and RAM and the server never getting a negative impact by this warning.

    Recently I had enough of this (and the blown up log files) and build this very small plugin.

    Please note:
    If your looking for a plugin to block even more from the console have a look at BlockConsoleMessages.

    I tested it with CraftBukkit 677 but as it is only scanning the console output it should run with any version I guess.

    Maybe its useful to someone else.

    I searched for plugins providing this functionality but haven't found any.
    So, if another plugin that does this already exists, please let me know and Ill delete this thread.

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1615073/Minecraft/Bukkit/BlockCantKeepUpSpam.jar

    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Seems to work fine for me on 819.
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    CB #848 is raping me hard with the cant keep up spam lol, plugin no good. But if i restart server seems to fix.
    Edit: And then starts again, looks like this stopped working.

    @hmpf yeah its hitting me hard, especially after save-all's and during monster hunts, ect....
    This has stopped working totally :( Darn.
    Seems to break with plugin "Simplesave" if thats any help. Ive removed it and all seems fine now.

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    considered inactive
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    I'm using this with no problems in 860
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    Im using this with no problems on CB 1034 :) Seems to work again (Was an issue with a saving plugin before)
    Would be nice if someone took over this.
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    Still working well on CB 1060# Thanks!
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    Please update this post from INACTIVE to the Active Forums -- It works fine on Build #1060
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    I agree, this plugin still working fine on #1000 and #1060
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    Working fine on CB 1181

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