[INACTIVE][ADMN] BackupPlugin v0.8.8 (Backups & Maps - Fork from MysticX's plugin) [670]

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    Version: v0.8.8

    This plugin allows you to create world backups or to generate world maps automatically or via ingame command.
    It's a fork of MysticX's BackupPlugin : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/895/


    • /backup <force> (optional) - backups your world data
    • /map <force> (optional) - generates map(s) of your world
    • /breload - reloads BackupPlugin configuration file
    • /loglevel <level> - sets log level
    Valid arguments for force are true & false. Using a command with true will result in a forced cache rebuilt, useful if you want to avoid the cache-lifetime for any reason.

    Valid arguments for log level are FINEST, FINE, INFO, WARNING or SEVERE (case sensitive!), default is INFO. FINE & FINEST will generate debug output.
    Valid arguments for time unit are SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS (case sensitive!), default is MINUTES.


    This plugin will generate a properties file in your server home (BackupPlugin.properties)
    Here are two examples:

    Standard properties (0.8.5, I guess) file (for mcmap): here
    MysticX's properties file (0.8.5) (for c10t): here


    My version supports Permissions (from 2.0, if you have a problem with Permissions plugin report this) and GroupManager (1.0)
    • BackupPlugin.backup : for /backup command
    • BackupPlugin.map : for /map command
    • BackupPlugin.admin : for /loglevel and /breload
    Donwload and Source Code
    Download last version
    Source Code

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    Version 0.8.8
    • Fix Backup History
    • Improve how calc first run time (could fix some date problem)
    Version 0.8.7
    • Change method to save world in disk before backup/mapping
    • Fix mapping
    • Remove debug option (use loglevel FINEST instead)
    Version 0.8.6
    • Command can use in console server now
    • Try to do save-all before backup and mapping (I have to change this, it's not ok, I think)
    • Add a debug option
    • Cleaning code again
    Version 0.8.5-SNAPSHOT
    • Some fix for recent build of craftbukkit
    • Move from GroupUsers plugin to Permissions plug
    • Move BackupPlugin.properties to plugins/BackupPlugin/config.properties
    • Add a temp-path option to define temp folder for cache
    • Cleaning code

    • Add a multiworld support (WiP)
    PS : I know, I did much copy-paste from MysticX's thread but It was only a fork from his code and I didn't much change, for the moment. ;)
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    Try replace \ (or \\) by / in path
    Can I get console output when you try run a backup with FINEST loglevel?
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    Sure, here it is on FINEST:
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    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.3
    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] Loading properties
    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on
    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-450-gd3c1ba4-b432jnks (MC: 1.3)
    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] Preparing level "world2"
    2011-03-10 11:45:46 [INFO] Preparing start region
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] AFK version 0.5 is enabled!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] LoginMessage 0.5_3 enabled
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [HeroicDeath] enabled.
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] BackupPlugin version 0.8.7 is enabled!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] No group users plugin found, falling back to own config!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupPlugin) [DEBUG] There are 1 user(s) in the authorized-users list: viper1993,
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [WARNING] [BackupPlugin] (MapperUnit) Disabled MapperUnit, mapper_path invalid: mcmap/mcmap.exe
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupPlugin) [DEBUG] firstRun: java.util.GregorianCalendar[time=?,areFieldsSet=false,areAllFieldsSet=true,lenient=true,zone=sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo[id="America/New_York",offset=-18000000,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,transitions=235,lastRule=java.util.SimpleTimeZone[id=America/New_York,offset=-18000000,dstSavings=3600000,useDaylight=true,startYear=0,startMode=3,startMonth=2,startDay=8,startDayOfWeek=1,startTime=7200000,startTimeMode=0,endMode=3,endMonth=10,endDay=1,endDayOfWeek=1,endTime=7200000,endTimeMode=0]],firstDayOfWeek=1,minimalDaysInFirstWeek=1,ERA=1,YEAR=1970,MONTH=0,WEEK_OF_YEAR=1,WEEK_OF_MONTH=1,DAY_OF_MONTH=1,DAY_OF_YEAR=1,DAY_OF_WEEK=5,DAY_OF_WEEK_IN_MONTH=1,AM_PM=1,HOUR=0,HOUR_OF_DAY=12,MINUTE=0,SECOND=0,MILLISECOND=0,ZONE_OFFSET=-18000000,DST_OFFSET=0]
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupPlugin) [DEBUG] (60172 times) Date is in the past, adding some minutes: 360
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupPlugin) Finished setting up a thread: BackupUnit Next run in: 14 minutes.
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] PlgDisableCmd version 1.0 is enabled!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] Disabled 1 commands
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupUnit) Starting backup process..
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] Whitelist: Trying to load whitelist and settings...
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] done.
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] Whitelist version 2.3 is enabled!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [PlugMan] Starting Up! - Version: 1.2.2 by bekvon
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] [PlugMan] Permissions Plugin NOT Found, using OP!
    2011-03-10 11:45:48 [INFO] Done (1409993287ns)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    2011-03-10 11:47:04 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupPlugin) An Administrator triggered world backup. force = false
    2011-03-10 11:47:04 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (BackupUnit) Starting backup process..
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    Can you update CraftBukkit? 432, it's too old, I thinkā€¦
    (Note for later : try last version of BackupPlugin on CraftBukkit #432, I think it's incompatible)
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    Well I am using VPS so I don't have direct access but I will try to update. Do you have a 0.8.6 archived somewhere? Could you send me this version just for temporary use.
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    I can have this but not now
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    Ok just post it here then, thank you.
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    Call me crazy but i don't have errors in the console... I have CB 485... And when i issue the command /backup... all it says is:
    Triggered Backup...
    Starting Backup Process...

    Then nothing... i keep refreshing the folders on the system to see if it actually created a backup of anything... i even went ahead and pre created those folders for the plugin... but nothing ever appears...

    On linux and in properties i have it set to back up to : /opt/world_backup
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    You have a too old version of Craftbukkit, update CraftBukkit...
    0.8.7 Works on craftbukkit #531, No update needed ;)
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    I'm sorry I posted to soon was verifieing it just now :)
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    In fact, I noticed that if I set time-unit to MINUTES the job will start around half a minute before the right time, and in fact it's a similar problem with time-unit set to HOURS, the job will start half an hour before the right time. To it seems a story of being more accurate.
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    Maybe I need to improve how I calcultate time of first run (First thing, change logging), if I have time/bravery, I will see that this weekend :p
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    Need more information [​IMG]
  16. I dont understand how to use this, anything i need to do after downloading ?
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    I think it's in the setupTimer method when you convert back the delay which is in millisecond to the time-unit set in the config file, you should let the delay in millisecond and convert the period in millisecond.
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    I have been testing this out and there seems to be a slight problem. I am using CB: 521 and Backup: 0.8.7.

    I make a structure in the world, i do /save-all to save data to the world. Then i do /backup wait for it to finish and check if the file has been created (that is all fine).

    I then set fire to the structure so it is gone, i then delete my old world data from the world folder. Extract the contents from the generated backup .zip file into my world folder. Log in, everything is the same except that structure is not there.

    Im not fully understanding the backup process, wether it makes a full backup of the world or just a partial one. I would imagine a full backup, however why is this structure not re-appearing. I have tried this 4 times now with different sized structures.
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    Thx for bringing back this plugin to life.

    Any ETA about multi-world support?
    I really need this :)
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    Sir Savary

    Omfg Thankyou! I can finally backup my maps now :D
    But, have a question. Is the a full server backup, or just a main map backup(I have a huge multi-world server)?
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    Nope any ETA for this, sorry...
    Just main world...
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    Sir Savary

    If you were to integrate multi-world support, you sir, would be a hero.(I'm running 14 worlds btw)
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    Looking forward to your mw support :), and when you do be sure to add the option of many dir paths in the config.
    Thanks again for a great plugin.
    And could you change the dir the .png files go when making a backup ? I'm running the server on ram and I don't have that much ram in the world folder so moving the files to a folder somewhere else would be great or make an option in the config.
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    Backup of the full server folder would be nice.. so it get plugins etc and all settings.
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    See the config file, You can change all folder use by BackupPlugin ;)
    Maybe later, I have to work on multiworld (and see for 1 or 2 problems)
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    Well then there must be something wrong it does put some files in the world file and other files in the cache (.png files)
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    You got 3 folders : one for backup, one for map, one for temp/cache, if you have a problem with .png files, you have probably something wrong with your map config (folder or option)
    Can I get a copy of your config file?
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    here it is, and thanks for helping me :)

    #BackupPlugin Config File
    #Fri Mar 11 08:45:00 PST 2011
    map-options=-w $w -o $o --night --show-players --ttf-color 255,0,0 --ttf-path $m\\font.ttf;-w $w -o $o;-z -w $w -o $o --night;-z -w $w -o $o;-c -w $w -o $o
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    /opt/craftbukkit/world isn't your world folder ?
    map-path is use for mapping tool, not for define the world path ;)
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