[INACTIVE][ADMN] BackupPlugin v0.8.5 (Backups & Maps)

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    I finally managed to port my BackupPlugin to Bukkit.
    You can find the original thread at Hey0's forum

    There are some changes and issues with porting to Bukkit:
    Console commands won't work at all, also the plugin does not force a world save nor disables saving for the progress of backuping! This will be fixed when it's possible to access console commands with Bukkit.
    Also there are some new config options. As there is currently no user rights management, you need to specify all authorized users in the config. Also you now need to set your world name in there.

    All other parts of the plugin haven't changed (especially automatic backups and ingame commands are working), so expect the same bugs/issues! Feel free to modify my work if you want and can, because I can't actively develop for some weeks, so don't expect big updates from me. But I know there are other talented plugin developers out there :)

    BackupPlugin v0.8.5

    This plugin allows you to create world backups or to generate world maps automatically or via ingame command.

    • /backup <force> (optional) - backups your world data
    • /map <force> (optional) - generates map(s) of your world
    • /breload - reloads BackupPlugin configuration file
    • /loglevel <level> - sets log level
    Valid arguments for force are true & false. Using a command with true will result in a forced cache rebuilt, useful if you want to avoid the cache-lifetime for any reason.
    Valid arguments for log level are FINEST, FINE, INFO, WARNING or SEVERE (case sensitive!), default is INFO. FINE & FINEST will generate debug output.
    Valid arguments for time unit are SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS (case sensitive!), default is MINUTES.


    This plugin will generate a properties file in your server home (BackupPlugin.properties)
    Here are two examples:

    Standard properties file (for mcmap): here
    My properties file (for c10t): here

    Version History
    • v0.8.5
    • v0.8.4
      • fixed issues with user rights
    • v0.8.3
      • ported to Bukkit
      • added config option for world name
      • added config option authorized-users, separate names with semicolon
      • changed first-run pattern to HHmm (removed the colon!)
      • auto-save while doing backups won't work for now
      • console commands also won't work
    • full version history
    Future Updates
    Known Issues / Bugs
    • spaces in folder structure will lead to fail of mapping!
    • windows paths only work if double backslash is used (for example C:\\temp\\world-maps\\ )
    • 0 byte zips sometimes
    • fail of backup because of tmp_chunk.dat (will be fixed in a future bukkit version)
    If you find something that's not working, please set loglevel to FINEST and paste your server logs along with the BackupPlugin.properties here in this thread, or send it to me via pm. Also it would help to know your OS and java version. I'll probably look into it then!


    BackupPlugin by MysticX is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Source codes are included in the jar file.


    As usual: This plugin is still beta and could behave unexpected or corrupt your world backups. So please do a manual backup of your world before using it!

    Recommended mapping tools
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    Are there any plans to continue work on this plugin? It fits my needs very well but when I tried it my server's CPU ended up pinned at 70-100% and backups weren't always successful. This is the only plugin that I know of that is a single-purpose backup plugin that easily let's you specify directories and how long to keep files around.
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    I hope work on this plugin continues, it s a very good plugin if only it was continued on development. Its the only plugin i can fidn that can half reliably backup my world data folder without taking 30 minutes to copy all the files across.
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    Sir Ducksworth

    Will you implement multiworld support plz? Because at the moment my nether world is not backing up.
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    @OP, who never seems to respond here

    Just a heads up there is an event that this and some other plugins call that is causing issues with worldedit and other possible plugins to display double command use issues.

    This event has been found to be the issue and sk89q and some of the bukkit staff are going to remove it you or someone else may need to take over this plugin and change comply with the changes.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 4:40 AM ---
    CB 358 Introduced

    Lowered the priority of the old command handler event. A number of plugins were using this event incorrectly. A new event, the command preprocesser event, has replaced the previous function of the original command event.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 5:20 AM ---
    [WARNING] Using the stupidly long constructor com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.BackupPlugin(PluginLoader, Server, PluginDescriptionFile, File, File, ClassLoader) is no longer recommended. Go nag the plugin author of BackupPlugin to remove it! (Nothing is broken, we just like to keep code clean.)
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    please update to CB rev 358+
  7. when the console runs a mapping command, it says : mapping pass 1 of 2 and then just sits there and never finishes the map... any idea why this is?
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    the creator of this hasnt been on in over a month.so i think hes done with this plugin. How About you try craftsave :D. just click on the link in my signature :p.its a backup program that will never break.
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    would be great if i wasn't linux
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    your right that one supports much better design interface and use + multi world. Great Ill swap to that.
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    Or do a fork like me : https://github.com/OniTux/BackupPlugin :p
    For the moment, I do nothing (just get sources from the jar, add a support for maven and put on github)
    I will do :
    • Fix commands for recent version of CraftBukkit
    • Replace support for GroupUsers Plugin to Permissions Plugins
    • Try to add a multi world support
    • Clean code
    If you think I forget something, say this [​IMG]
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    Oni, thank you. Eagerly awaiting a jar.
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    Thank you _Oni_ your amazing =D
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    Thank you! It would be a complete waste letting this great plugin die.
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    When i added this plugin, everytime i type /plugin list, my minecraft crashes.
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    Humm, have you a error in server log?
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 11:04 PM ---
    And a first version (0.8.5-SNAPSHOT) : https://github.com/downloads/OniTux/BackupPlugin/BackupPlugin.jar
    changelog :
    • Fix commands for recent build of CraftBukkit
    • Remove GroupUsers Plugin support
    • Add Permissions Pluginsupport
    • Add temp-path option to chose the temp folder
    • Move BackupPlugin.properties to plugins/BackupPlugin/config.properties (Don't forget to move your configuration file)
    For Permissions Plugin, I add this permissions :
    • BackupPlugin.backup : /backup
    • BackupPlugin.map : /map
    • BackupPlugin.admin : /breload and /loglevel
    This release are test on #404 build of CraftBukkit maybe can't work on too old build
    EDIT : Work on #53 (last recommended build)
    The source are on github : https://github.com/OniTux/BackupPlugin

    TODO for next versions :
    • MultiWorld support
    • Try fix 0 bytes zip bug
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    thanks for the update
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    THANKS! I really need it
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    Hi MysticX

    First of thx for the great plugin.

    When I start my server I get this message...

    So now you'd been nagged :)

    - Volander
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    It's fix in my version (see above)
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    Why are you using a stupidly long constructor!? WHY!!!!?!!?!?!?!
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    I don't in my version (it's first thing I fix) and MysticX hasn't seen here since a month (long before the long constructor was "remove")
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  24. _Oni_, thanks for updating this plugin, the [INFO] message is crazily long as it includes the constructor in the server message! >_> could you fix this?

    2011-02-25 17:13:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.Backu
    pPlugin) Permissions plugin found, using Permission config
    2011-02-25 17:13:48 [INFO] [BackupPlugin] (com.mysticx.bukkit.backupplugin.Backu
    pPlugin) BackupPlugin version 0.8.5-SNAPSHOT is enabled!
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    Not for the moment, I could look at this weekend ;)
    This isn't error or warning, It's only message to say you use Permissions and BackupPlugin is enabled... :eek:
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    he asked if u could make it shorter because it is the long with the constructor in it.
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    Oops, sorry :p
    I think have to read too fast :p
    I will make this message shorter ;)
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    Does this plugin support multiple worlds. Like, being able to back up two seperate world folder (world, and netherworld)?
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    I think some of the recent bukkit updates have killed this plugin! >_<
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    Not for the moment…
    Only one world are backuped…

    See previous pages, I post an updated version, the original author isn't come here since more a month.

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    oh thank u very much:)

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