[INACTIVE][ADMN] BackupPlugin v0.8.5 (Backups & Maps)

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    I finally managed to port my BackupPlugin to Bukkit.
    You can find the original thread at Hey0's forum

    There are some changes and issues with porting to Bukkit:
    Console commands won't work at all, also the plugin does not force a world save nor disables saving for the progress of backuping! This will be fixed when it's possible to access console commands with Bukkit.
    Also there are some new config options. As there is currently no user rights management, you need to specify all authorized users in the config. Also you now need to set your world name in there.

    All other parts of the plugin haven't changed (especially automatic backups and ingame commands are working), so expect the same bugs/issues! Feel free to modify my work if you want and can, because I can't actively develop for some weeks, so don't expect big updates from me. But I know there are other talented plugin developers out there :)

    BackupPlugin v0.8.5

    This plugin allows you to create world backups or to generate world maps automatically or via ingame command.

    • /backup <force> (optional) - backups your world data
    • /map <force> (optional) - generates map(s) of your world
    • /breload - reloads BackupPlugin configuration file
    • /loglevel <level> - sets log level
    Valid arguments for force are true & false. Using a command with true will result in a forced cache rebuilt, useful if you want to avoid the cache-lifetime for any reason.
    Valid arguments for log level are FINEST, FINE, INFO, WARNING or SEVERE (case sensitive!), default is INFO. FINE & FINEST will generate debug output.
    Valid arguments for time unit are SECONDS, MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS (case sensitive!), default is MINUTES.


    This plugin will generate a properties file in your server home (BackupPlugin.properties)
    Here are two examples:

    Standard properties file (for mcmap): here
    My properties file (for c10t): here

    Version History
    • v0.8.5
    • v0.8.4
      • fixed issues with user rights
    • v0.8.3
      • ported to Bukkit
      • added config option for world name
      • added config option authorized-users, separate names with semicolon
      • changed first-run pattern to HHmm (removed the colon!)
      • auto-save while doing backups won't work for now
      • console commands also won't work
    • full version history
    Future Updates
    Known Issues / Bugs
    • spaces in folder structure will lead to fail of mapping!
    • windows paths only work if double backslash is used (for example C:\\temp\\world-maps\\ )
    • 0 byte zips sometimes
    • fail of backup because of tmp_chunk.dat (will be fixed in a future bukkit version)
    If you find something that's not working, please set loglevel to FINEST and paste your server logs along with the BackupPlugin.properties here in this thread, or send it to me via pm. Also it would help to know your OS and java version. I'll probably look into it then!


    BackupPlugin by MysticX is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Source codes are included in the jar file.


    As usual: This plugin is still beta and could behave unexpected or corrupt your world backups. So please do a manual backup of your world before using it!

    Recommended mapping tools
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    I stopped using it after build 164 ish
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    It appears to be working for me. I'm using build 230+.
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    Hmm, then I will try to use it again. It's probably like the SearchIDs plugin and doesn't require any more maintenance :p
  5. thanks! PERMISIONS!
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    +1 for this, it would be great.

    Another request for the plugin developer: would it be possible to create a /plugin/BackupPlugin folder and move the plugin's files (mostly BackupPlugin.properties I think) there? Almost every other plugin follows that de facto standard nowadays, and I saw somewhere instructions for the devs from Bukkit guys to do just that.
  7. Yes please!!!

    Can you add permissions support so people can't spam backups to crash the server?
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    Any chance getting this to support multiple maps ?
    since Craftbukkit build 271 supports Multi-worlds
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    You plugin does currently not store its config file in /plugins/plugin-name, but in the main server folder, could you please fix that?
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    You can fix it yourself by moving it in the jar.

    Also, Really love this plugin. Would love to see Permissions working with this.

    I kept having that my server accedantly fell of and that the whole freaking map was broken. Now have this plugin backing my stuff up every 20 minutes :D
    --- merged: Feb 7, 2011 10:19 PM ---
    Another Idea:
    Only back up the server IF there are any changes. Like, You don't need to backup your map when nobody is online right?.
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    I, myself am working on such a system ;)
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    Support for incremental backups would be KING!
    Also, I think maybe the getTime() change broke the timer thread but it's hard to tell for sure.
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    this hasnt worked since version 165. when i type in /backup force its shows nothing on the server or on my console. sometimes the server just crashes. then if it did backup i would get ALOT of chunk errors. one time i was missing half of the 3/4 scale of chernobyl.
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    Eagerly waiting for this, kind Sir.
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    1. multiple worlds support
    2. announce on the server when it's backing up, so players know that there will be lag.
    3. dropbox support
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    well there is kinda like drop box support just give the location and it will save it there.
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    Hmm... It seems that if you use reload in the server console, it starts another backup thread... just noticed now that it took two backups with only a few secs delay since I issued the reload command on the server...
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    Yeah my bad, you can remove dropbox from the list :)
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    So will this work with the most up to date bukkit server right now?
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    not yet
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    Trying to load my most recent backup back onto my server but I get this:

    Strangely enough it works fine when I load it as a singleplayer save...

    I will keep trying different things but it sucks to have to wait for SFTP to upload the entire 30 megs everytime lol.
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    This I would really like to see. I just got a corrupted nether world... not very much fun. :S
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    So... I know this sounds stupid, but what commands backs up the world?

    /backup does nothing :S
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    I've been digging, is this still the only auto-backup utility for bukkit? I've been using it up until as of late...though it never supported timed world saves it did have a timed backup.

    Mega suck if this is the only utility that does backups and its been more or less left behind :/
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    I had a lot of errors by BackupPlugin lately, telling me that file is locked or something like that.

    Will paste error when i will see it again.


    Why is there such a difference between zip sizes? Changes to the world were minimal. Could this be due to dropbox preventing files to be created completely?

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    Working for me with #302 under Linux.
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    Here is the error. I would copy it, but some reason i can't use right click in console.

    P.S.: Is this plugin abandoned? Seems like developer didn't answered any posts lately.

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    I fidn it adds the server load quite high when it backs up the map, is this normal? it does it so much (only when i use the backup function) it crashes my server due to memory overload.

    I am using craftbukkit 312 and v0.8.5 of backup.
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    I hope MysticX comes back soon and updates this great plugin.
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    Make it work with ramdisk please!
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    How do I get rid of this plugin? It's been failing to actually back up my server world so I tried to remove it. I deleted the .jar and the folder with the configuration settings. Despite deleting both of these, some ghost code from the plugin continues to try and back up my world but without any of the files to allow it to do so (even after restarting server)? How do I remove it for good?

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