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    AssignPermissions - Set Permissions groups in-game:
    Version: v1.1

    One of the issues with the Permissions plugin is that the only people who can add people to groups is the tech administrators. This creates an issue for servers who want an "intermediate" or "trusted" group, which would be assigned by moderators. Because most mods don't have access to the text file, the group is impractical. This plugin aims to resolve that.

    Download AssignPermissions v1.1
    Source Code

    • "/perm-add [username] [group]" - Adds a user to a certain group
    • "/perm-del [username]" - Removes a user's group
    • "/perm-list [group]" - Lists all the users in a group

    Because AssignPermissions is designed to manage a Permissions install, it's kind of obvious that Permissions must be installed. However, I'll state the obvious: Permissions MUST be installed to use AssignPermissions. Here is a list of the different permissions that AssignPermissions relies on:

    • "assignpermissions.add.all" - Add users to any group
    • "assignpermissions.add.group.[groupname]" - Add users to a specific group
    • "assignpermissions.del.all" - Remove users from any group
    • "assignpermissions.del.group.[groupname]" - Remove users from a specific group
    • "assignpermissions.list.all" - List any group
    • "assignpermissions.list.group.[groupname]" - List a specific group
    For example, if there is a "Trusted" group that moderators can add and remove, they should receive both the "add.group.Trusted" and "del.group.Trusted" permissions.

    Version 1.1
    • Automatically reloads Permissions plugin

    Version 1.0
    • Releasing AssignPermissions.
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    1.8 is out, if a new build is created, Can this please be updated, this was the best promotion plugin ive seen.

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