[INACTIVE] Administrate 1.3.2 - Invis/Vanish, NoPickup, God, Stealth, Fakelog, Teleport, Heal [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Sleaker, Jul 5, 2011.

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    I sent an issue to you.

    'Could not load plugin'
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    It seems essentials has taken over the /god command again. Normally I can nuke it on their end, but it seems I can't now. Any ideas how to block their side of /god. I know I could use /ag, but I'd prefer Administrate to have access to /god.
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    I have a question. Is there a way to make it that only 1 admin can access administrate and the other admin can't?
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    I saw a new section in the essentials config that has a options for command priority with conflicting commands. You might need to rename your essentials folder and let it create a new one in order to see it.
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    Luke Zwekii

    I really like this plugin, it's fun to use it to go invisible and pull pranks on players :D. I'm also pretty psyched for MCDocs support. Great work Sleaker! ;)
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    Is whosthere linking correctly right now? After updating to the 1000 version, all admins, even with stealth on and whosthere running, we still appear on the /who list. Any ideas, or do you need a plugin list as well?
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    Is there any way to make it not require permissions? I know there are a good amount of people like me that skip anything that requires permissions and at the moment I use "VanishNoPickup" and for now everything works great for me but I imagine after 1.8 it could finally break on me if no one updated it.
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    Lunar Delta

    People are regularly seeing me after I teleport to them while vanished. I had the exact same problem with VanishNoPickup and Vanish, too. Can this not be fixed?
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    I don't think you understand. I do not support essentials because it is a bad idea, and has proven to be more headaches for server operators than it solves issues. If they want to support other plugins then awesome. I can not recommend using essentials and will not add in support for it.
    Features that I added to my plugin didn't begin popping up into Essentials until two weeks later, and while my project is open source I find it particularly offensive when people come into my plugin thread and start posting how Essentials has support for it and I need to support them.

    On a sidenote I have a version that I believe is working 100%. The largest issue I have started noticing is it seems like modded clients are still able to see the admin in certain circumstances.
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    Could we have separate inventories, please? So if you enter admin mode, you'll get a defined set of admin tools and when you leave admin mode, you'll get your old inventory back.
  11. Sorry, did'nt mean to tell you how to manage your plugin. I did'nt say that you needed to support them, I was just sharing a link if the reason was technical. I did'nt get the reason was that you don't want to support Essentials, in that case it's fine. Don't be offensed, I was'nt sure that's why I was so careful in my earlier post...

    As long as i'm concerned, I'd never had problems with it (but I'm disabling many functions I've no use for maybe that's the reason... or I'm just lucky ^^)
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    @Sawn - ahh no it's not just you. multiple people have been trying to tell me it's not working with essentials to which my mood is simply 'So what?' :-|
    Thank you for being civil :)
    Sidenote: If you disable so many functions of it why continue to use it?

    @Lunar Delta - working on fixing it. though without having full access to packet handling the only thing I can provide is 'hacky fixes' to it. which means scheduling the destroy packet to re-remove you on teleport and hoping that it works.
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    download link broken
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    Will you add support for the new native permissions in Bukkit?
  15. Dunno why I'm still using it. I've tried DefaultCommands but I was having some weird permissions overriding with it (players could'nt break/loot blocks in the nether and I keeped getting errors in the console but they're also here with Essentials so I'm thinking it's because of (awesome) BukkitContrib). Let's say it's mainly because I'm used to it :)

    By the way, your mod is great too :)
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    Hi, Sleaker! I'm having a bit of a problem with your plugin, but I love the idea. The problem is, that I don't know how to install this! Can you please help? Thanks!
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    Could you make it so Permissions is NOT required? I'd appreciate it alot.
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    @DestinysCourage - Install the zip from the link (both Vault and Administrate are required)

    @Xzoneown - No, this plugin is designed for servers that have a user-base that requires permissions.
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    I cannot figure whats wrong with my server. Every time i try to install permissions my server map corrupts. It has happened 3 times already. Could you pleeease?
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    Ah okay, thanks :)
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    i have this plugin in server but when i launch server it doesnt work.
    it write:
    couldnt load plugin from Administrate.jar : vault
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    @przemotbg - read the full first post please
  23. @Sleaker: there is some guy having a problem with perms (Xzoneown).
    Permissions can easy be implemented optional
    So what's the problem? Why don't you make them optional and help peoples like Xzoneown?
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    No commands are working :/
    I have admins set to have all commands but nothing. I've reloaded and restarted but nothing.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't get Vault. I used it before that was needed so I didn't bother looking. Nevermind, Works fine now :p
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    Apparently won't support GroupManager either.

    I agree with not running the rest of essentials, we just moved away from it for performance reasons ourselves. But GroupManager's ease of setup and control makes it ideal for us.

    Unfortunately this is another plugin we'll be staying away from.
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    Could you please add a option for me to disable some commands that I dont want in a blacklist.txt please?
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    I'm with the other two (as I posted last page or two) permissions need to be optional. Not all servers use them as not all servers use essentials. I really dislike permissions in its current state as it seems you hate essentials. I have an active player base and everything works great without permissions...
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    Ronny Lawson

    /vanish sometimes does not make me invisible, and players see me. It seems to happen after I TP. Does anyone know of a workaround? I have currently been using /whois and /tppos nearby to their location, then /vanish again.
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    same for me . we update to your newst verion stll seen after a /tp :( . Isnt there a way to kombin t command like /tpv = Tp from plugin one V vanishe from plugin 2 ???
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