[INACTIVE] Administrate 1.3.2 - Invis/Vanish, NoPickup, God, Stealth, Fakelog, Teleport, Heal [1060]

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    Administrate v1.3.2 by Sleaker!

    Download: Here! - (Make sure to get the Zip if you don't have Vault)
    Source: Github!

    Permission Reference (open)

    • administrate.allmessages - receive messages about all players regardless of their status
    • administrate.stealth - stealth login/logoff when enabled + make it so people can't see you're online with linking /who
    • administrate.adminmode - ability to use the /admin command godmode/toggle vanish + nopickup
    • administrate.adminmode.heal - allows a player to heal while in admin mode
    • administrate.adminmode.tp - allows a player to teleport while in admin mode
    • administrate.god - Toggle godmode
    • administrate.return - allows a user to independently save a location and return to it at a later time without toggling any other admin abilities.
    • administrate.noaggro - makes mobs not aggro when the player is invisible
    • administrate.invisible - turns you invisible to players
    • administrate.seeinvis - allows a player to see invisible admins
    • administrate.status - allows a player to get status of another player
    • administrate.fakelog - allows a player to use /fakein and /fakeout to spoof logging in/out
    • administrate.heal - allows a player to use /heal anytime.
    • administrate.tp - allows a player to use teleport commands anytime.

    Command Reference (open)

    All teleport/heal commands do partial name matching. If they find more than 1 player matching the name, they will attempt to teleport/heal all players with the matched name.
    • /admin - aliases: /at, /adminmode - toggle admin mode on/off
    • /god - aliases: /ag, /g - toggle god-mode on/off
    • /vanish - alias: /invis - toggle invisibility on/off
    • /stealth - toggle stealth loggin on/off
    • /saveloc - saves your current location for returning
    • /return - returns you to a saved location
    • /adminstatus <player> - alias: /as - shows you your currently active admin modes, if player is specified shows that players status
    • /fakeout - aliases: /fo, fakelogout - sends a broadcast saying you logged out.
    • /fakein - aliases: /fi, /fakelogin - sends a broadcast saying you logged in.
    • /admin_heal [player|all] - alias: /heal - heals yourself, the specific player, or all players online
    • /admin_put <player|all> - alias: /put - puts the player or all players at your target. max range 50 blocks
    • /admin_bring <player|all> - alias: /bring - brings the player or all players to your location.
    • /admin_tp <player|world> - alias: /tp - teleports you to the player or world spawn.
    • /tp <player> <player|world> - teleports a Player to the world or another player. 1st argument is the player to teleport. 2nd is the location. (Only supports single player teleports)
    • /tp <x, y, z> - teleport yourself to a specific coordinate location
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    finally all ...shadow plugins in one :)
    the one thing i'm missing are fake quit/login messages. In link to WhosThere, so u are again visbile in /list after fake a login message.

    i will test it! thank you
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    I'll see what I can do to spoof login/logout messages when stealthmode toggles on/off.
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    I have needed a vanish plugin that is compatible with latest builds for a while.
    This is seriously amazing, keep it up.
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    still needs testing on the latest builds, I haven't changed much of the vanishing code from vanish-nopickup. THe source compiles fine between version changes, so hopefully bukkit re-implemented the proper naming over the same packets etc.
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    @Sleaker Theres a bug that needs fixing. Everyone gets the message about the administrate commands at startup, even if they dont have the permissions to use them.
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    thanks. checking it now.
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    He'll need to install the permission API before the start up occurs, then call the else and return false.
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    ehh no it has nothing to do with plugin load order. it has to do with not checking a players permission on-player-join.
    Regardless fix is up.
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    @Sleaker Found a interesting bug. When in /vanish, bigbrother wont record blocks. Its really annoying as I sometimes like to use it on myself, but I generally use vanish most of the time because its easier for me when investigating things to always have it on.

    Could you make it so bigbrother is able to log the blocks broken whilst in /vanish
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    @Raqn - Uhh sounds like a BigBrother issue. I don't modify onBlockBreak events ever... Vanish mode only sends packets to other players to make you appear invisible. It doesnt' actually remove you from the server.. The server can still fully see you and you still trigger events.

    Are you using superPick - or another plugin while in vanish mode? In fact..

    I just tested it, and it does log my breaks just fine... Sounds like you have another plugin that is bypassing onBlockBreak
  12. Hey this is great! Only problem though.. I use essentials; when I go stealth/vanish it seems as though I'm still showing up in the player list whenever someone uses /who.
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    Vanish doesnt seem to work at all for me. Any suggestions?
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    I use loggablesuperpick, it registers the block placement fine but it never registers the block break for me. Ill just remember not to use vanish + superpick lol.
  16. Stupid me :) Imma grab this.
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    Hi, I just switched to this plugin from VanishNoPickup, and I have a few suggestions:
    • Allow the login message telling you about the admin commands to be disabled.
    • Allow the use of /loginshow and /logoutshow to spoof login/logout messages, like in VanishNoPickup.
    • Allow a player to be specified with /loginshow and /logoutshow so that you can make other people appear to log in or out (e.g. if I did /loginshow noobman, it would show that "noobman" logged in)
    • Allow certain commands (such as /god) to be disabled entirely, since I already have a god plugin and it conflicts with this.
    • (bugfix?) Make people disappear completely when they vanish instead of making a non-moving NPC with the default skin appear where they vanished, which only disappears after the person unvanishes, or you relog.
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    @Chekkaa -
    If I disable the login message then people don't understand what is going on. When they login,they will start re-typing the commands because they are not sure if they have Admin mode on or not. I'm not sure I even want to include your request as it causes confusion since a lot of the other Admin/GodMode plugins don't persist properly like mine.

    It already spoofs login/logout messages via the /stealth. and you can allow players to see the proper messages with the "allmessages: permission.

    I don't understand the use of setting someone as logged out that can't appear logged out via /who. Not to mention it just seems like something an admin would use to troll another player. If you want a player to be able to go 'offline' give them permission to use the command. I also don't understand what you mean when you say VanishNoPickup does this, as it doesn't show any commands like this at all in it's source or on the plugin description.

    If you have a conflicting /god - edit it's plugin.yml from the jar and remove the /god command. There are also aliases for it.

    I'll look into the bug. - but I don't actually spawn an npc entity when someone vanishes.. it's more likely than not the bukkit server trying to recreate the entity for some odd reason.
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    Sleaker vanish command itself works just fine and im using your /who and that part works great.... thanks for the update to fix the player getting toggle info on login to. There is one issue im having and that is with /vanish ... the players are able to see me altho it does strip me of my skin from there view. this is on latest rb and permissions set correctly
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    My mods can remember if they are vanished or not, and that's the only part of this plugin they have access to. Tbh, it's more confusing to give them a login message showing them stuff that they can't use. And besides, just because you don't see the use, doesn't mean there isn't one. And you could keep it enabled by default anyway. There's really no harm in letting it be a config option.

    I was planning on always keeping the stealth mode on though. If I decide to blow my cover, instead of having to toggle stealth mode again, I'd rather just start talking and moving and such, and then do /logoutshow to make it look like I logged out if I decide that I want to be stealthy again. It's kind of hard to explain... Whatever, it's not a big deal, but it would be nice.

    Once again, not a big deal, it would just be nice. And I never said VanishNoPickup did this. I said that VanishNoPickup just had the regular /loginshow and /logoutshow. Being able to specify a player with those commands was a new suggestion.
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    @o0AzzA0o I'm unable to reproduce this issue using the latest RB #953 - I logged in. had someone watch me. did a /vanish - I completely vanished leaving nothing behind. /vanish to re-appear. and then /vanish again to re-vanish.

    Are there specific steps you take that make the npc appear?

    @Chekkaa - I don't currently use any form of config file cause I wanted to keep it simple. I did however modify what messages players receive on login. Hopefully this is a good middle-ground.

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    I did notice that you added the /fakelogin and /fakelogout commands. Thanks!

    As for the message: I noticed that you at least fixed the login message to only show the abilities that can actually be performed, which is less confusing. However, I'd still really like a way to disable it entirely. I already have loads of other login messages appear. I'd really not like any more.

    Also, if you do add a way to disable it, would you please make it a global toggle instead of something that every user has to disable manually? I'd just rather not have to explain the new login message to everyone and how to get rid of it.
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    Vanish simply doesnt work. Apparently my name shows up, so im told.
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    Messages like this don't actually help anyone. Invisibility works just fine for me, and I have tested it in different situations. If you know how to reproduce it breaking I'd definitely like to hear about it.
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    I'd guess that he's talking about the name showing up in /list
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    I would REALLY love it if my /admin and /saveloc locations were saved through server restarts.
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    Is this working or isn't it?
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    They should be. I'll take a second look at it though

    Okay fixed the persisting error. updating the title

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    Also, players can see people who use /admin to vanish, but not players who use /vanish to vanish.
    Minor, but when I /vanish in front of me, they continue to see a ghost-me at the wrong location.

    I also just had an issue where I /vanish'ed, teleported using Tele++, and the user I teleported to could see me, plain as day. I was not as sneaky as I had hoped I'd be.

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    I tried this plugin, it seems fine and all the commands come up on the help command but when i try and use a command it says "You don't have the right permissions to use this command" or something like that. can you help please!

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