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    Wormhole X-Treme Worlds - Lightweight multi-world management & protection.

    Current Version: v0.4 (RB733/740/766) ( ZIP | JAR) CHANGELOG | README
    Requires: Sun/Oracle Java 1.6.0_20+. (OpenJDK/JRE is missing the XML Libraries we depend upon)

    Remember to rename jar file to 'WormholeXTremeWorlds.jar' if downloading just the jar.

    Donate: I don't want your money. If you still feel you need to donate money, give it to the Red Cross. Really. There are people out there who need it much more than I.

    General Information:
    This is an early release for Wormhole X-Treme Worlds. Consider it extremely beta. I have tested it as much as I could. It seems stable and works as intended, though I am sure there are still bugs kicking around.

    This plugin is designed to manage multiple worlds and provide basic world and player protection functionality. In the long run there will be tight, but optional, integration between it and Wormhole X-Treme itself, as this plugin was created to scratch the multiple world management itch that Wormhole X-Treme users have brought up time and time again.

    Please be aware, improper command use on existing worlds does have the remote possibility to destroy or badly damage that world. Mostly if you set a normal world to nether.

    In it's current form this plugin can create new worlds (with or without custom seed), set the custom world spawn point, autoload worlds at server start, teleport authorized players to specified world spawn, and teleport players to current world spawn, provide world protection (fire, lava, lightning, water) and provide player protection (fire, lava, drowning, pvp, falling, and all). It uses no database and stores all its important data in XML files. The spawn point you get for normal worlds is exactly what CraftBukkit hands the plugin at world creation or load. The spawn point for generated nether worlds is found dynamically.

    Currently this plugin is able to make use of the Permissions plugin and the Help plugin (no link at current due to plugin author being inactive). When permissions is not enabled, all commands require a user to be an op.

    • Basic Multiple World Management.
    • World Specific Spawn and Setspawn capabilities.
    • Permissions support.
      • Note: Without permissions we fall back to doing isOp() checks. For every command.
    • Seed saving to world config file. If a world is loaded with WXW once, we'll have the seed saved. Also uses this seed to generate worlds if they have a WXW config but no world data on disk.
    • Basic creature spawn controls. Ability to disable hostile or neutral mobs on a world by world basis.
    • Honoring of spawn change events external to WXW.
    • The ability to use text seeds in both the 'wxw create' command as well as in the world xml config files.
      • Note: String data will be converted to long using the character integer values appended.
    • Advanced safe teleportation for spawn and go commands.
      • Note: The spawn and go commands both check if the destination blocks are safe (at, above, and below). If they aren't they either run the safe spawn finder (for nether) or the highest yAxis block finder (normal) and place the player appropriately
    • Ghasts are now considered hostile monsters, and are dealt with as such.
      • Note: Ghasts don't seem to disappear, they ghost (sometimes). But they don't move or attack the player, and are unable to be interacted with, so... kind of works?
    • Nether World safe spawn creation.
      • Note: We scan up to 19773 (9 * 13^3) blocks to find a safe spawn point. If we don't find one... sorry. It is solid rock (or lava or whatever) for you.
    • World specific player damage, fire, drowning, falling, lava, lightning and pvp protection controls.
    • World specific world fire spread, lava spread, water spread, lightning fire and lava fire protection controls.
    • Wold specific time locking controls. Three options, day, night, and none. Along with this functionality comes the ability to globally hard disable it in the config.xml.
      • Note: We don't default to any type of time locking on any world due to potential redstone circuit issues caused by time changes.
    New features/fixes in repo for v0.5:
    • On death re-spawn event catching. If you have the 'serverOptionSpawnCommand' set to true in config.xml, we now catch player respawns and send them to the exact spawn location.
      • Note: This and the '/spawn' command have been moved into their own plugin.
    • Fix to allow users to specify a negative long value for the seed. Previously it'd consider a '-seed -32493532454' as two different commands. Now it will do a number format check and decided properly if it is an arg or a command. :)
    • Weather locking on a world by world basis. None, Clear, Rain, Storm. None being the default and disabling no weather functions. Clear disables rain. Rain is well, rainy, but has no lightning. Storm is rainy with lightning.
      • Note: Currently the weather selection for the main world directly effects all worlds. This is a Craftbukkit bug, and there is nothing I can do about it.
    • Now on initial run (or run with no or empty worlds folder) we add the default loaded world as a wormhole world with default options (in a environment aware way).
    • Added more player protection options. Explosion, void, suffocation, and contact.
    • Added world protection options to disallow players starting fires and disable fire all together.
      • Note: We do not remove existing fire. Too costly to scan for.
    • World xml file option name changes (yes, we still read in the old names; the config file is regenerated at server shutdown with the new names).
    Planned Features:
    • World creation in a thread, as to not block the WXW process during generation.
    • Automated world backups. (In a thread, if possible, so it can block all it wants.). I'm doing a bit of everything else, why not add backups, right? Planned to be on a world by world basis, of course.
      • Hrm, lets back burner that feature for a while. Other things more pressing.
    • In game core plugin configuration commands. So players don't have to edit the XML file if they don't want to.
    • Full cleanup of output for commands, to be more like 'wxw info' or 'wxw modify'. Color coding, screen width formatting, and other general textual goodies.
    README (open)

    To Install:
    1. Extract WormholeXTremeWorlds.jar into your plugins/ folder.
    2. Start server.
    3. Add all existing worlds to WXW via the '/wxw create' command.
    To Upgrade:
    1. Extract updated WormholwXtremeWorlds.jar into your plugins/ folder.
    2. Start Server.

    COMMANDS (open)

    Command List with Permissions Nodes:
    • '/wxw go [world]' - Go to spawn of specified world. - wxw.admin.go
    • '/wxw list' - List all loaded and configured worlds. - wxw.admin.list
    • '/wxw remove [world]' - Remove world from configuration. - wxw.admin.remove
    • '/wxw load [world]' - Load unloaded world. - wxw.admin.load
    • '/wxw modify [args]' - Modify settings of specified world. - wxw.admin.modify
      • Required args: -name <world>
      • Optional args: -owner <player>, -daylock, -nightlock, -notimelock, -(no)autoload, -(no)lavaspread, -(no)neutrals, -(no)firespread, -(no)lavafire, -(no)hostiles, -(no)waterspread, -(no)lightningfire, -(no)lightningdamage, -(no)damage, -(no)drown, -(no)pvp, -(no)lavadamage, -(no)falldamage, -(no)firedamage
    • '/wxw info [world]' - Get info about specified world. - wxw.admin.info
    • '/wxw setspawn' - Set spawn of current world to current location. - wxw.admin.setspawn
    • '/wxw create [args]' - Create new world with specified args. - wxw.admin.create
      • Required args: -name <world>
      • Optional args: -owner <player>, -seed <num>, -nether, -noautoload, -nohostiles, -noneutrals, -nopvp, -daylock, -nightlock, -nolavaspread, -nodrown, -nofirespread, -nolavafire, -nowaterspread, -nolightningfire, -nolightningdamage, -nodamage, -nolavadamage, -nofalldamage, -nofiredamage
    • '/wxw spawn' - Go to spawn of current world. - wxw.spawn
    • '/spawn' - Go to spawn of current world. - wxw.spawn
      • Note: This command is hard disabled in config by default.

    CONFIG (open)
    Config.xml options with defaults:
    • serverOptionPermissions - Enable or disable Permissions plugin support. Default: true
    • serverOptionOpsBypassPermissions - Ops bypass Permissions plugin access checks. Default: true
    • serverOptionHelp - Enable or disable Help plugin support. Default: true
    • serverOptionSpawnCommand - Enable or disable '/spwawn' command. Does not disable '/wxw spawn'. Default: false
    • serverOptionTimelock - Option: Enable or disable timelock functionality. Default: true

    CHANGELOG (open)

    Important changes in bold.

    v0.4 2011.04.24 09:20 PST:
    • Initial sticky chunk support. We allow plugins to register chunks that do not unload. When the chunk is no longer sticky, we schedule it for unloading. We properly catch and cancel the required chunk unload events.
      • Note: This is really only useful for v0.850 of wormhole x-treme I am working on currently.
    • Added support for player protections on a world by world basis. Drowning, burning, lava swiming, lightning strikes, falling damage, and all player damage. Controlled via the wxw modify and wxw create commands.
    • Added support for world protections on a world by world basis. Fire spread, lava spread, water spread, lightning fire, and lava fire. Controlled via the wxw modify and wxw create commands.
    • Updated wxw info ... to be more useful. Colorized it. Now when called without a world, shows info on current world.
    • Updated help output for wxw modify and wxw create to be slightly more useful.
    • Fixed typo in config loader for Neutral monster disable.
    v0.3 2011.04.21 02:17 PST:
    • Added timelock. Uses scheduler. Now users can lock their worlds to day or night. Worlds default to normal time schedules.
    • Added config.xml option to disable timelock and its scheduler. Defaults to scheduler enabled.
    v0.2.1 2011.04.20 04:38 PST:
    • World specific PvP controls. True or false.
    • Updated safe spawn code for normal worlds to only use highest y if spawn is covered. This allows indoor spawn locations. Also now retain player pitch and yaw on spawn or go.
    • Updated the find safe spawn location code to be modular. Can be used for more than just finding initial spawn locations now, with small enough xyz numbers ;)
    • Used new modular safespawn in a 3^3*9 setup for finding a safe location to drop player if nether spawn location is built over. Overkill, but ...
    v0.2 - 2011.04.19 01:39 PST :
    • Nether safe spawn generation has been completed. We scan up to (13^3)9 blocks for a safe place. Only used when world is first generated.
    • Added '/spawn' command with default hard disable via config file.
    • Normal world safe spawn teleport. We'll drop the player on top of the highest block at the spawn location. If users build to the skybox at spawn, it is not our problem. Nether still has no such thing. If a player builds over where spawn is on nether worlds, players will /spawn themselves into solid rock.
    • Text seeds, you can use them. Not sure if they work the same as with vanilla... but. :)
    • Ghasts are now considered to be hostile mobs, and dealt with as they should be.
    • Squids are now considered to be neutral mobs, and dealt with as they should be.
    v0.1.2 - 2011.04.17 08:41 PST :
    • Reverted optimization in prettyLog. Apparently causes NPE problems on some setups.
    v0.1.1 - 2011.04.17 07:15 PST :
    • We now store the world seed in our world config files. The seed value is based on what the world actually uses. This allows users to add worlds and have a valid seed stored in their config for later use. When the seed is a valid seed number (non 0) we call the world load with the specific seed. This way if someone wants to reset a world, all they have to do is delete the world folder on disk before starting the server.
    • We now pay attention to external spawn change events and update our internal spawn location references as appropriate.
    • We now properly honor the creature spawn restriction options. We clear banned types of creatures at world load as well as any time a world is connected. We also cancel creature spawn events as needed.
    • Minor performance change to our internal prettyLog method. Check to make sure system log even is appropriate for the log type we are generating.
    • Changed connect command to load. Kept connect as alias for compatibility.
    • Fixed a few NPE when trying to teleport to a world that is not loaded.
    • Info command now shows world seed.
    v0.1 - 2011.04.16 06:48 PST :
    • Initial plugin release.

    World Management Examples (open)

    In this example, the world name is 'world' and the player name is 'player'.

    To add an existing normal world set to auto load at start with time locked to day:
    • /wxw create -name world -owner player -daylock
    To add an existing nether world set to not autoload at start with time locked to night:
    • /wxw create -name world -owner player -nether -noautoload -nightlock
    To create a new normal world with custom seed.
    • /wxw create -name world -owner player -seed 5677344492879191995
    To remove a world configuration from disk. Note: actual world will not be deleted from disk.
    • /wxw remove world
    To modify an existing worlds owner and set it to autoload, disable PvP, and disable Hostile monsters.
    • /wxw modify -name world -owner player -autoload -nopvp -nohostiles
    To connect/load a world set to not autoload at server start.
    • /wxw load world
    To teleport to spawn of managed world.
    • /wxw go world
    To teleport to spawn of current managed world.
    • /wxw spawn
    To set the spawn of current managed world to current location.
    • /wxw setspawn

    Github Repo: Wormhole X-Treme Worlds
    Release RSS Feed: Wormhole-X-Treme-Worlds.rss
    Dev: alron
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    Please make a video! :)
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    ... A video for what? The plugin is dead simple. And directions are in plain text in the OP. ^^;
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    Psycho Robot

    So if I created a pvp world using multiverse, I would do /wxw create -name pvp -owner psycho_robot -noautoload? I'm a bit unclear as to what autoload does. Additionally, what does setting someone as the owner of a world allow them to do?
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    Glad to see more on the wormholes Alron, will keep my eyes on this one!
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    just put this on my server. works great :D!
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    Nice plugin! I got a feature request for it:
    I've created a second world with a AnicentGate to it, and also a gate back in the second world. Now, I would like it to be auto-resetted every midnight (So we can use it as some type of mining world).

    I got one solution to this: I create a batch file that removes the old world when the server is stopped, and then add back two chunks with the portal in (took it from the map with MC-edit). Then the server is restarted and the world is generating around the two chunks. However, now my problem is that level.dat contains the level seed, and the world dosen't work if I remove level.dat completley. Could you add some sort of feature that automatically changes the seed of a specied world, or maybe add a simpler sulotion, so I can skip the batch part. Thank you!
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    Psycho Robot

    I'm quite certain that there's a plugin which disables level saving for certain areas of certain worlds. I've seen it done on servers, where they could reset a certain area around spawn at will.
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    I've searched for that plugin, but haven't found it.
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    Ok, so for v0.2 I'll be adding safe spawn code. I just haven't decided how I'm going to hook it in. I'll also be adding saving of seed information into the world config files. Maybe some command argument flux for /wxw create and /wxw modify.

    I'll figure it out as I go. Glad you all haven't triggered any NPE causing bugs though. Really glad. :)

    There we go. More seed functions, spawn control, and spawn change events added. Couple of NPE or potential NPE fixed to boot.

    v0.2 is going to take a bit of time to get completed. The safe spawn code requires some deep thought, and will require much testing before I push it. Once I do have the safespawn code in place, I'll work on adding '/spawn' with a config hard disable option for compatibility as well as a config option to remove the permissions requirement for the '/spawn' command.

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    I get this error with 0.1.1 on craftbukkit 677

    Did not get any errors with 0.0.1

    2011-04-17 17:29:28 [SEVERE] null initializing WormholeXTremeWorlds v0.1.1 (Is it up to date?)
    at com.wormhole_xtreme.worlds.WormholeXTremeWorlds.prettyLog(WormholeXTremeWorlds.java:144)
    at com.wormhole_xtreme.worlds.WormholeXTremeWorlds.onLoad(WormholeXTremeWorlds.java:63)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:87)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:215)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:202)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:142)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:257)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:375)
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    Hrm. I'll have a 0.1.2 out in a sec. :|

    v0.1.2 is up. Should fix your problem.

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    Worked perfect, thanks very much :) Awesome plugin
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    So I take it seeds only work as numbers only atm? Because I tried to make a world with the glacier seed for survival and said "Command requires numeric values: -seed".

    I also noticed a huge spike in ram usage once I installed the plugin, it this normal?
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    I can look into adding string support.

    As for the ram use, one can expect craftbukkit to use more ram loading multiple worlds than just loading a single.
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    Psycho Robot

    Not to be impatient - I know you're busy - but I never got this answered!
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    First off, you only want to use '-noautoload' on worlds you don't want to automatically load on server start. If you do use it, you'll need to '/wxw load worldname' when you want to access the world after a server restart.

    I do not handle PVP settings on a per-world basis yet. Not entirely sure if I even want to.

    At the moment the owner setting on a world has no use. It is there because I plan to use it in the future for permissions related functionality. (and a few other things I'm still not sure about). I figured it'd be best to force people to set the owner from the start instead of having to write extra code to catch the nullpointers that would happen when I did start depending on it and players had an old world. :)
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    Is it possible to set up the world like a proper nether world? (red skies, the 1 step is 8 steps in real world etc? )
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    Red skys are impossible with the current CraftBukkit/Client setup. Best I'll be able to do is lock time to night, so black sky. I'll look into doing this for v0.2.

    As this plugin has nothing to do with building portals/gates the 1:8 stuff isn't ever happening.
    The main focus of this plugin is multiple world management. Not travel. Travel is a side effect of the spawn code I've been adding in. Best place to handle multi-world spawn is in the multi-world manager. ;)

    The go command is purely so admins can get to a new world and set up their gates.
  23. alron,

    if you can lock time to night. can you add an option for perm day?

    were looking at having a "workshop" world where we can go try new things out on . but its a pain when its dark having to /time 8am all the time :)

    understand if u cant :)
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    I don't see why not, more or less the same code. I'll probably add optional arguments to the create and modify commands. Something like "-dayworld' and "-nightworld". I think, though I'll find out when I actually start working on that code.

    Currently still banging against the safe spawn code for nether worlds.
  25. sounds gooood :)

    not that interested in nether... (its scarey!)
    dont honestly see a reason for it, only to get fancy rocks n glowstone.

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    how are you supposed to have two world ?
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    Ok, I think I got the nether safe spawn creation working as it should be. Just doing some testing.

    If it works as expected after bunch of testing there will be a v0.2 release.

    There we go. Have a v0.2 with safe spawn generation and an optional /spawn command. ^^

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    Do you (intend) to support 1:n world distance ratios?
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    Sorry, no. Not in the scope of what this plugin. This plugin doesn't actually create portals or the likes. All it does is provide multiple world management support. It is stand alone world manager for use with something like... Wormhole X-Treme. :)

    Figured I'd mention, next version (v0.2.1) will have world by world PvP controls. Defaulting to PvP on.

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  30. sounds good, you putting this out when the new RB hits?

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