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    Bukkit Command Centre
    The latest in remote control software for Bukkit! Enjoy the versatility of sending commands over HTTP. No need for SSH or even Command Prompt! You can easily access your server from almost anywhere with internet connection!​
    • Stop/Reload your server
    • Save maps
    • Displays memory usage
    • Send messages
    • Ban/Kick/Kill players
    • Enable/Disable Plugins
    • Promote/demote players
    • Sleek GUI
    • And much much more ...



    Essentials (or similar)
    .Net 3.5


    1. You will need a configuration file, this can be easily created by using the Config Creator.
    2. You will need to start up Config_Creator.exe
    3. Enter any name
    4. Enter your Server IP and for port put the HTTPConsole port (default is 8765, do not put your server port here!)
    5. Choose "Yes" if you want to use the trial

    You can download it here.

    *Please leave the adf.ly link as servers cost money to run.

    Donate any amount to get access to remove the limitation of 5 players.

    Donate over $5 and get access to the all the features!

    Please consider donating here.

    Want custom commands? Just ask and I'll gladly add it :).

    If you donated , please send me your name and serial form the config file.

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    WHOOO IM FIRST!!! err umm what to say err well umm......

    will this work with liunx?
    remote server
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    It will long as you have Mono .Net and Wine installed for your Linux distro.
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    its a VPS does that make a diffrence couse i cant get it working
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    Yes it does. This is only a "client" it is not designed to be run as server GUI. First, do you have some kind of desktop manage like KDE or Gnome?
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    no man no desktop for me its all cmd
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    You'll need a desktop environment. Sorry to say that :\.
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    sad face
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    This is intended as a "client" software. It's useful if you have a laptop or a netbook.
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    i have a thought what if you could make a "login" system for it and have it be able to get accessed remotly that would be great. keep in mind not all servers have a gui, and maby long shot here you could make it work with webmin some how (its a server admin panel) like a plugin for it. i dont knwo how that would work thro
  11. pretty amazing :D


    wait what "limitations" are there?

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    Only limitation is that you can view 5 players online and you won't be able to get access to the extensive features such as Permissions and advanced bans.
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