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    OPBlock - Make certain blocks indestructible:
    Version: v0.2

    Ops will have the ability to place blocks that can't be destroyed by anyone except other Ops. Tested in Craftbukkit 677. This uses the new persistence system that was added so please make sure you set that up (bukkit.yml) If you need help with that I should be able to provide a little help. The code to this plugin is very basic and easy to figure out if you want to implement it into a different plugin.

    Type "/opblock" before you place a block that you don't want destroyed then place it. Type "/opblock" again to turn it off.

    Download: https://bitbucket.org/bob3695/opblock/downloads/OPBlock.jar
    Source: https://bitbucket.org/bob3695/opblock/overview

    Version 0.2
    • Fixed it so non-ops can no longer break the opblocks (sorry about that!)
    • Added Permissions 2.7 support (optional, defaults to if the player is op if permissions isn't installed). Permission: opblock.use
    Version 0.1b
    • Re-uploaded a file that didn't spam chat (I believe the first release had some debug code in)
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    Okay bob. i updated my server and when i do /opblock it says opblock turned on and then ill place blocks and deop myself but they will stick break. do i need to get persistence? if so how do i set it up? and also i have the bukkit.yml. what do i have to do with that. anyhelp will be greaatly appreciated!
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    you are most likely going to see errors at startup. You need to open bukkit.yml and edit the {dir} {name}.sqlite to an actual filename (eg. database.yml)
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    I changed the file name and it created a database.db text file in the server directory. the blocks still break?
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    are there any errors in the logs?
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    [INFO] DataSourcePool [OPBlock] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]. thats what is says in the log
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    Can you put the db file on a share somewhere and give me the link?
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    Got the same problem here. I can place op-blocks, it says "Placed OP block" but my players are still able to break them. Dont know how to edit the bukkit.yml file correclty, could you give us a little help on that?
    Thanks :)
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    Just change the {dir}{name} at the bottom of the file to a actual name

    New version up! Permissions support added!
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    So if ops can no longer break them.... how do they break?
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    Mis-type. Was supposed to be non-ops.
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    But there is a MAJOR flaw.
    It works until you /reload a server.
    Then people can break your OP blocks. (Placed after reload)
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    Dammit, this looks like exactly what I needed before I built a giant apartment complex for my players... Is there anything like this that can be applied to a specific block(s) in a specific region/area?
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    Not at the moment. I have been working on other things but this is something I might be able to do in a while
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    Pacini Joey

    Hi !

    This plugin doesn't work with my serveur ... :'(

    Can i have a Tuto for this plugin ?


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    It would be amazing if this worked with cuboid
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    THANKS! I've been looking for something like this but it would tell me what i can and cannot make indestructible. Thanks a ton for this! How about permissions? thanks!
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    @bob3695 : Please test against latest RB.
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    It works fine for me buddy.
  21. is there anyway i can give a non-op permission to use this?
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    No, it doesn't have permissions support
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    You sure?
    This is in the changelog:
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    All you do is give anyone you want to be able to use this the opblock.use permission.

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