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    download: http://griefcraft.com/bukkit/invisible/release/INVisible.jar
    github: https://github.com/Hidendra/INVisible
    minecraftforum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1022&t=222071

    This is the successor to the old INVisible you might have seen or used. It was rewritten, and I hope it is also much easier to use than before.

    INVisible is viewer that reads the world directly and locates every inventory, whether it be a player, a chest, a furnace, etc. It is designed for use with a console. It supports player formats, and both of the latest world formats: Alpha and Beta. It is targeted at SMP, but INVisible will load World inventories from Single Player saves just fine.

    INVisible is also usable through Bukkit, a Minecraft server mod. You can use all features of it directly from the Bukkit console or even while in-game -- visit the Bukkit forum's link for more info (also, both versions use the exact same jar file).

    tl;dr: When using this through Bukkit, you may want to be familiar with the commands before-hand or keep them handy, as [/inv] help will fill the chat window, and then some! (this is no issue if you are using it in the console though)

    Because viewing all inventories by each page could be tedious, you can filter by item, name (i.e a player name or a block name, like Furnace), etc. For specifics, view the "Filter options" section of the help


    /inv <command>
    java -jar INVisible.jar
    Do use this with care! If you don't have Permissions, you must be an OP
    Help screen
    When you start INVisible, you simply type the commands into the console
    INVisible v2.0
    	world <name>	Set the path to the world you want to use
    	help		Display this message
    Loading inventories
    	loadall		Load all inventories (player inventories and world inventories)
    	load <type>	Load all of the specified inventory type (WORLD or PLAYER)
    	show		View the current page of inventories
    	size		View the number of loaded inventories by type
    	next		Switch to the next page and show it
    Filter options
    	items <list>	Only show results that contain one of the space-seperated items
    			Using a negative id (ex. -45 for id 45) will remove it from the filter
    			Currently: [ ]
    	type <type>	Only show results for a specified inventory type (WORLD or PLAYER)
    			Currently: ALL
    	name <name>	Only show results for this name. It can be a Player name (ex. Notch)
    			or a block name (ex. Furnace)
    			Currently: ALL
    	page <num>	Currently: 1
    	perpage <num>	Currently: 5
    	resetfilter	Reset the filter options
    	clear <type>	Remove the specified inventory from memory (WORLD or PLAYER)
    	clearall	Remove all inventories from memory

    In-Game (perpage=2 works great alongside /inv next)


    In the future

    A great thanks go out to Kane_Hart, whom this release is dedicated to.

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    nice one :D good idea
    from the look of it its not a bukkit plugin?
    oh ok it is :p
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    It can be both used standalone and as a plugin :)
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    Nice idea. I like Cleaner though, only if it would be updated.
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    The biggest difference is that this reads the world directly, finding all chests/furnaces/dispensers etc :p. that is also primarily why this also doesn't support editing yet
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    That's great that this was updated, but it would be helpful if it could have command line options too, then I could script it's use. I'm still using the old version, but I have to use regiontool to convert the world to the old format first everytime.
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    Does this work with build #677?
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    CB 493 -> considered inactive

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