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    Version: 1.01

    Auto-Answer repetive questions.
    This plugin allows you to configure questions and auto-reply answers. You have complete control over what questions are matched, and the answers you would like to send. The plugin listens to player chat, and responds either publicly or privately.

    Download The Plugin Here

    Example Config:

    # Actions are easy to add...just use the template below:

    Match: *do you*love me*
    Match: *playing*love games*with me*
    Match Type: Wildcard
    Reply Type: Public
    Reply Message: I'm Old Gregg!!!

    Match: *we*found*witch*
    Match Type: Wildcard
    Reply Type: Public
    Reply Message: Fetch my largest scales!

    Version: v1.0
    The config file has some examples to get you started, and explains how to add new responses.

    • No more answering 'Can I have free diamonds?'
    • Helps your players understand the rules of your server
    • Add as many custom question\answer configurations as you want
    • Supports multiple 'match' tags for a single 'response' tag.
    • Use Wildcard matching or native RegEx (RegEx for advanced users only)
    • Asynchronous processing for lag-free chat

    Version 1.0
    • Inital Release
    Version 1.01
    • Bug fix for threads not being available
    • Bug fix for threads not being daemon
    Version 1.2
    • Update for bukkit 860
    • Changed reply color to yellow
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    (im really tired so sry if this don't make any sense:rolleyes:) can you hide the message that players said when they got a auto reply? so other players don't try to answer what he said or call him a noob;) and you need to use like dropbox for the download cuz only members can see attachments.
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    Just what I was looking for on my server. I'll wait for it to be tested a bit then I'll use it. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the tip on the download. I didn't realize that only members could see the file. I am now hosting the file on my website so everyone can see the download link.

    Regarding hiding the original player's question...
    My first attempt of this plugin did just that. It processed the chat synchronously, and then responded. The problem with this was that the response would actually show up in the chat window ABOVE the question.

    My fix for that was to continue to process the chat synchronously, but then asynchronously wait 250ms to respond. That worked, but i was worried that adding too many 'ACTION' tags would cause chat to feel laggy, because the server would be trying to match each incomming chat message against dozens of RegEx patterns before allowing the chat message to 'flush'.

    My fix for this was to make all procesing asychronous. The plugin now catches chat messages just long enough to spawn a new thread, and then lets them 'flush' to the chat window. The server can then process the messages, and respond if necessary. In order to limit server cpu usage, the max threads has been capped at 3, implemented with a rotating thread array. The processing time plus the wait time is about 300 ms, so i9t can cycle the array 3 times in under a second. This allows the plugin to evaluate and respond to up to 9 chat messages a second...any more than that, and the server simply wont try to respond...but either way, play chat will not be affected, and there will not be 'chat lag'.

    In short, because of my concern for chat lag, I let all chat messages flush to the chat window before the plugin evaluates them, so the original message can't be hidden if a match is found. I have updated the 'features' section of this post to now specify that all processing is asynchronous.

    I run this on my server, currently with about 20 ACTION tags, and a total of almost 100 'MATCH' tags, and chat runs very smoothly. I suspect it could run many more without problem.

    Sorry if this was a bit technical, but I wanted to get this information out there.
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    anyone using this? i'd love some feedback
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    If you really need to, use version ranges in the title, but not a list of all versions, that unusable.
    Also version should be the second line of the post.
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    I have updated the post. Thanks.
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    I want to use this, but I think people don't understand EXACTLY how to use it. I think you forgot an exact setup of all the options. Your example is good, but it doesn't quite explain what each configuration does and ALL that it can do.

    (i can guess pretty well, but this'll be for the others ;))

    I'll try to use it tonight and provide feedback.

    Feedback: I can't get it to work with the default configuration. I said a few combinations of "do you love me" and the other examples in there. Nothing comes up on console or chat. Any advice?
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    Yes! Great plugin!
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    I'm sorry you're having trouble. You probably have everything in the right spot, but let me double-check...
    Open the .rar archive file, and you will see a RockstarReply.jar file, and a sub-folder named RockstarReply. Make sure the .jar file and the sub-folder are extracted directly into your plugins folder. Once the .jar file and the subfolder are in your plugins folder, either restart your server, or use the 'reload' console command to reload the plugins.

    In the console messages during the load, you should see a line that says '[RockstarReply] X Items Loaded'...where X is the number of ACTION tags. This means that the plugin found it's config file, and should be working.

    If instead, you see a message in the console that says 'Warning -- RockstarReply Not Activated', this means that the plugin could not find the config file. Be sure the RockstarReply sub-folder is in your plugins folder, and that the sub-folder contains your config file named plugin.yml.

    If during your console messages you see neither a success or an error message from RockstarReply, then be sure the RockstarReply.jar file is directly in your plugins folder.

    Just in case you have already done all this, I will attach my exact config file I use on my server.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, I was unable to catch anything on the console as the flood of other plugin info floods it. (the control panel I use doesn't keep a long history easily available.)

    I double checked that all the files are in the correct place, as I'm quite experienced with installing plugins of all shapes and sizes. -insert proud, sophisticated tone here-

    The only thing I can think of that might be screwing with stuff is renaming the jar to TestRockstarReply.jar. I also haven't had time to do a thorough run through, so it'll be no surprise if something simple was missed.

    I do applaud you, however, on your patient and thorough explanation. If you find too much simple trouble coming from people, I suggest copy-pasting that into your original post ;)

    Thanks and I shall come back after it gets up and running to say how good it is.

    Have a marvelous day.
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    This is not working for me and I am using the default config...
    Plugins: ChairCraft, MCDocs, RockstarReply, RegionalWeather, EssentialsSpawn, CuboidPlugin, Permissions, GroupManager, SimpleSave, Votebans, EssentialsChat, LWC, bShortcut, Essentials

    It even says it has loaded 2 auto-responses.
    But if I say, "Hey, do you love me ?" it does not respond.

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    Meiner and GeekPlayer,

    I found a bug where the responder was not always finding an available thread to post the response on. I have fixed this bug, and have updated the download link. Please re-download the plugin from the link at the top, and you should see that the new version is v 1.01

    Sorry for the mistake.
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    That's fine! Thank you!
    Anyway to set a prefix before the message and use colors?
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    At present, there is not 'global prefix' for responses, but you can always add on to the beginning of each reply tag.
    I will consider these suggestions for future development
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    This is exactly what I was looking for!
    I'm going to test it in the morning.
    But it would be amazing if you were able to use prefixes and colors.
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    I really like this plugin!
    I was searching a long time for something like this. Thank you!
    But I have one question: Is there a possibility to start a new line in the answer? so the reply message is like:
    "i dont love you
    so shut your mouth
    and go"
    or do i have to use a lot of spaces to come into the next line?
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    I remember testing this with you with the "How do you buy stuff" and "testing" and "test 2" and "test 3". NOW I FOUND IT ON BUKKIT!!!!!!!!!! : ) I really liked it.
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    Hey! What's up CowMan! I haven't seen you on for a while. Come back and play...your builds were awesome!
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    hey rockstar, I love the plugin but I am having one issue. I need it to detect when people say the word I and op, but things like "in my opinion" are triggering it, can you make it so it will detect when those parts are included in words? that would be awesome!
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    Here are some requested ideas if you're looking for some.

    • can you make it not case-sensitive when identifying the sentence?
    • can change what the player wrote down, (ex. "you suck" would change to "you D best! :D")
    • remove the identified sentence.
    I really like the auto-answer plugin, best out of the 2 current ones :)
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    Is there any way to remove the [RockstarReply] prefix? Sad to say its confusing my players.
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    Hey Rockstar, Deadly again, considering getting the plugin on the new server I'm playing on with matt, eed, johnny, eric, jiggly, wiggly, and sinister. Were probably going to get the plugin up soon i'll add a comment if there is any errors with it. Really wish you would post something on the forums. The Rockstar Reply thing it says is confusing to new players, so maybe that could be a fix. Thanks
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    Sorry, I hadn't gone on. Mainly because I forgot the IP, but also because I started to run my own mini server via Hamachi, to play with my friends. Sorry about that...

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