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    Glen McNeilley

    HunkleberryGeneral - Friendly General Commands Plugin:
    • NEW-/msg, /reply and /afk. Better persisting. Sorted properties files. Better formed response from material matching.
    • NEW-Constraining functions, /setname may only set your own name, added /setothername. Added /home, /sethome, and /worldhome, /setworldhome- different options you may offer to groups that don't have full rights.
    • NEW-/setname persists through server restarts.
    • NEW-/sights, and /see, persisted world aware private named locations.
    • NEW-/worldloadlist, set worlds to load on startup. /hg_help displays only commands you can use.
    This is a friendly general command plugin with a number of excellent features. It will never do more than monitor the chat commands (nearly), which should allow for flawless integration with other plugins. In the event of a command name conflict a properties file is available to set an alias for the particular command, or all of them. Also provided is a config file for renaming the given Permissions2.0(Not Required) keys, and two config files that allow for the setting of server-wide and Ops permissions, all at the individual command level.

    Getting started:
    Please copy the plugin into your plugin directory and /reload your server to generate the plugins/HunkleberryGeneral/ path and properties files. Delete this path or these files at any time to have them regenerate with defaults at the next server reload.

    (alias functionality temporarily removed)
    (help with a workaround here)
    Download the C.B. 493+ plugin here (google docs)
    or wgetable (github)
    Download an example MOTD file here (google docs)
    Download the source code here (github)

    Commands of note:
    • /sights and /see, private named locations.
    • /leap and /flick, well implemented world-aware teleport command.
    • /getblock and /giveblock, itemdata aware inventory generators for items under your crosshair.
    • /slay and /cleardrops, to clean up any messy world spawns
    • /strata, a command which allows you to teleport x number of air/solid block transitions (stratum, loosely) such as walls, mountains, trees,..., e.g., using /strata 3 while looking at the ceiling at the bottom of a multi-story building will teleport you 3 floors up. Last but not least using /strata 0 will teleport you to the face of the solid under your crosshair, as long as safe ground is below.
    • /setworldtype, creates a file in the world directory that permanently declares the environment of the world. This file is read by /loadworld, negating the possibility of messing up the world by using the wrong environment type.
    • /worldloadlist, set the worlds that will load on startup.

    /get {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /give {playerName} {itemId|itemName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=null]
    /getblock [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /giveblock {playerName} [quantity:default=1] [itemData:default=targeted]
    /clearinv [playerName:default=self]
    /clearinvall [playerName:default=self]
    /listinv [playerName:default=self]
    /matcontains {string}
    /heal [playerName:default=self]
    /setname {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /setnameother {playerName} {newName} [index,color/...:default=no color]
    /who [world:default=all] [brief|long:default=brief]
    /setspawn [{x} {y} {z} [worldName]]:default=current location
    /setcompass [playerName] [x y z] [here]:default=current world spawn
    /msg {playerName(*=all)[.worldName(*=all):default=all]} {message}
    /reply {message}
    /afk [message]
    /sights {add|remove|list|save}[name:req. for set|remove]
    /see [name:default=home]
    /leap [[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]]:default=current world spawn
    /fling {name}[worldName] [playerName] [x y z]:default=current world spawn
    /gather [playerName:default=all] [worldName:default=all]
    /strata [number:default=0]
    /gettime [playerName:default=self]
    /time [playerName:default=self] [time:default=noon]
    /loadworld {worldName}
    /createworld {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /setworldtype {worldName} {normal|nether}
    /worldloadlist {add|remove|list|save}
    /hg_help [command]:default=list commands
    /bounce {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /unbounce {player}
    /bounceip {player} [minutes:default=forever] [message]
    /forcebounce {player|ip}
    /loadplugin {name}
    /disableplugin {name}
    /enableplugin {name}
    /writehtml (no arguments)
    /writebukkit (no arguments)
    /writeyaml (no arguments)
    /setcommandalias {command} [alias:default=""]
    /setserverallow {command} {true|false}
    /setopsonly {command} {true|false}
    /setpermissions {command} [new string:default=""]


    • 0.75 /msg, /reply, /afk, persistance tweaks, matching list tweaks
    • 0.74 /setname v./setothername, /home, /sethome, /worldhome, /setworldhome
    • 0.73 added url to enable string while forums were down. /bounceip back again
    • 0.72 /setname now persists
    • 0.71 bugfix sight naming
    • 0.70 bugfix doc now reads add rather than set for /sights, rounded off /values.
    • 0.69 /sights, /see, internal data storage refactor.
    • 0.68 /worldloadlist, hg_help shows only commands you can use Head/440 builds
    • 0.67 /bounce,/bounceip,/unbounce,/forcebounce,/reloadbouncer,fix compass, refactor for new command setup
    • 0.66 /compass, /spawn, fix /time Holding C.B. at 444 for peace of mind for a bit
    • 0.65 /gather, better material name matching
    • 0.6 /who, /playerinfo, /setcompass
    • 0.51 bugfix for setname C.B 450
    • 0.5 /matcontains, material name matching, player alias matching.new delimiter for MOTD

    Task List:

    • persist player name changes, named locations, custom time settings
    • add many more of the common [GEN] and [ADMIN] commands /god, /tree...
    • kits.txt support
    • let me know what would be useful
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    Glen McNeilley

    I'm not sure what you are asking for.
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    It won't allow me to /setname another person, it just automatically defaults to me when I put in another's name.
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    Glen McNeilley

    Looking in to that.

    Hah, there isn't yet, but it is in the works.

    Fixed and uploaded. Should be pretty friendly now. This is what I get for testing all alone.

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    Wow this is a wonderful general plugin I love some of the features such as /slay I was just talking bout how anoying the farm animals were ;)

    Suggestion: You could incorporate some basic cuboid such as cylinders and spheres and setting areas which would be wonderful
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    A /who is really needed. I mean badly.
    But other than /who missing.. this is my main general plugin now.
    Only thing missing is /who.
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    Loving the plugin but its missing a few things that i would consider general they are:

    /bring i know you can use the umm /flick but a septate command would be nice.
    /playerlist or /who Really is needed.
    /compass really handy when using world edit :?

    Also the item names don't really seem to work.
    I typed /get wooden axe 1 and it gave error but when i use ur mat search thing it told me it was wooden axe but it dont accept that name in fact i tried all different combinations and nothing worked :/ ended up just using the id annoying some what if you could tune that up a bit it would be cool.

    overall i love the flex the plugin has command clash no problem ill just change that. very handy i spent a while playing around with some of the weird command names you had trying to work out what they did and then renamed them to suit. was fun thanks.
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    Glen McNeilley

    name recognition is pretty literal at the moment, underscores and all, I'll work on getting best matches better.

    /who, at least, will be posted sometime this evening

    the others are good suggestions and I will get them done asap

    adding these suggestions to the list, thanks for the compliment!

    Being the main general plugin is very friendly, thanks! /who will be up soon

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    This plugin kicks ass thanks!
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    Glen McNeilley

    Oh, also, /leap with no arguments is the same as /spawn. (/fling player sends them to spawn as well)
    /who is getting some testing right now


    done! let me know if it has all you need

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    Mr. Miner

    What a fantastic plugin! It's my very first, and a great one to start with : ) I particularly enjoy the /leap and /strata commands. Nicely done.

    With the /loadworld command, is there something special I need to do to keep the list of worlds between server restarts?
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    Is the names for colors saving now if so what cb build im running 444 and all my plugins are working again dont wanna have to go higher :)
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    Same here until all authors update their name space issue.. 444 is my max.
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    It is great, but i wish it had a way to block some ids to prevent gettin the item thru id.
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    Glen McNeilley

    What IDs are you looking to block? Perhaps I can help.

    I hear what you are saying, I'll revert my lib to 444 and hold for a bit, adding things but not incrementing the b/c.b. builds.

    You're not missing anything, I'll add something to make it easier, but I hesitate to do anything with worlds implicitly as that can be a sure way to cause folk serious trouble.

    And thanks! They are my favorites.

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    Well, alot of them kinda , thats why i kinda need a .txt or somehow to add id-s to block.
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    nice /setcompass not sure what you made it do but i guess it don't return the direction your facing to chat.

    So like i type /compass and it says in chat You are facing: North or North,East.

    I realized that the fling and that sent them to spawn but i dont want to give my players that command They could cause all sorts of nasty things with it.

    About that other guy asking for cuboid type stuff dont bother its not needed keep the plugin to general stuff editing the world is not general IMO. Kicks and bans well yes they are a general thing that most servers need.
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    Glen McNeilley

    just to be sure I understand, you want to ban ip addresses of certain people, right? I'm working on ban and kick functions today, if so.

    Thanks regarding the /setcompass. I'll add /compass (to return the direction the player is facing) and gotcha on the /fling thing, I'll add a basic /spawn (no args) I won't be adding any world building to this plugin.

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    I love this plugin, its the best one i've found so far! It is so much easier to install and use than all the others! Sorry to sound like a noob, but one question, where can i get the names or numbers for items such as iron doors?
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    Glen McNeilley

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    I was so impressed with this on the first server im going to put it on my second server :p. This time I won't be disabling all the multi world stuff cause well I need it for the other server so it should be good. It's nice to see a plugin dev listening to what the users want. You just got to know where to stop, Best of luck i look forward to the updates.
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    Glen McNeilley

    I'm having a good time working through it. Thanks for the great feedback.
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    Dose this have a motd Did i miss it? If not that could be some thing to add. As soon as the kick/ban added i can completely replace Fail essentials YAY much soon use a plugin by a nice dev rather than some stuck up guy looking for money.
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    Glen McNeilley

    It does have a motd, there is a download link to a sample/instruction file in the first post. Put that file in the plugins/HunkleberryGeneral/ dir and give it a whirl
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    Thx I over looked it :p
    As usual...

    Just came up with some thing else thats missing /rules and a file to set them up PLZ
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    Other ones for you =)

    /tell, /msg

    and it would be awesome.. if you had /r = reply.
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    Hmm idk Messaging Like a mail system aint basic I don't think every server needs that maybe /pm to private message a player but thats all any thing more is over kill.
  28. This mod looks really neat, and i'd love to try it...
    But since the download link isn't a direct link to the file I can't wget it to my Linux server.

    Could you please mirror it to mediafire or something?
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    I need a /world command on its own i want my users to change maps but not goto other players

    It would be handy that is all atm i would prefer not to give my players the /world command but i need to find a working multi world portal system where i can limit who can use them. (multiverse limiting don't work)
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    Great plugin! I'm new to setting up servers, but this plugin will definitely stay. It will take me a while to experiment with all these commands, though [​IMG]
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    oh this sounds so great, ill try it out, when all is as described it would be so awsome:)

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